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This contest has ended. Congratulations to Deanna W. who is the lucky winner! We've all been there - the never ending bib battle. You carefully put it around your child's neck, only to have it ripped off time and time again. Eventually you give up and that adorable outfit your little one is wearing gets covered in a psychedelic swirl of mashed peas and carrots. Well, no more! Our new Reversible Crossover Bibs are designed to stay on during breakfast, lunch, dinner and any various snack times. PIJ1129-2T This bib wraps around the back of the neck and has a front closure. This style is less susceptible to tugging hands and squirmy bodies. PIJ1129-4T The patterns comes with five fun applique designs to make mealtime fun! Whether your little one is acting like a monkey... PIJ1129-7Teats like a bird... PIJ1129-3Tis as sleepy as an owl... PIJ1129-8Tas fierce as a tiger... PIJ1129-9T or as pretty as a flower, there is a design for each mood! PIJ1129-6TThis contest has ended.

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Susan on

Love the owl!

Bonney on

Finally!! A new design to prevent bib pull offs!! I want this pattern!

Toni Leli on

I just love that flower design — great for my granddaughters!

Cy Swendsen on

These bibs are so cute and practical! I love that there are multiple layers covering the vulnerable areas, less chance that something will soak through.
I like the flower design and the monkey.

Cindy Prince on

I adore the monkey! Too cute!
Thank you,
Cindy Prince

Donna on

What a great idea! I love the little bird applique.

Monique Atkinson on


Sherry Jagels on

I love, love, love the owl! that would be the first one I would make!

Lori M on

What a great idea! I have made all kinds of bibs, but this one is very functional. I really enjoy the little bird applique, so cute..And having a new grandbaby girl in Dec. makes me want to make some of these bibs…Thank you for such a great giveaway….

Elizabeth Monahan on

I love the owl applique.

Kellie Warren on

I like the little bird the best, with the flower a close second. By the way, why is it when i tweet kn these rafflecoppter giveaways and i just hit the button for the generic tweet sendout, it says the same thing, it says something about a mothers day basket giveaway. Every single giveaway this happens. Which is why i think no one clicks on my links, and therefore i do not get extra entries :(

Margaret Higgins on

I like the eats like a bird pattern. That is really cute. They are all very cute.

Hazel Dickinson on

gotta love the owl!

Jenniffer E on

I love that bird with the skinny legs. Makes me smile

Betty on

This is so much nicer than other reversible patterns Very unique

Marjory W on

My favorite applique design is the lion.

Marjory W on

There is a new baby next door, so this would be a perfect pattern to make for him.

barbara on

So cute

Rhonda on

Love the flower!

Kathy M. on

I love that sleepy owl! All are so cute!

Martha on

That is so cute. What a good idea!

Peggy B. on

They’re all adorable, but that long-legged bird is my fave!!

Jodi on

Those are absolutely adorable!

Donna S. on

They are all precious, but the monkey is my absolute favorite! Love the designs, but the pattern is really neat too!

teri on

Love the owl.

Norma Jean McDarmont on

The bird is very cute and would be very easy.

Norma Jean McDarmont on

I like the Owl the best. His lazy eyes are so cute.

Marguerite Namdar on

I love the monkey

Rochelle on

SO Stinkin’ cute! Thinking the grandbaby may need a few of these. Ok…..several of these!

Anna Lutz-Brown on

I really like the kitty one but the owl is close second…

Carmen N on

I love the tiger

Peggy on

That little owl is pretty cute.

Joan on

I would like to make a adult size for people that need clothing protectors

Lisa Clark on

They are all so cute. For me it’s a toss up between the owl and the monkey.

Barbara Rogers on

Finally a bib that my grandson will keep on. Pattern is quick to sew up and so very cute. Absolutely love it. Thanks for such a cute pattern.

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