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It’s the month of love and one of the things we love is beginning to build our Dritz® Tools and Notions Shop right here at Indygo Junction. You’ll find just a few of our favorites to start with - keep watching for more! Tried, True & Colorful Notions We've always loved the classics at Indygo Junction, so we love the tried and true notions from our sister-brand, Dritz! The more colorful, the better. We're excited to share a post from the Dritz...
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Stuff a Sewing Basket for Christmas! Our sister-brands, Dritz and Omnigrid offer incredible sewing and quilting supplies. But there’s oh-so-much-more they offer that's valuable for everyone! If you’re looking for quick gift ideas there’s nothing more wonderful to give than a Dritz Sewing Basket full of goodies brimming with practicality. We’ve rounded up our favorite baskets and grab-and-give sister-brand tool suggestions to get you started. Whether you buy a sewing basket to stuff or stitch your own with our Quick...
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