The holiday season is here! It's time to start decorating for the most festive time of the year and planning your "make" list. This year we have the perfect pattern for you - the Show Your Spirit Gnomes. This pattern is great for many reasons but here are our favorite three:
  1. You can make them with upcycled materials
  2. Everyone loves a gnome - these are perfect as a gift
  3. You can easily transform the gnome into Santa - instructions are below!

Amy came up with the idea for the gnomes after seeing a story about a woman who was making gnome houses along a running trail here in Kansas City. Amy thought it would be fun to create a happy figure that could be made with cozy recycled knits, and our little gnome family was born! There is a large size, a medium and an ornament size.


When we started talking about materials, we knew we wanted to incorporate recycled fabric. The large gnome was easy - we used two different sweaters and combined them with our Crossroads Denim. But what about other recycled materials? That is when we started rummaging through the sock drawer and created the medium gnome. This little guy uses one knee-high sock for his hat, and the other for his arms (and a recycled t-shirt for his beard). How cute is he? sockgnome

We just love these little men for the holidays. They can watch over your little ones from the mantle shelf, or cuddle up with them on the sofa. But you can also transform your gnome into Santa! See below for instructions to hack the pattern.


The gnomes were so cute, we wanted versions that could hang out in the house all year long - not just during the holidays. That was when Amy (who is a huge Kansas Jayhawks fan) came up with the idea of making the gnomes in sports team colors!


Our sporty gnome was made with the sock hat and arms, although you could also use an old team sweatshirt or t-shirt. The gnome below, which sports our local high school colors was made with an recycled sweater and recycled denim. Amy's teenage son gave it the thumbs up!


The Great Santa Hack!


To turn your gnome into Santa, follow these simple steps.

  1. Get the Show Your Spirit Gnomes pattern.
  2. Cut the hat and arms out of an up-cycled red sweatshirt or sweater.
  3. Cut the hands out of a 5" x 5" piece of black fleect
  4. Out of white fleece cut one hat band 14 1/2" x 4 1/2" and two cuffs 6 1/2" x 2".
  5. Follow instructions for the large gnome from the Show Your Spirit Gnomes pattern. through step 4 of Assemble Body and Hat.
  6. Fold hat band in half lengthwise right sides together. Pin and stitch. Turn right side out.
  7. Fold one opening end to the inside 1/4". Insert the other end into this opening and hand-stitch closed.
  8. Pull the band over the hat cover the edges of the hat closest to the face, hand-stitch the band to the hat.
  9. Follow steps 6 and 7 for the wrist cuffs.
  10. Pull the cuffs onto the arms, covering the edges of the sleeves and mittens. Hand-stitch to secure.
  11. Finish assembly instructions from the Show Your Spirit Gnomes Pattern.
  12. Sew on a jaunty red bell to the tip of Santa's hat!

Once finished, Santa will be a fun family friend to bring out every holiday - just don't let him catch you being naughty! This giveaway has ended.

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MaryAnn on

I’m new to appliqué so I don’t have a favorite yet. I do like seeing different ways to use it though

Betsy on

Adorable pattern!

barbara woods on

Great pattern

Kim Renna on

looks like a cute pattern

Kim Renna on

Looks like a cute pattern.

Gilda on

Thanks for a chance to win.

Sharon Pillard on


Mary Wippold on

I really do need this pattern. I have lots of socks and sweaters that are getting worn and need to be recycled.

Gill on

I love the Santa gnomes!

Debra White on

Alphabet applique.

Stacey Smith on

that is such a cute pattern!

Kathy E. on

My favorite applique design is a giraffe. He always turns out so cute! I love gnomes too!

Laurie E on

looks so cute I am anxious to get some done as gifts for Christmas.

Darlene on

My grandson would love this

Barbara Long on

what a cute little man – I could think of a million things to create with this

Denise/Folsom,Calif. on

My favorite applique pattern is a snowman quilt that I am working on now.

Nancy Myers on

I would have to say a heart.

Debbie Rogowski on

I love the whimsical animals for kids bibs and such

Anita Goodman on

I also don’t have a favorite yet as I have only just started.

Debbie Miller on

Love the gnome! My favorite applique is wool pincushions.

Patty Sack on

these are so cute. My great niece would love them!

Kathy on

They are adorable. What a good idea.

Rebecca Fornwalt on

These are so cute.

Karen H on

Oh, how I would love to make a bunch of gnomes for around the house. They are so cute.

Sherry Jagels on

I love owls! that would be my favorite thing to appliqué!

Cyndy Knapp on

These are so cute!

Nancy on

Very cute idea, too much fun!

mel on

I’ve always like Grandmother’s Fan and Dresden Plate for applique patterns. I also love animal appliques, especially vintage ones.

laurie on

Great use of single socks and old sweaters!

Lori M on

My favorite is any flower patterns on the recycled fabric…I use SF101 to interface, then cut it out and add it to my little flower bin…then when I need is ready to go……

Kelly Sas on

I’m sorry I really don’t have a favorite. My go to in many designs like purses is Dresden Plate so you could say that. I LOVE this Gnome pattern. My adult daughter loves gnomes and I could see me making her a few of these little guys!

vickie on

I am a gnome addict would love to win this pattern. I am just learning applique so don’t have a favorite yet.

vickie on

I am a gnome addict would love to win this pattern.

Patti on

Very cute. I sew for some Santas and my husband loves gnomes, so I really have to sew these.

Patti on

Very cute. I sew for some Santas and m husband loves gnomes, so I really have to sew these.

Teri on

Gnomes are just too cute to resist!

nancy b on

I love beach theme appliqué patterns, especially star fish, sea horses, treasure chests, etc.

Trish F on

Wildlife appliques are my favorite, birds, deer, monkey, fish. Thanks!

Tonya Lawson on

I already subscribe to the newsletter and would LOVE to win one of these patterns! Thanks!

teri on

My favorite applique are the alphabet applique patterns.

Judith Martinez on

I love sunbonnet sue!

Lori Morton on

I like appliqueing Hearts, easy shapes (kittens, , flowers, chickens, etc…) I am still new to doing Applique..& slow! lol But looove doing!

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