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AB_SS Blog Tour BadgeIt's been an inspiring two weeks on the Stitched Style Blog Tour. Thanks to all the bloggers who shared their ideas and instructions with us! We hope everyone is as excited to try some of the projects and designs from Stitched Style as we were to bring them to you.

AB12303_Indygo Junctions Stitched StyleNow, the moment you have all been waiting for. We are giving away a grand Stitched Style prize. One lucky winner will receive a fabric pack of each color of Crossroads Denim, the Stitched Style book, an embroidery hoop and needles from Clover Needlecraft, a pack of embroidery floss from Sullivans, and a gift pack of embroidery books and patterns from Indygo Junction!


Contest closed, thanks for entering!

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Carol F. on

My favorite project on the tour…is…Pasadena Denim Jacket! Not sure why the widget asked what I would do with the Downton Fabric..but it would make great applique to go with the stitching on my up-do going on my version of the Pasadena Denim Jacket.

Jean on

I would like to use the paisley designs on the jacket pattern.

mary versemann on

Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest

Debra Bopp on

Love the tea towel designs but there are many wonderful ideas on this tour!

Cindy G on

I would love to make a beautiful apron!

Michele T on

I love the Downton Abbey fabric line – very classy!! I think that I would make a lap quilt with it… or maybe a bed runner.

Tammy Hempel on

The book sounds wonderful. I sure would give the book a good home!! he he

Marsha T on

I’d like to use the Downton fabrics to make a quilt or throw for my daughter’s first “after-college” place to live. She is due to graduate in June which ought to give her enough time to find a job/city and me enough time to finish the quilt.

Dorothy Ransom on

Love this site and thank you for the giveaway!

Kathy Chavez on

I have many old jeans from which I’m making a quilt and embellish the squares with embroidery!

Ellen B on

Seeing how the embroideries were used is inspiring. Really love the bracelets and belts.

Terry on

I love to make bags, so I would probably see how I was inspired by the fabric. Thanks for the giveaway!

Lady_D on

No favorites here. I like everything I saw. The Stitched Style book is awesome!

Sandra H. on

I loved all the projects but especially the bracelets. I love to embroidery and have so many ideas on what to use the fabric for I can’t decide!

Kathy Bumb on

I would use the fabric to create a special vintage looking purse. Love the fabric.

Jen K on

I’d probably start out by making a tote bag.

jill on

I would make a vest with the Downton Abbey fabric if I was fortunate enough to win!

jill on

I would make a vest with the Downton Abbey fabric.

Jillian Grant on

I would make a beautiful classy quilt of my own design.

Mary Sue Wysocki on

I would make a dress.

MS Barb on

I’d make a quilt!

Sarah Smith on

I would give quilting a try. That is what I would use the fabric for!

Linda Goff on


Mary on

Thanks for all the bloggers comments, sorry I missed a few. Hope everyone gets to try some hand embroidery from your new book.

Nancy on

I would love to make a bag with them

Linda Kernodle on

Might make a top of some kind.

Deb E on

I would use the fabric to stitch a purse so I could look at it every day.

Cheryl C on

It’s so hard to chose a favorite project. All the projects shown looked so cute and were very inspiring. I know for sure I want to make some bracelets, but that’s just the start. It was a fun blog tour!

April Lopez on

I would make a lap quilt

Karen Watkins on

My favorite project was the hand fowl on Sew Mama, Sew.

Ellen M. on

I love the embroidered headband that Mollie from Wild Olive made! Can’t wait to get the book!

Clara Chandler on

I loved all the ideas I saw during the Blog Tour but I was especially drawn to the red and white wallet. It’s good to know the hand embroidered designs are still in “vogue”.

Thanks for the tour!!

Charlyn Trussell on

Color denims are just my style!

Charlyn Trussell on

Colored denims are just my style!

Judy S on

these fabrics are amazing, and I’d love to make myself a bag (with a matching one for my granddaughter-good chance to teach her more embroidery!)

Kim Campbell on

I would have to make a pretty wall hanging or clutch. Some special!

Nancy Bird on

I’d make a quilt!

Betty Fisher on

Throughly enjoy Amy’s sites and BLOG
Always have enjoyed sewing and handstitching. Now that my health is failing, I still get it done but by use of my sewing machines stiches.

KarenH on

I love all the projects but nothing captures me like the purse on the front cover of the book!

Katje on

Your projects, etc., just amaze me. Thanks for your inspiration.

Cheryl Gunderson on

The Downton Abbey fabrics are beautiful and could be used in so many lovely projects. However, I have so many things going now, I can’t even think of starting anything new. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to add it to my stash, though.

Jan G on

I love Downton Abbey, I would make a lovely table runner and place mats and napkins for my dinner table!! Thank you sew much, Jan

Bobbi on

You’ve put together an amazing combination of fabrics, threads, designs, and projects. There are several that have been featured in the blog posts this week that I would like to make up.

Sandy A in St. Louis on

I would use this to make gifts for my nieces (and maybe something for me, too!) :)

Mandi on

I love all the bracelets!

Vicki on

I would love to make a bag.

Lee on

I love the embellished jacket

Debra Kay Neiman on

The new color denims are just perfect. I also want to jazz up my knit tops and denim clothing. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

Judi on

I really enjoyed the blog tour! I love the denim fabric!

Lisa Marie on

I would use the book to make some gifts.

marjorie on

I appreciate the opportunity to maybe win something! Your gifts are outstanding and pose so many possibilities. Thank you!!

Dawn Jones on

I love the Tea Towels on Sew Mama Sew.

Judith Martinez on

I would use the designs in the book to embellish clothing projects!

Kathy M. on

I would make an apron to wear myself.

Dawn Jones on

I would continue to learn new skills seeming I’m a newbie crafter in general.

Ellee on

The first thing I’d do is make a purse like the purple one on the cover, though in a different fabric and color.

vickie on

i love to embroidery and embellish would love to win and get more ideas.

Gilda on

I would like to make a bag. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Ginger on

I would make the cuff bracelet.

Diane @ Vintage Zest on

I would love to know how to embroider!


I love the look of the thoughtful stitching to embellish clothing, bags and anything else really. It gives items that unique touch of custom made.

Lee Ann Bailey on

I like the set of three cloth baskets. I’ve got some ideas for those that I’m anxious to try!

Mags on

I would try to make some bracelets with my daughter!

Melody J on

I would use it to make a skirt with embroidery on the bottom.

Mrs.T on

I liked the tea towel at Sew Mama Sew. Tea towels are one of my favorite things to embroider, so I would probably start with some of those.

Cindy on

I lost 75 pounds this year and need all new clothes. I would like some of the cool things in this book to decorate my clothes with!

susie doucet on

I really like the headband from WildOlive! Thanks for the chance, Susie

Lisa McGriff on

I loved the headband from Mollie at Wild Olive. So pretty!

Diane T on

It would be so hard to choose-love all these ideas!

Katie on

I would use it to add wonderful pretties to my quilts!

Indygo Junction Staff on

Hi Kathryn,
Welcome to our site! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll keep up with all the goings-on at Indygo Junction!

kbo on

I always wanted to hand stitch a jacket back.

Kathryn M on

Just heard about your site on Pat Sloans podcast

Pat Scull on

There are so many things I would love to do with the fabric and book…so many ideas, so little time to do all. It looks like a great gift.

Jacklynn Grimm on

I am a nurse and I have some boring solid colored scrubs that could use some stitching – it would make them one of a kind! Thanks for the give away!

Rayeesa Munshi on

Thank you for the chance to enter the contest….

mysty on

I would love the book…love getting these books and finding new projects. Plus love the colors!

anie toole on

i really like the cool2craft

Debra Bopp on

So many wonderful ideas! Clothes, something made with Downton fabrics, then onto accessories! Lovely book!

Nicki Slater on

I would embellish the bags I make

Darla E on

I fell in love with all things hand embroidery. I really like the paisley designs.

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