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SeamsUnlikelyBookCover I knew little of Nancy’s personal story until I read Seams Unlikely. Learning the struggles with her health during her childhood has made me even more impressed with her ability to move beyond those challenges and not just survive but thrive. [caption id="attachment_5225" align="aligncenter" width="245"]Here I am filming with Nancy Here I am filming with Nancy for the episode featuring my book Fabric Flowers[/caption] I have always admired the amazing business Nancy has built. Fortunately, I have been invited to appear on several episodes of Sewing with Nancy over the last 10 years and have gained an insider’s view of the people and production behind the show. I got to know Nancy, her family and staff during my visits and marvel at Nancy’s gift for teaching and for putting together the wonderful team she works “seamlessly” with to create the Sewing with Nancy series. It is a pleasure to visit Beaver Dam and work with her!! [caption id="attachment_5229" align="aligncenter" width="340"]DSC_1323 (1) Nancy and I visiting at Quilt Market[/caption] As a fellow entrepreneur, I was fascinated by the story Nancy tells of building her business. My journey building Indygo Junction has parallels --building a biz from your basement, balancing motherhood and business, not to mention the challenges of working with your husband. As Nancy explains in her book, I also appreciate being able to go home and ask my husband “what did you do today?” Knowing how all-consuming running a biz can be, I understand some of the sacrifices and have infinite respect. Nancy’s story will inspire others planning to build their own business and encourage them to look beyond any limits not letting them define you. I was particularly impressed with Nancy’s strong faith and how she has leaned on that faith for guidance. The Bible verse she quotes is also a favorite of mine…Proverbs 3:5-6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story Nancy!!!! Are you excited about reading Seams Unlikely? You can win your own copy! Follow this link to Nancy's blog post and leave a comment. Again, you must comment on Nancy's post, not ours. Good luck! Also, be sure to check out the other stops on the blog tour... February 4 Nancy Zieman February 5 Eileen Roche February 5 Pat Sloan February 6 Melissa Stramel February 6 The Long Ladies February 6 Tori Thompson February 7 Amy Barickman February 7 Melissa Mora February 8 Shari Butler February 8 Vicki Christensen February 9 Carolina Moore February 9 Kate Mclvor  February 10 Amy Ellis February 10 Melissa Mortenson February 11 Ilene Miller February 11 Liz Hicks  February 11 Rachael Pannepacker February 12 Bill Gardner February 12 Elizabeth Evans  February 13 Amy Webb February 13 Lindsay Wilkes February 14 Gertie Hirsch February 14 Veronica Philips February 15 Jenny Gabriel  February 15 Laura Wasilowski February 16 Frieda Anderson February 16 Rita Farro  February 17 Cindy Cloward  February 17 Joan Hawley February 17 Patty Young February 18 Nancy Zieman -- Big Giveaway!! Save

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