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Today we are partipating in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! If you haven't participated before, Sew Mama Sew hosts multiple stores, designers and bloggers who are all giving away either handmade items or crafty supplies. You can visit and learn about new sites and enter to win as many giveaways as you want! We will be giving away our a collection of our Vintage Notions and Hankie Style books and coordinating collection of hankies. -4 Hankie Style includes 22 stylish projects to make with vintage hankies, including tops, skirt, aprons, scarves and more! Watch the video below to learn more about Hankie Style and learn how to make a flower brooch. Amy Barickman's Vintage Notions: An Inspirational Guide to Needlework, Cooking, Sewing, Fashion, and Fun was inspired by the wisdom of Mary Brooks Picken, a pioneer in the domestic arts and international authority on dressmaking and fashion. Mary's sole purpose, which resonated so deeply with Amy, was to educate women, encourage their entrepreneurial spirit, and elevate the value of their work. Mary's name may not be familiar to you now, but in these pages you will be charmed by her vision and inspired by her "blueprint for living a simple, fulfilling life." In Vintage Notions, Amy Barickman joins creative forces with a previous era to preserve Mary's work for a new generation and showcase it alongside her own extensive collection of vintage textiles, needlework, illustrations, and memorabilia. To win, leave a comment telling us how you incorporate vintage style into your every day life. The contest will run through May 16th, and we will announce a winner on the 18th. This contest is open to US winners only. Good luck!

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Georgia Anderson on

I would love to have more ideas on what to do with the vintage linens I have inherited from my step mother.

Lori Mehrer on

I recently acquired a large bag of my mother’s & grandmother’s vintage hankies. I have been thinking of what to do with them. My mother loved hankies and I’d like to make some home decor projects where I can incorporate them into. Maybe some doilies, dresser scarves, bed pillows etc.

krystina on

I use lots of vintage patterns to make my daughters dresses. I saw once (can’t remember where) a tutorial for making baby bloomers out of vintage hankies and they were so adorable.

Sonja on

I love to use and display my vintage keepsakes!

Debra Myers on

My house is decorated with a lot of my grandmothers things, partly for style partly to remind me of her

Deb E on

Almost every day I’ll wear a vintage piece of jewelry or a beloved flowery scarf. I love Victorian prints/ items and keep watch for new ones. I love vintage buttons too.

Brooke on

I have a vintage kitchen and lots of vintage aprons.

Lisa R @ A Rup Life on

I like to wear very feminine long flowy skirts.

Charlyn Trussell on

Doilies and vintage glassware decorate my bathroom; old kitchen towels form my kitchen curtains; my mother’s and mother-in-law’s dishes are used daily. Vintage is alive and well at my house. And I’ve got a stock of vintage linens for my sewing projects.

sarah clemons on

Not sure if I incorporate vintage in every day but love shabby chic trash to treasure reusing old lace buttons and trims in my projects

Ramona on

I love to use vintage fabric to make clothes, use modern fabrics on vintage style patterns and use vintage linens, etc to make accessories to wear.

Karen Ann on

I adore vintage with a modern twist! I’ve been adding vintage fabric into my quilt making, and I love!

Amanda on

I love to use vintage fabrics and designs when I sew.

Terry on

I use vintage items in my sewing studio for both decorative and useful purposes (my favorite is an egg cup that’s been turned into the cutest pincushion).

Victoria on

I love using vintage trims on my projects and crochet trim and flowers for pins and embellishment only clothes and tablecloths.

allison on

I love to shop thrift stores, and usually buy kitchen items. I also find the design elements of vintage quilts to be very inspiring.

Trish on

I love to use vintage buttons and trim and often wear vintage brooches on my jackets.

Nancy D on

I just love vintage! Most of my crafts include some kind of vintage look. I have pieces of my mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry that I do wear. I also have a great set of my grandmothers every day dishes. That my aunt was going to donate (shudder!) I grabbed those up, you could say they were donated to me :)

Dee on

I love to use antique/vintage linens on my dining room table, along with antique dishes; upcycle clothing or a vintage sheet into purses, cosmetic bags, etc and always have some vintage lace and buttons in my sewing room for that special touch on a new purse.

Carrie Hare on

My grandma left me a few lovely things, like cotton wrist gloves that I love to look at and try on.

Mary Hayes on

I have a collection of vintage hankies. I would love some guidance on how to use these and turn them into a beautiful project.

Desiree on

recently, my husband’s Granny moved in with his aunt and we got to have a few things from her home before they had an estate sale and sold the home. I got some vintage Pyrex bowls that make me smile just looking at them. The design is beautiful and they remind me of her every time I see them. glazefamily3 AT

Jess Z on

I try to incorporate vintage finds into a new creation. For example,I have old doilies that I use for purses or collars. I also use vintage sewing notions when making most of my garments since I inherited my husband’s grandmother’s sewing notion.

Jess Z on

I use vintage sewing notions that I inherited from my husband’s grandmother in many of my creations. I also wear my mother’s vintage jewelry pieces for special occasions (also when my baby girl isn’t around to try to eat them), and I will also try to incorporate other vintage finds for new creations.

Debra Kay Neiman on

Not sure what you mean by Vintage style. My home is full of mementos from my grandmothers and mom and some of these items are really old. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

Lori Smanski on

I have a lot of hankies that were handed down to me. I would love to make something that reminds me of my grandparents yet is useful at the same time

Margaret Schindler on

I love to collect vintage hankies which will be a quilt some day

Judy Armfield on

I love vintage hankies…

Judy Armfield on

I love vintage hankies. My 86 year old Mother lives with me. It makes my heart sing to see her carry them.

Mary Ann on

I love vintage Pyrex and other kitchenware

Kristin on

Lovely! I took a lot of my great-grandmother’s jewelry and wear it all the time. I always get tons of compliments – she had some style! :)

kathyh on

My whole life is vintage. Because the materials used then are still holding up today. Today’s stuff breaks after one year.
I’ve furnished my house with estate sale finds ans re-purposed other pieces.
This is such a cool book – I’ve only been able to read a tiny bit of it. Thanks for the giveaway.

Lori M. on

I have a few of my mothers aprons from the 40’s I have placed them up in my room like paintings and Heather at the Sewing Loft had a great tutorial for making Origami Dresses from Hankies a few weeks ago…….

Heather on

I display vintage tea cups.

Heather on

Display vintage tea cups

Beth Glass on

I love vintage pot holders and have a collection of them in my kitchen.

Fran on

I decorate with my vintage linens and dishes. Also use vintage dishes for organization and storing paint supplies and sewing notions.

Janet Frank on

I have vintage Pyrex bowls I use everyday & cast iron pans that are very old that are in use everyday. There’s lots to be said about the quality of older things….they last!

Teresa W on

I love vintage. I use vintage pitchers and bowls in my kitchen. Along with vintage sheets and pillowcases where I can. I also love to collect old doilies and hankies. Now I just need the inspiration for what to do with them. I would love to win this giveaway!!


Southern Gal on

I have vintage items from my grandmother like blue mason jars, doilies, and a lady’s head planter. They are all special to me. I love to have them out to be enjoyed.

Sarah on

I like to use mine!

Jocelyn on

I have been a thrift store addict for a long time. I pick up vintage corning ware and other utensils. I also pick up vintage linens when I can find them Thanks for the giveaway!

Kathy Davis on

I scour thrift stores and flea markets for vintage fabric to use in my projects for my granddaughter Nellie.

Sandy on

I love to mix vintage and modern items, it gives the older things a fresh look.

Sallie on

I like to wear antique gloves to our quilting bee.

Linda B on

I love vintage; dishes, linens from my grandmothers, old funky vases (pairs of donkeys!), my mother’s old oil cans, even camping equipment!

Katherine on

Everything my Gramma made to scarves and crochet doilies is on display in my home

R R on

I refinish vintage furniture, and thrift glassware.

Angelia L. on

I recently fell in love with vintage Pyrex dishes and I am on the look out whenever I go to thrift shops. I haven’t been lucky enough to find any yet.

Carmen N on

I think I’m old enough that everything is vintage (or at least retro) :)

Heidi on

Mostly in my kitchen with vintage aprons, plates and pyrex!

sherri s. on

My house is full of vintage (dishes, linens), I wear TONS of vintage, and I sell vintage on Etsy. I heart vintage!

Ashley on

I love finding vintage mod items at thrift stores to decorate my house.

Cheri on

Wow… that is amazing! When I first saw the picture, I thought “fussy cut” as I make quilts and those would be perfect for that..but a flower? That is so cool! I have not seen to many hankies like this..what a great item with so many uses!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Ciara on

i’ve recently gotten into sewing dresses, & i am mainly attracted to patterns with a vintage style.

christine harris on

I love vintage, antiques and shabby!!! The patterns and hankies are fantastic!!!

Shannon on

I love a vintage dress pattern !

Nancysue on

We bought a 1960 rancher house last year…Voila! Instant vintage-ess-ness!

Julia Eigenbrodt on

I don’t yet, but I frequent estate sales and looove that shirt on the cover of the book!

Wendy on

I love everything vintage and have been wanting this notions book! I use lots of vintage fabrics in my quilts leftover from my teenage sewing days

Gina C on

I use vintage buttons and lace whenever possible.

Cindy Dahlgren on

I incorporate vintage into my daily life by using and showing the several things my family has left to me. I also would like to use some of the doilies my Mom and Grandmothers made to make single block quilt blocks, that are framed. That was clear as mud, but I think that it would look awesome. I would love to win this, as I love the books.

Amanda on

I love history and anything vintage. My husband and I love to go antiquing and I have plenty of collections – including jadeite and vintage buttons. My grandmother is my inspiration :)

melissa on

I have vintage items sprinkled throughout my house and I enjoy listening to big band music.

Lee on

I love to use anything vintage in my kitchen!

Bonnie on

I have some Dutch keepsakes on my shelf from my grandparents that I treasure!

Tabitha K. on

I love vintage and use kit making pillows and quilts. I’m working towards embroidery and other needle arts. I’m new so I’m always finding something that I want to make. Thanks for the giveaway.

Karen D. on

I love vintage kitchen towels. Especially if they have embroidery on them.

Karen D. on

I love vintage style kitchen towels. Especially if the have embroidery on them.

sangeetha on

I love vintage clothes that I repurpose and make modern

Charlotte L on

I carry hankies in my purse everyday and use my vintage pyrex every day as well. Thanks for the chance to win.
clunsford at gmail dot com

jeifner on

I judiciously collect vintage dresses. We also use vintage quilts everyday.

Jordan L on

I love vintage style, I also collect vintage fabrics!

Deb H. on

I make vintage baby bonnets for gifts. I love making vintage style baby clothes and I collect hankies.

Anita on

I am an avid estate sale attendant. I love the quality of items you can find there. I’m also lucky enough to have some gorgeous handmade quilts from my grandmother and great grandmother that I still use. I believe in using vintage things in everyday life. They weren’t made to sit in a closet but to be used is to honor them and their makers.

Elizabeth McDonald (catskill quilter) on

I make and use patchwork and applique decor for my home, and have primitive antiques (smalls) here and there.

rebecca on

I have items through out the house that have been passed down to me.

Rhonda Desgranges on

I collect vintage sewing notions, vintage embroidered linens, handkerchiefs, aprons, tablecloths and vintage redwork patterns. I have vintage items in both my sewing area and kitchen. I have 2 treadle sewing machines and a hand crank sewing machine. i use them all the time for piecing quilts. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this. Thanks for the chance to win!


jenny on

i just made a baby quilt for my coworker using feedsack and vintage fabrics…i know my coworker will love it, and the fabrics will be so soft and snuggly!

Pam S on

I used my grandmother’s blouses and some of her handkerchiefs to make a memory quilt. I would love to learn more about how to use those handkerchiefs. Your video about how to make the flower brooch was great! Thanks for the chance to win!

Jess on

I’ve been collecting vintage tablecloths. The problem is that I get really nervous about using them (because I’m afraid that I’ll stain them), even though I use place mats and trivets and have yet to stain a normal tablecloth!

Rhonda Desgranges on

I collect vintage embroidered linens, handkerchiefs, aprons, vintage redwork patterns, vintage tablecloths, vintage buttons and vintage sewing notions. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!


Rhonda Desgranges on

I collect vintage embroidered linens, aprons, handkerchiefs, sewing notions, buttons and vintage redwork patterns. I have 2 treadle and a hand crank sewing machine. I ues them all the time for piecing quilts. I use these items In my sewing area and kitchen. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this. Thanks for the chance to win!

wigglypup2 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Cecilia on

I like to use 1930s fabrics in my quilts and I have some vintage Pyrex bowls that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. Thanks for the giveaway.

Sandra Timmons on

I have saved doilies and have a couple of them on my end tables. I also have some old hankies but I have kept them to remember my old landlady and also my grandmother. Thank you for the awesome books and the hankies. I guess you could always use them into making a vintage quilt.

Sandi Timmons

emme on

I’m into vintage knitting patterns!

Joanna on

I use my grandmother’s dishes.

Rebecca on

I have items all through out the house that have been passed on to me or I’ve picked up along the way.

CaLynn on

I have a set of pillow cases that were embroidered a looooong time ago (siamese cat design with flowers). I love them to bits. Thanks for the chance to win! My gramma recently made a quit using hankies folded into butterflies, so I want to win these for her:)

Annie on

Vintage lace and trim are my favorites to use. I have a nice hanky collection, but I haven’t had the heart to cut any of them.

Stephanie on

I have my entire home deocrated in vintage quilts and items. Old wagon wheels and farm tools (in the bacement), antique quilts all over the living room. Old photos on the wall. The basement is actually all old barn wood from about 100 years ago and windows from an old house from at least that long ago.

Karrie Smith on

I love pretty vintage stuff, so I like to display it in my room. I like to use it in quilts, bags and skirts.

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