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This contest has ended. Congratulations to Colleen who is the lucky winner! Scarves are a must-have accessory. They add style and sophistication to any ensemble, which is why it is a mainstay of the French woman's wardrobe. You can add a little je nai se quoi to your own wardrobe with our Slip-Thru Scarves. IJ1118-2T This pattern offers 4 fun scarf styles. The first is a simple scarf that slides through a grommet opening. This clean and simple look has a retro feel to it. 0230 The patchwork option is the same shape as the grommet slip-thru, but you can combine multiple fun prints to create a visually exciting look. This scarf doesn't use a grommet as a closure, it uses a buttonhole. 0207 The next scarf option is a jaunty piece that slips through a fabric casing. It's a shorter scarf that can be worn with many different necklines. 0173 The last style is vintage inspired and creates almost a sailor bow effect. This scarf also uses a grommet to secure it, but the grommet is separate and slides on. Because of this you can really adjust the fit of the scarf. 0273 0283        

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Marjory W on

I like the patchwork scarf best, although they are all nice.

Marjory W on

Cute scarves!

Debbie Parker on

Yes, I would like to create some scarves! Love to wear my snowman scarf:-)

Toni Leli on

My go to accessory is a belt, plus it holds up my pants!

Billie Halfmann on

Love Indygo Junction!

Theresa Brooks on

Would be lovely to make as a gift!

Kris Valle on

I have never made a scarf before, and I am in love with the patchwork scarf version. I’m definitely going to make it!

Annette Crain on

I would love to use up some of my “mountain” of fabric scraps to make these adorable scarves! Scarves are such a fun accessory!
I think my grandkids would love some fuzzy Minky slippers for Christmas too…..It gets cold here in Utah….

Kathy on

I wear scarves and/or jewelry.

Marjory W on

My go-to accessory is a gold ring that my mother always wore.

Betty Fisher on

After loosing weight I am in full sewing mode of a new style for myself. This would not only be an addition to my wardrobe but also make a sweet little gift for my Grandaughters. What a wonderful use of my extra scrape pieces also.

Denise on

My go to accessory is a pair of earrings. Just the right touch to an outfit.

Monika Goebel on

My go-to fashion accessory are scrunchies for my hair. I color match with what I wear.

Debra on

Cute Scarfs – and very clever use of gromets!

Joanne Dillon on

Awesome accent to any outfit – can’t wait to make several!

MaryAnn on

what a great way to add color and variety to an outfit

MaryAnn on

what a great way to add color and variety to an outfit would love this book

MaryAnn on

these would be so fun to make would love to have this book

Linda Kish on

I think the first scarf is my favorite style. I like them all, really.

Chiyo Cantral on

I love scarves! They can change the look of a plain top in just a sec!

LadyD on

Love the patchwork scarf… maybe even make a second patchwork fabric to use for matching slippers…

Fran Hale on

Really like the scarves, I can see recycling with these.

Georg on

I don’t have a go to accessory. Guess I’m just plain. I’d love to try these scarfs though.

MaryAnn B on

what fun

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