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Dritz Sewing Basket and Supplies

Stuff a Sewing Basket for Christmas!

Our sister-brands, Dritz and Omnigrid offer incredible sewing and quilting supplies. But there’s oh-so-much-more they offer that's valuable for everyone! If you’re looking for quick gift ideas there’s nothing more wonderful to give than a Dritz Sewing Basket full of goodies brimming with practicality.

Indygo Junction Clothesline Carry-All

We’ve rounded up our favorite baskets and grab-and-give sister-brand tool suggestions to get you started. Whether you buy a sewing basket to stuff or stitch your own with our Quick Clothesline Carry-All pattern (above), this gift will be a definite success this year!

 Dritz Sewing Tomato Pincushion

Starring the Humble Tomato Pincushion

A humble Tomato Pincushion is iconic and, along with a package of Dritz Straight Pins, always handy to have nearby. Living life means there's often a hem or torn garment to be pinned, whether you’re a sewist or not! To make this gift super-helpful, include a pack of Dritz Hand Sewing Needles and a couple spools of thread, too!

Dritz Sewing 120" Tape Measure

The Tape Measure that Goes on (Almost) Forever

Forget those little 60” tape measures, when you have a serious household need, a longer length is essential! The Dritz 120” Tape Measure is an excellent friend when you’re measuring space or furniture. And, it’s bright yellow shine means it’s always easy to find.

Dritz 120" Tape Measure & Chalk Cartridge Set

Include a Dritz Chalk Cartridge Set for marking fabrics, toys and lots of things. The set includes 9 different colors of chalk and a sharpener to keep those chalks easy to use!

Dritz Sweater Comb & Marking Pens

Everyday Clothing Care for Everyone

Clothing care is an everyday must and we’ve got favorites for that, too! Whether it’s the kid’s or spouse's gym clothes or their own, your friends and family will love the Dritz Marking Pen Set. The inks are indelible and those clever Dritz folks have included stencils to make your marking clear and easy to read!

Dritz Sweater Comb

Along with the markers, be sure to add the Dritz Sweater Comb, because . . . sweater pills happen! It’s perfect for knit or woven fuzzies, quick to use and can be used over and over again. Talk about helpful, this one is amazing!

Never combed a sweater? Watch this tutorial to learn how!

Omnigrid Fabric Scissors & FoldAway

Easy Cutting and Pressing

Yes, those are fabric scissors and any sewist would love them, but they’re a great gift for those who don’t sew, too! Our homes are full of so much fabric and those dull kitchen shears literally just don’t cut it.

Omnigrid Fabric Scissors

Your basket receiving friends will be thrilled to have Omnigrid’s 8-1/2” Stainless Steel Fabric Scissors. Those lovely yellow handles will keep them easy to find in the catch-all drawer!

Omnigrid Tote-Size FoldAway

Sometimes, in fact most times, when a little ironing is needed, you don’t want a whole ironing board. The Omnigrid Gear Tote-Size FoldAway includes both a cutting mat and a non-stick pressing mat. It's a marvelous compact size, takes up minimal storage space and opens out easily on a counter-top. Your friends and family won’t be able to stop saying thank you!!

Dritz Sewing Basket

Baskets and Carry-Alls Perfect for Stuffing

For a fabulous container, you’ve got lots of terrific choices! Choose one of the gorgeous Dritz Sewing Baskets or stitch up an Indygo Junction basket or carry-all to contain your carefully chosen gifts.

Dritz Sewing Basket Paris

Dritz Sewing Baskets are available in a beautiful variety of prints in square or oval shapes. The ample sized baskets have sturdy handles and open to reveal an organizer tray topping the free space below. These are truly baskets for all seasons and reasons!

Indygo Junction Clothesline Carry-All pattern

There’s still time to create a handmade basket, too and our Quick Clothesline Carry-All is an excellent choice! Our pattern includes unique construction methods that make this sturdy lined bag quick and fun to make

Plan to include a fun surprise inside the zippered interior pocket of your Clothesline Carry-All! It’s a delightful gift that will handsomely "carry all" your festive best wishes!! 

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