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Magnetic snaps are a swell solution for clasping your clutch, but not all purses are created equal. Time to think outside the bag. Try the following alternatives to commonplace closures. The beauty of these bag buttoners? Installation is a cinch.

Instead of snaps, choose flaps. Top your tab with a vintage button or brooch and apply Velcro to the underside. This no-fuss fastener boasts all of the style -- and none of the stress -- of sewing a buttonhole. Ditch the zipper for a button and loop. Sew a button on one outer-facing side of a purse and a loop of ribbon or cording to the lining on the opposite side. The Cosmo (IJ729) and The Matilda (IJ780) feature this method.

Swap the drawstrings for some D-rings. Attach a D-ring or bangle bracelet at the opening and slip the strap through to secure. The Mini Wrist Bag from our book Carry With Style showcases this one-of-a-kind closure. What’s your favorite fastening technique?

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Beverly on

If you are using a button and loop closure, try using a ponytail holder. They come in many great colors and are very durable!

Kathy on

That was a lot easier than I thought it would be! I will make something the grommets now!

Monica on

Great idea, Beverly! I’ll definitely try that on my next button-and-loop project.

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