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Ties, ties, ties! Everywhere you turn you'll find heaps of gorgeous ties with no one wearing them! The fabrics are exquisite, often silk and they just shouldn’t wind up in the landfill. Our projects will show you how to take those no-longer-needed ties and turn them into wonderful makes. Perfect for gifting, perfect for you! Tie Up Your Memories One of our most popular patterns, the Tie-to-Go Purse is an amazing way to showcase a tie that holds memories of a...
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Upcycling For the New Decade We love upcycling at Indygo Junction. Our most popular pattern back in the 90’s was Jacket from Jeans! We have continued to focus on adding instructions for a thrifted fabric version to patterns where it works and recently created a logo to identify our patterns with a recycled option. This new decade is bringing a hyper focus to sustainability particularly in the fashion industry. Vogue recently published a wonderful article explaining their perspective on the...
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