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We love Shannon Fabrics here at Indygo Junction. They create fabrics in a range of substrates with the slogan "Making The World A Softer Place™". Every fabric from Shannon is soft and ideal for comfortable clothing.

We have our Everyday Tank and our Warm and Cozy Wrap made in Shannon fabrics; these two popular patterns are made even cozier with these soft fabrics. The arrow print in the tank is the Primer Archer in the Embrace Gauze and the wrap is the double sided Cloud Spa Cuddle.


Tips for Working With Double Gauze

Shannon has a range of double gauze fabrics. We wanted to share a few tips and tricks for working with this fabric as many people may have never tried before!

Double gauze is a fabulous fabric! It’s 100% cotton, breathable, lightweight and great for travel since really no pressing is required. We’ve enjoyed stitching up  Indygo Junction designs with this marvelous fabric and wanted to let you know more about it. Double gauze is easy to sew once you know a few basic tips! 

Shannon Fabrics has this new double gauze print that is just perfect for making our Slumber Party PJs. If you want a chance to win this fabric, consider joining our Facebook Group, where Indygo Junction fans share their creations! We will be doing giveaways each week over there as well! 

The Magic of Double Gauze

Made by several different manufacturers, double gauze is two layers of loosely woven cotton tacked together at regular intervals in the weaving process. This creates a light, airy fabric that is very comfortable to wear and has a wonderful drape. We especially love the soft feel of double gauze and the unique crinkle it develops when washed. The more you wear it, the softer it becomes!

Preparing Double Gauze for Sewing

We suggest pre-washing all garment fabrics using the method that you will use to launder your clothing once it is sewn. For double gauze, we suggest cold water wash and tumble dry low for the best results. You will see a lovely crinkle in your fabric once washed that you may want to press with a steam iron to make cutting and pattern layout easier. Do not stretch your fabric while ironing, though and be prepared to enjoy the crinkle that will return when it is washed again.

Cutting Out Your Garment

A rotary cutter and mat or serrated fabric shears are best to use when cutting double gauze. Both methods will help to keep this lightweight fabric from moving around significantly while you are cutting. Use long, sharp pins rather than pattern weights to also prevent movement. Tailor’s chalk or a felt tip removable fabric marker work best for transferring markings to your fabric pieces. Look at the Dritz® products in our giveaway each week this month for these helpful notions and tools.

Successfully Choosing a Pattern Style

The most successful double gauze garments are loose-fitting, simple designs with few details. Look for dolman or cut-on sleeves or sleeves that can be sewn in flat rather than set-in. This makes Indygo Junction patterns perfect for double gauze. Take a look at our Easy Top and Tunic to get started sewing with gauze! 

Win Fabric (3-3 yard cuts), Notions, Patterns & Amy's Vintage Notions book!


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Terry Greenstreet on

Love your products

Crystal on

I bet a pair of pj’s in double gauge would be so lovely and comfortable.

Crystal on

I bet a pair of pj’s in double gauge would be so lovely and comfortable.

Patricia Jacobs on

I want to try a peasant blouse in double gauze. I’ve made baby blankets with it and just love it.

Sandra Chavez on

Just found out that I WON! Woo Hoo! So happy! Thank you so much, I am looking forward to receiving my prize package & to creating a beautiful Indygo Junction garment.

M Holder on


Carol Kennedy on

The fabric choices are so exciting, hope I win, I can see a new easy top under my sewing needle!

Rhonda Weddle on

I have seen so many cute double gauze tops lately. I’d love to make one of your tank top patterns in gauze.

Joan Dlouhy on

I just love you Vintage Notions book.

Linda Phillips on

I love all of the fabrics & would love to sew something with all of them!!!

Deborah Garner on

I just bought some gingham and I want to make the everyday dress.

Cindy on

Double gauze sounds like the perfect material for me. I’m always hot so it should work great!!

Gloria Hual on

Birthday yeaterday turned 77 giving away on 7th maybe three 7 will be lucky love the fabric

Juanita Vega DeJoseph on

Would love to read Vintage Notions sippin’ a cup of cocoa in my new jammies!

RNSally on

I’ve been intrigued by this fabric and am anxious to try sewing something with it.

Cassandra D on

My favorite Indygo Junction pattern that I want to try in Shannon Fabrics would be the Indygo Junction Shift Dress Pattern.

Judy Stolz on

I’ve been wondering how the double gauze would sew up! Great chance to win, thank you!

Suzanne Offner on

I would want to try the Shift Dress pattern.

Lynn Herron on

Love the material. Plus all the patterns that you have

Sarah Jane on

Have followed Indygo Junction for years. But back into garment sewing for myself and really love the patterns for design, but also they are fashionable with easy sewing! Really love the fabrics…

Jani Van Deest on

I LOVE the Warm and Cozy Wrap pattern!

Tammie Powell on

Such beautiful fabrics! I would enjoy the chance to try double gauze and the tank pattern, too! Good luck to all!

Sandy Brust on

Double gauze sounds interesting. Can’t wait to try it. Love the arrows!

Kathy Knapp on

Inspiration! Thank you for these great ideas of things to do with these fabulous fabrics that someone will be lucky enough to win. With fall around the corner, some cute pj’s with be my choice.

Tina on

I think the asymmetrical too would be great in double gauze. I haven’t sewn with it yet but would love to try it. Thanks!

Cecelia on

This is beautiful fabric – I would love to have pj’s from this! I do enjoy your blog posts.

MelodyJ on

I wonder how Indygo Essentials – Artisan Pants Pattern would look in the arrow print.

Phyllis Kukucka on

The orange and white fabric is beautiful. I would love to make the sample fabric in the pattern show. The fabric is “happy”

Cathie Scanlon on

I’d like to try the It’s a wrap skirt pattern.

Margaret Graczyk on

I just bought some of the turquoise double gauze and was looking for a pattern to use (something like a pullover with a scoop neck and then either a cuffed 3-4" sleeve or a traditional short sleeve. It’s still very HOT here in AZ and I can wear this material year-round ! :)

Beal on

Asymmetrical Top & Tunic Pattern. Thank you.

Elan Schneider on

I’ve seen some of the Shannon fabrics up close and they are awesome.

Rose Lerbakken on

I love to sew and use different material.One of my favorite colors is blue. Summer is coming to a close so more time to stay in and be creative,

Linda Cartwright on

love that warm and cozy wrap. I love these fabrics.

Vicki H on

I haven’t sewn with double gauze. I would like to make a shirt.

Patricia Chapman on

Love the Warm and Cozy Wrap. Perfect for chilly winters in Seattle.

Karen Tucker on

Love the patterns and the opportunity to win some of this beautiful fabric!!

Ingrid S. on

Love the tank pattern and all the fabrics! I would love the opportunity to sew with the Cloud Spa Cuddle – and I would make the cuddle wrap just as shown. Good luck to everyone!

Karen Christensen on

Crossover Kimono Shirt Pattern. thanks for the tips on double gauze. I’ve always been a bit afraid to tackle it.

Robin Klein on

I would like to make PJ’s or a nightgown from the double gauze. I appreciate the info on sewing with double gauze.

Leslie Stewart on

Beautiful fabrics and patterns. Thank you.

Fireside Quilt Studio Quilter on

I would love to win this fabric!

Debby Beckman on

Thank you for the pretty patterns. Easy and fun.

jean Houseman on

Love the fabric and patterns. I’m ready to sew now!

Sonia Klein on

Love the double gauze. I have some on hand right now to make a nice, cool summer top.

Linda Olson on

I love to sew with the double gauze, very comfortable garment.

Karoline on

Would love to win this giveaway and use it on some of my Indigo Junction patterns.

Traci A. Key on

Love the easy tunic and top pattern. I’m wanting to start sewing for my vacation to Florida.

Debbie Smith on

Love fabric and notions, especially if it is free.

Patricia Lenhart on

These fabrics are great. It’s a wonderful giveaway

Jeanele Rogers on

I would enjoy making your modern medley and tunic pattern, and the notions would help me with accuracy.

Laurie Olds on

After years of sewing for children I have finally started making basic wardrobe items for myself. Your pattern instructions are well written and easy to follow and the garments always fit well. I’ve never used the Shannon fabrics for a garment but I’m loving the prints and hoping to make something for the fall season.

Kathy h on

I’d like to try the one button swing topper.

Annette Ackley on

Love the fabric, patterns!!

Karen Propes on

I love the Everyday Tank, I also would make the Casual Cape. I haven’t worked with Double Gauge yet. Thanks for the chance.

Dianne on

Love these products!! Beautiful fabric and fun notions. Thank you!!

Kim on

The double gauze caught my eye for sure! Thank you for the opportunity

Randi Schmechel on

I like the Modern Silhouette Vest pattern!

Audre on

Love, love, love!!the fabrics listed. All of them! I love your arrow top and would love to make something out of double gauze as I’ve heard so much about it for quite a while now.

Rebecca Casey on

Thank you! I have used quite a few different Indygo Junction patterns and they always turn out very well.

Susan Hebert on

I’m a big fan of huge, cover-all type aprons, so that would be my pattern choice, if I won.

Karla on

I too, would love to learn to sew on the gauze fabric. I love watching your vintage book by the chapter videos. You are sew generous! Thank you!

Theresa Brooks on

I would love to win! The arrow fabric is my favorite!

Mary Whipkey on

Great fabric’s, I really like the jacket, Navy is my color too!

Rhonda on

Would love to try the pajamas!

Nora Jensen on

I’d could use a tunic from the Easy Top and Tunic pattern!


Would love to try the asymmetrical tunic. Thanks for the opportunity.

Elizabeth Nurre on

I have never sewn on gauze fabric and would love to try it

Vivian Oaks on

I don’t think I’ve ever sewn with double gauze, so that would be very interesting and fun!! I’m really in need of a few tops, so that would be great! Thanks so much for the chance to win some great fabrics!! :-)

Mary Janson on

National Sewing Month! With these great fabrics and patterns we need a National Sewing YEAR!

Gay Lynn Gremmel on

Love to win this fabric package!

Helen Meck on

I like the Chic Bucket bag using jeans.

Karin Olson on

Love the fabrics in the giveaway! Wow! What I could do with them…. If I can’t figure it out, I’d have the choice of some patterns to help me! Wow!

Amy Rettberg on

I would like to sew the slight sleeve tunic.

Anita Profitt on

Thanks for the chance to win , Have a great day.

Betsy Albertson on

I would love to try the every day tank pattern but also the fabriflair stars.

Anita L Goodman on

Love the pattern and would love to make it up! The fabric is beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

Peg Looby on

Every single one of those fabrics are gorgeous, I love them & would use them immediately. Especially the double gauze in this heat wave!

Emma on

I’ve made a shirt with Shannon Embrace and love wearing it in the summer!

Louanne Klesseck on

The Warm and Cozy Wrap in double sided Cloud Spa Cuddle from Shannon Fabrics has me swooning. I. Must. Have. It.

Kim on

Love to try

Susan Tuttle on

Love the Indigo Junction patterns…got me back to garment sewing

Jennifer on

The slight sleeve top!

mandy whalen on

Would make the warm and cozy Jacket,

mandy whalen on

Would love to make the jacket, always looking for a jacket in winter.

mandy whalen on

Would love to make the jacket, I am always looking for a jacket in the winter.

Birdie Cade on

Would love to try the double gauze on some tops!

Theresa Kaveney on

I would love to win the giveaway. I enjoy your emails and blog.

JOM on

Love to make the tank top.

Diana on

Would love to win!


The easy top and tunic looks like a good pattern to try this fabric with!


The easy top and tunic looks like a good pattern to try this fabric with!

Arlene A. on

lovely ideas here!

Dawn Tenneson on

I recently bought the Vintage Notions book and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Thank you so much for writing it! I also have boughten a few pattern but haven’t sewed them yet! Love what you do!

Carroll Thatcher on

Love the fabric. Thx for double gauze tips

Anne S. on

This is so exciting

Vanessa on


Sandy Allen on

Would love to try the Asymmetrical Top pattern. Not sure if this fabric would work for it, but I love the look of it!

Brenda Terrell on

I love the way you have your pages set up with all the information for us. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for everything you do for us. You are such a blessing.

Judith Looney on

I think I would like to try the pjs using the very cool double gauze pattern, pun intended. I always can use more pjs, and maybe with the extra I could make the Infinity Pocket Scarf Pattern.

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