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This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Judith S. who won the free pattern! These days many people are trying to take eco-friendly steps, such as reducing their use of plastic bags. The re-useable bags that you find in stores are often not very attractive - functional, but not pretty. We wanted to marry the functional with the beautiful with our Take-To-Market Bags. This pattern offers two bags which will brighten that dull trip to the grocery store. IJ1112-2T The asymmetrical bag is smaller - for those quick trips to the market. The tulip shape of the bag allows it to carry more than meets the eye. The unique closure is made by looping one handle through the other. This bag features a clever technique for fully lining the interior and straps. ttmb 8774W The shopper is a classic square featuring a side-pleated gusset, which allows for maximum carrying capacity. This versatile bag features a top facing and is finished with bias tape. The bag can be folded & secured with elastic for easy storage. 0434W rollup Contest is Closed.

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Donna on

Corn on the cob and fresh cucumbers!

Rosalind B. on

Summer is the best time to find veggies to roast. My granddaughters love squash roasted or grilled and I love tomatoes fresh or roasted.

Mary on

Fresh corn on the cob – for sure!

Julie Saemisch on

Roadside veggie stands start popping up in my area in the summer. My favorites are the classics, tomatoes and corn on the cob! Nothin’ like a big ol’ tomato still warm from the sun in the garden! And corn? The best!

Marjory W on

Tomatoes, fresh from the garden.

Debra Bopp on

Fresh homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers!

Deena Shepard on

Corn on the cob and green beans. Nothing can beat those.

Toni Leli on

Every week, we mush buy tomatoes, some kind of squash, sweet corn (in season) and any in-season fruits. At the Market, produce is fresh and the prices are even fresher!

Dana Attwood on

Gotta love the beautiful tomatoes from the farmers market, this year we tried some goat cheese, too…it was delicious!

Caroline Stafford on

Now is the best time for farmers markets. I would love to have corn on the cob, crisp green peppers and fresh celery in the bag.

Janet on

Carrots, peas in the pod and corn on the cob.

Kani on

Tomatoes and zucchini

Ginger on

Anything out of my garden is my favorite.

Judith S. on

My favorite summer vegtable is Zucchini. I love to make everything Zucchini!

rita on

Butternut squash! Not veggies but my bag would get a workout carrying cherries and blueberries.

Kathy M. on

Yellow squash and not a veggie but the sweet cantaloupes we get this time of the year.

Judith Martinez on



We LOVE the summer squashes, just sauted ever so little bit! Love dealing with local growers at our Farmer’s Market!!

Anne Bettencourt on

This time of year I can’t get enough corn on the cob …since we grow our tomatoes, my other favorite fruit/veggie), I’ll be shopping for corn on Saturdays at our local farmers market. I LOVE using market bags when I shop! Please do pick me for the free pattern!

Judy on

Love anything to do with marketing

Nancy Reynolds on

Green beans! In Austin, TX, we have a plastic bag ban so I always have a market bag (or two) with me for planned and spontaneous shopping!

Cindy on

Sweet corn and tomatoes are the best!

Betsy on

I have to say there is nothing like garden fresh tomatoes when I go to the farmer’s market.

Patricia Vajda on

Zucchini is my favorite since I found a recipe for baked zucchini strips.

rita on

Butternut squash. Not veggies but my bag would get a workout carrying blueberries and cherries.

Debbie Parker on

Vegetable and fruit stand the options are endless

Beth K C on

Corn and squash

Cindy Kennedy on

Squash, tomatoes, cucumbers!! Love this bag!! I’ve had requests from people wanting me to make them shopping bags….this would be perfect!

rachel cartucci on

My favorite summer veggie is cucumbers!! I find them refreshing and cool.

Christine C on

Farmers Markets….anything fresh in season!

Mary Hofacker on

I love farmer’s markets: fresh country eggs and cheeses and wonderful fruits and veggies. Delish!

Arlene Harris on

Love all veggies and fruits – I’m a vegetarian – Farmers markets are the best – Love the bag….

angela.sanders on

I don’t have a favorite veggie. We love them all. My kids beg to have things like Brussels sprouts!

Barb on

I love corn on the cob!!

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