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Upcycling For the New Decade

We love upcycling at Indygo Junction. Our most popular pattern back in the 90’s was Jacket from Jeans! We have continued to focus on adding instructions for a thrifted fabric version to patterns where it works and recently created a logo to identify our patterns with a recycled option.

This new decade is bringing a hyper focus to sustainability particularly in the fashion industry. Vogue recently published a wonderful article explaining their perspective on the future. You can read it here. It's a great discussion on the importance of "in with the old" and upcycled fashion!

Indygo Junction Modern Gored Skirt pattern

Upcycled Skirts for the New Year

It’s a New Year and a great time to clean out the closet! But, what do you do with all the worn out-grown out jeans and suits after you're done wardrobe purging?  Our sewlution - upcycle and sew an easy, trendy skirt!! It’s the perfect way to renew and reuse fabulous fabrics in an ultra-creative way!

Our Modern Gored Skirt and Sidekick Wrap Skirt are outstanding designs created specifically for upcycling. You'll love using these patterns to transform jeans and men's suits into stunning new fashions for the new decade! 

Indygo Junction Sidekick Wrap Skirt pattern

Kick It with Our Wrap Skirt

A skirt for all seasons with three versatile length variations? Yes, please! Our Sidekick Wrap Skirt is easy to fit, fun to sew and wonderfully comfortable to wear. Definitely a candidate for TNT (tried ‘n true) status in your pattern collection!

Indygo Junction Sidekick Wrap Skirt pattern

Recycled denim, men's suits or a few thrifted flannel shirts are all creatively wise choices for your upcycled skirts! Using our instructions as a starting point, design your Sidekick Wrap Skirt waistband with a distinctive look for every skirt. 

Indygo Junction Sidekick Wrap Skirt pattern

Will it have a D-ring or buckled belt, studs, jumbo eyelets with ties or snaps? It’s up to you! The Sew-On Toggles are especially awesome with faux leather tabs and a wooden button.Choose your style and head for the Dritz web site to choose hardware that suits your design vision. The skirt above is stitched in soft, warm Marcus Brothers flannel - another excellent choice. It looks office ready with it's traditionally finished edges!

Indygo Junction Sidekick Wrap Skirt pattern

If pockets are a must, our pattern includes one for the front of your skirt. Or use the back pockets of your deconstructed jeans and save yourself a little stitching! Raw edges, enclosed seams, make it casual or a bit more formal. The Sidekick Wrap Skirt is a marvelous outfit basic for every day and every occasion!

Indygo Junction Sidekick Wrap Skirt pattern

Sizing for Your Sidekick

The Sidekick Wrap Skirt is easy to fit! It's wrap styling naturally allows extra ease, so it's  simple to size up or down. Measure your waist and hips, compare your measurements to the chart in the pattern instructions and choose your size. Wear it comfortably just below your natural waist or at your waist if you'd rather!

 Indygo Junction Modern Gored Skirt pattern

Recycle Menswear for Modern Style

Skirts don’t get much easier or more fun to wear than our Modern Gored Skirt. Looking for a little fabulous swing and swirl in your New Year wardrobe? The Modern Gored Skirt is just what you need!

Indygo Junction Modern Gored Skirt pattern

Easy to cut gores and an elastic waist make this a “sew in the morning, wear that night” kind of skirt. Seam, seam and seam again and your Modern Gored Skirt is ready to shine!

Indygo Junction Modern Gored Skirt pattern

Following our instructions, your measurements will decide how many gores you need. Cut them from upcycled denim or men’s suits as you see above. It’s a perfect way to reuse what you find in your closet cleaning or your local thrift store!

Indygo Junction Modern Gored Skirt pattern

Serged edges or traditional seams? It’s a fun way to make your skirt uniquely yours. We love the serged edges for accenting multi colored men’s suiting gores! Combine pinstripes with solids or try a tweed! use pants or jackets!

Indygo Junction Girly Gored Skirt pattern

Girls who love twirl love gores, too! Our Girly Gored Skirt offers the same styling as the Modern Gored Skirt in children’s sizing. It’s easy to create a delightful mom and daughter look with multi-colored fabrics!

Dritz Modern Gored Skirt blog post

Unique and Fashionable

Laura of the Trash to Couture blog added a decorative Frog “Closure” to her gorgeous upcycled denim Modern Gored Skirt! Featured on the Dritz blog, Laura used gold Jeans Topstitching Thread to accent the flowing lines of the gores.

Dritz Modern Gored Skirt blog post

It’s amazing how just a little “Frog” or two can make such a big impact!

READ MORE about Laura's skirt on the Dritz blog. 

Indygo Junction Modern Gored Skirt pattern

Tips for Deconstructing Jeans

Upcycling denim jeans is fun and easy when you know how!

  1. You'll need several pairs of jeans for your skirt.The mismatched shades of upcycled denim are part of the designing magic!
  2. Start by cutting off the jeans waistbands, then cutting next to the zipper and crotch seam. Remove the pockets, if not needed, and lay your new "fabric" out flat. 
  3. As you re-cut, you'll be making decisions about where to place the pattern pieces and what existing seams to use in your skirt design. 
  4. Match your front and back pattern pieces to the grain line of the deconstructed denim if possible. Exact is not needed! Bands and waistlines can be cut on the bias.
Dritz Soft Grip Seam RipperA good seam ripper is essential! We love the Soft Grip Seam Ripper from our sister-brand, Dritz. It will keep your hand happy during deconstruction!

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