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Riley Blake produces beautiful prints on fabrics ranging from cottons, linens, knits, wool and more. We have been working with their knit basics, as well as their yarn-dyed gingham and their new line, Kiss Me, Kate.

Travel with Riley Blake 

Using Kiss Me, Kate we made our Clearly Cute Beauty Cases which are a perfect travel accessory. This daring line with makeup motifs by designer/blogger See Kate Sew is perfect for these cases. Working with vinyl can seem daunting, but we compiled tips included in the pattern to make working with vinyl easy. This is also a great pattern for traveling with your sewing tools & notions!

 Clothing with Riley Blake 

We have a Riley Blake Pop-Up Shop that travels to independent quilt & fabric stores filled with great basics from Riley Blake Designs. Here you can see illustrations of an Easy Top and Tunic made in one of their yarn dyed ginghams and a Shift Dress we made from their knit stripe in navy. 

Don't Forget!

Each weekly winner will also receive a copy of Amy's Vintage Notions book and tools and notions from Dritz® including this classic tomato pin cushion. 

Our Facebook Group Prize This Week!

Using our friend, Amy Smart aka Diary of a Quilter's, line Sunnyside Ave. we made the Double Pocket Pouch in both sizes! Riley Blake also designs collections under the brand Penny Rose Fabrics. Win the fabric and pattern over on our Facebook Indygo Junction Sewing Pattern Group!

Win Fabric, Notions, Patterns & Amy's Vintage Notions book!

Watch here to find out about the Dritz® prizes this week.

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Linda Jackdon on

Would love to make the star!

Cristina on

Love the fabric and notions!

Patricia Burke on

Love the fabric and give always would be a good addition to my sewing supplies

Linda Tabler on

I could use the markers in the video and a seam ripper as well!

Sylvia Sayre on

I love these fabrics! Can’t function without my seam ripper, I sewing I’m ripping lol!

Kim Peters on

Seam rippper.

Susan Tharp on

Belle Buttons are my favorite Dritz Notions. They are great for embellishing my clothing and are fashionable and cute!

Debbie eldridge on

My favorite would have to be my seam ripper. I could not sew without it!

Bethany Johnson on

I am new to your company but love what I see

peg giorgio on

I love Riley Blake fabrics and also dritz products. These fabrics are perfect for some of the projects dancing in my head.

Linda Richardson on

Love to win some cute fabric and patterns. I have used my seam ripper so much since I started quilting.

theresa j on

I love my seam ripper

Andi McDonald on

I love my Dritz seam rippers! They are a must have.

Sherry Mattison on

I LOVE DRITZ for all my sewing needs! LOVING the lipstick fabric too!

Pat on

A new seam ripper every year or two is so important – they get dull after a while and a new one works wonders!

Bya on

Amy is the best! Her patterns always look great on her, a “real person”!

Wendy Fife on

Lovely giveaway😊! I love the fabric!!

Joan Hendrix on

I am never without my seam ripper and I’m in the need for long pins. 😁

Jane Holbrook on

Thanks for the generous giveaway! I just used up my fabric marker on a hand quilted project and I could really use a new one!

Glenda on

I love the fabric markers and have bought sooo many since I first started sewing. Very helpful!

Tammy Durham on

Sean ripper!!😊

Tammy Durham on

Sean ripper!!😊

Nancy Miedema on

Thank you love your you tube and web site!!

Nancy Miedema on

Thank you love your you tube and web site!!

Debbie on

My seam ripper

Janet Hasselblad on

Couldn’t live without my seam ripper!

Barbara on

Heat erase markers, I think that would be my favorite too.

Debbie Gruenbacher on

Very fun prizes, which someone will be lucky to try out!

emily murdock on

I would like to win and like your tops too.

Denise Vasquez on

Love my seam zipper and pressing ham.

Paula L Mitchell on

I love giveaways! It’s a great way to try a new product or pattern! Thanks for offering such cool items for prizes!

Stephanie Woodward on

I coundn’t live without my Dritz seam ripper

Sheila on

My seam ripper and slide gauge.

Glenda Morrow on

My favorite Dritz tool would be hard, as I have many! I use pins everyday!

Glenda Morrow on

Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

Kyran on

The fabric is beautiful!

Jennifer on

Dritz is my go to brand for notions- invisible markers are always what I use!

Nancy Goode on

Without my gazillion thread boxes I couldn’t keep track of or find any or all of my nearly 1,000 spools of thread. Each box holds 40 spools—YES!

MS Barb on

Seam ripper & pins

Margaret Lind on

As a sew-er ( as opposed to the word “sewer” lol), I like making things… But recently, thought I want to sew for myself… some neat tops… so when I saw your FB post today — the one that quickly disappears … I looked for you! Anything I would ever “win” would be so much appreciated!!!

Patti Serenko on

Great giveaway. Would love to win.

Kathy Cummings on

My favorite item is a 6 1/2 in ruler…. had it for many years!! Kept in the front drawer of my sewing table!!!
Thank you !!!

Carol Sharman on

What a great prize package!

Linda Phillips on

I absolutely love these fabrics!!!!

Susan L. on

Boy, it’s hard to pick just one favorite Dritz tool, because I have so many! I think I will say my Dritz seam ripper. Sadly, I couldn’t live without it.

Lois Hepola on

love the fabric !

Carol Gearey on

Can’t really say it’s my favorite tool, but a good seam ripper is worth it’s weight in gold.

Phyllis Jobe on

I would love to win your giveaway. Phyllis

Kathy Norquist on

This generous package is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Thank you!

Diane on

Great fabrics, notions and pattern. These would be great fun to play with.

Martha Morgan on

How can we sew without Dritz Notions? I use seam rippers much too often and I always find uses for my bobkin.

Kathy Kauth on

Would love to win this what a lovely prize and so many possibilities to use it. Thank you for the chance to win this.

Barbara Cerwinske on

What a terrific giveaway! Can’t wait to get some of your patterns!

Sandy on

Probably a seam ripper – although the turning tool is used a lot as well…

Judy Prince on

A great giveaway.

Jacklynn Grimm on

I have always used the Dritz washable marking pens. Thanks for the chance to win!

Tammy Lyons on

What fun girly fabrics. And notions galore. I love my Dritz marking pencils..

Tamara Little on

I love my seam ripper…unfortunately. :)

Dawn Payne on

It’s a tough call! Either the seam ripper or tomato pincushion, I use them both daily

Becky DuBose on

Great package of prizes!

Tracy H on

My seam fix seam ripper is one of my favorite tools and a necessary one too!

Cheryl Krutzfeldt on

Great giveaway. I would share if I won.

Carolyn on

It would be so exciting to win this prize!!

Roberta Lloyd on

Love the new see thru ruler. Have also started using the small ruler with the slide on it, not just for garments but to verify 1/4 seams on quilt blocks while under the needle.

Nancy on

My favorite tool is either the seam ripper or the tape measurer. I use them both all the time.

Barbara on

Great giveaway!

Nancy Perry on

I love to sew and have my fingers crossed. The fabrics and notions are great and the patterns so versatile.

Deb on

I guess Sean ripper since I need one so often!!

Tina L. on

I keep my Dritz seam gauge and seam ripper close by when I’m sewing. Invaluable!

MaryAnn B on

WOW what a deal this is and so fun too! Would love this win.

Audrey HEAD on

Beautiful fabric.

suzanprincess on

I still love my tomato pincushions—one goes back to my grade school Home Ec. classes!

Peggy Iversen on

Love the notions and tank pattern.

Kathy Gonzalez on

Great fabrics. Great patterns. Love these giveaways.

Rosemary on

I would love to win some fabric and patterns to update my wardrobe!

Janice Kleinschmidt on

I like your different types of notions and qualities of all of them.

Laurie Devers on

I just love this fabric collection!

Christi on

I’ve had my metal hemmer for years and I love it.

Vivian Oaks on

Thanks so much for the great giveaway!! Love your work! Several times we’ve been in Eastern PA (we’re from Western PA) but we haven’t been close enough to stop in the shop…. One of these days I’m going to make it there!! Can’t wait!!!

Lori on

Love these fabrics!!

Sara on

I need a taylors ham!

Kaley Bill on

Love my Dritz pincushion, their products are so cute!

Judy Balek on

I like the red checked top in the background. Would like to make that.

Janie M on

I see cosmetic bags. I love their large assortment of d-rings, handbag closures, and locks for handbags and totes.

Gail on

Love the fun fabrics! Awesome giveaway! 🌸

Wanda T on

Love the Dritz marking pens and seam ripper. Thanks for the chance to win some new sewing notions and beautiful fabric.

Wanda T on

Love the Dritz marking pens and seam ripper. Thanks for the chance to win some new sewing notions and beautiful fabric.

Connie Forrester on

The notions for purses are awesome. And of course a seam ripper is a must.

Corinne D. on

I couldn’t sew (UNsew) without the Dritz seam ripper!

Daryl 'Deedee' Reese on

Love your videos. I need to set up my sewing area again and get started – Thank you for your time and information.

Alisa Vogt on

This is such a wonderful giveaway!

Cheryl Nocera on

I really like my styling design ruler by Dritz.

Diane on

Nifty giveaway !!

Jacqueline Gould on

Love the prizes and fabrics. Thanks Indygo Junction!

ElanS on

Have collected your patterns for years

Nancy L on

Love the giveaways! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Cheryl Pegg on

Love the makeup bag ideas.

Sandy Allen on

I love my Dritz tape measure and seam guide. Would love to try the markers!

Bunny Langridge on

Such a great way to see all you have available. Love the bags

Missy Rodden on

Love this weeks prize. My granddaughter would love this prize

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