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This contest is over. Congratulations to Anne B. who is our lucky winner! Last week I introduced you to our pattern Bedtime Boots, which offered three different ways to make slippers for adults. Well, we couldn't leave out the kids could we? Of course not! So, I'm happy to say that we also have a children's version, the Sleep Time Slippers! IJ1123-2T Sleep Time Slippers offers all the great options that Bedtime Boots does - quilted, double sided and recycled! Below you can see how we combined a fun quilting cotton on the outside with a cozy Cuddle for the lining. 8286W For you Sherpa lovers out there, this is the perfect project! Since the Sherpa is already double sided, putting these slippers together is a breeze. 8294 The sames goes with fleece - no lining required. We did jazz this pair up with a complementary boot cuff. 8909w You just can't go wrong with cotton and Cuddle. I think this fun dot and navy lining would make any little one happy! 8922W This contest is over.

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Karen Buckner on

These would make great Christmas presents for all my nieces and nephews. They love it when I make them something.

Annie Dee on


Kathy Stonebarger on

I would love to make these in fleece for my CO grand children. Warm tootsies!

Margaret on

I would line these with kinky and use a sweater for the outer for my kids. They would love them!

Jane on

I have 5 grandchildren who would love these. I’m thinking they would like those fuzzy warm cuffs.

Colleen on

So Cute!!! I would love to make these for my grand children and nieces/nephews!

Lee on

I love these in fleece w/ the contrast cuff! thanks!

Kim Lambertz on

Love fleece booties! Would love to sew this version!

Nancy Halligan on

These are a great project! Looks super comfortable for those cold winter days and nights!

Tami on

I love these – they would be great for my granddaughter.

Lynne on

The first pair would be fleece then I would try the other ideas.

Lori M. on

Fleeced or quilted, but anyway I can make them they look warm and fun……

Barbara Long on

awesome pattern – I love the higher length and the snazzy cuff !

Gisela on

I would love to sew with cuddle and a cute cotton for all my 3 little ones. And a few for a friend also

Kitty on

I’ve been looking for a slipper pattern for my grandkids cause our house is so cold and theirs so hot that they come ill prepared for the temperature change.

Anna on

I think I’ll go with fleece

darlene macdonald on

I would definitely use fleece. Nice warm toes on couch watching movies while snow storm blows outside. Sounds good!

Kathy on

I would make them in fleece for my grandchildren.

Denise K on

I would love to use coordinating cotton and fleece. I hope to match the cotton with the character pillow cases my grandsons got for Christmas!

Michelle Owens on

I have three grandkids that would love these! I wouldn’t mind some myself! Oh who am I kidding? Everyone would be getting these as Christmas gifts!

Pauline on

They are all gorgeous – I love the fleece ones and would make them for my 5 grandchildren.

Connie Cain on

I think I would try the Sherpa ones. :)

Anita on

I really love all the different versions! I think the first one I’d like to try is the Sherpa style, it’s so cute. Thanks for the giveaway :)

Judith Martinez on

I would love to do the upcycled sweater slippers.

savedbyhim on

Absolutely will make multiples with fleece interiors; each set will feature different favorite-motif fabrics: ballerinas, owls or hot pink polka-dots!

Linda Taffs on

I LOVE these and would like to make reverse colored ones for two of my granddaughters with anti-slip bottoms!

Debbie Parker on

My creativity is inspired by these little booties. Lots of fun to make for my family. :-)

Alison S on

My girls would live in these, would try fleece first and then go from there.

Janie on

Probably the fleece…I have a lot of it!

Eileene on

All are so neat. Fleece for my three favorite granddaughters.

Barb duncan on

I made newborn slippers like these for many people. These are so cool!

Kris Bolick on

I love both ways, I would make a pair for everyone!

Sharon H. on

What a great pair of slippers – kids would love these.

Ellen on

My great-grand girl would love these for winter’!

laurie a on

These look so warm and toasty! Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity.

Becki Coffman on

i love the idea of adult slippers with a combo of fleece. I know a few adults who would love to have these as a lovely surprise

Jenny Brooks on

These are so cute! I know lots of little ones who would love them!

Jenny in Florida

Mo on

quilted version for my toddler, fleece soles would seem to be more slippery.

Helen on

I would try them all!

Terri Burton on

Whether I win or not, I’m getting this pattern! If I wear a pair out, I can sew up a new pair in no time. PErfect for northern Minnesota winters!

susan on

i believe i would line with fleece and make the exterior also in fleece. For a gift for children, Id line in fleece and make them out of a short fur material and add a soul exterior out of a material made for walking on slippery floors. Cant wait to make some!!!

Becky Wagner on

I teach sewing classes for kids…..this looks like a perfect project for the winter months. They could probably do the fabric lined with cuddle! Would love a pattern to make a class sample to ensure its something they could do…..then the store could order patterns to include in their kits!

Wendi on

I would upscale an old sweater and maybe line them in a flannel for comfort and warmth. Where I work we make a lot items for charity and we do like to make new things out of old things

BJ Marley on

I would make them in fleece.

Kris Valle on

These boots are very cute!

Kitty on

I’d love to make these for grandkids when they visit our drafty house.

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