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It's the end of January and just in sight, over the hump that is February, lies Spring. Spring in all it's glory with daffodils, green grass, warmer weather and yes, rain. It's so close we can almost touch it, and that means one thing. If you haven't started your spring sewing yet, now is the time.IJ948-CasualCapeSewingPAttern-CrossroadsDenimVersion

Don't wait! March will be here before you know it, and with the turning of the seasons will come a longing for something new and snappy to wear. Might I suggest a cape? A cape is not only the pinnacle of chic, it is also utilitarian. It gives you a blanket-like warmth without the oppressiveness of a coat.


The Casual Cape is a good option to keep you stylish this Spring. We have made it in many different fabrics, including corduroy, wool and Crossroads denim. You can get creative with it as well, like we did with the recycled men's suiting version. Don't forget to do some fun things with closures as well, like using oversized and unusual shaped buttons, or giant snaps.


We also have a kids size version, the Pullover Poncho. Stitch this adorable version up in a laminate for rainy days, corduroy for everyday use or sherpa for chillier climates.



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Joanne Larson on

Love the vest patterns

Debbie Parker on

So glad capes are in! Love wearing and making for everyone

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