Head's up folks! You have a little over one month before Mother's Day. Now, that may seem like a long time, but if you make your mom a gift every year, as I do, it is time to start planning.


I've got the perfect idea for a Mother's Day present, jewelry from our Springtime Zips collection! All moms appreciate jewelry and the pieces from this collection are fun, fresh, pretty and perfect for her! She can pin a brooch on anything from a jacket to a purse, making it a truly versatile piece of art. Z101-2T The pieces can be made from either new or recycled zippers. If you need a stock of zippers but aren't sure of what colors to choose, check out our zipper packs. The vintage color pack are especially fitting with this pattern. What are you planning for Mother's Day? If you need ideas, keep checking this blog...we are making moms happy this April!

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