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Grommet Hipster When it comes to handbag hardware, your ace is in the holes. Polish up your next purse project with grommets, a fashionably functional detail that helps reinforce holes for straps or drawstrings. Some of our most popular patterns feature these eyelet accents, including Grids and Grommets (IJ805), Grommet Grab Bag (IJ851), Grommet Hipster (IJ857) and Grommet Wallet (IJ880). Find Dritz brand grommets here on our website. Want to install this style staple? Amy will show you how. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share videos showcasing Amy’s tricks and tutorials for her favorite sewing projects. Tell us what technique you’d like to learn, and Amy might show you how to master it in a future video. In the meantime, take a tip from our clip on inserting grommets.

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Linda, NE Iowa on

The piano is way too loud. I could barely hear what was being said.

Sandy Rust on

Wow! Grommets that just snap on?! Where have I been? The last bag I made using grommets was an ordeal, pounding them with a mallet, etc. I will certainly be looking at your selection and purchasing some.
Thanks for the great tip!!

Indygo Junction Staff on

I’m so sorry you had trouble with the pattern! We did include that tip in our most recent printing of the pattern, as some folks did have trouble with keeping the grommets from popping. We really appreciate your input, it is important to use to know how the patterns are working for you, so we can keep making them better. Hopefully this will fix your problem. Thanks!

Jo-Ann Gruber on

For Grids and Grommets
Installing the grommets through the fabric with fleece between the layers of fabric is very difficult. They keep popping open. We broke one of the grommets trying to get it to stay in place. The instructions that you gave here re: cutting out the fleece around the hole and stitching around the hole should be included with the pattern. We are going out to buy more grommets to replace the one we broke and hope this will fix the problem

Cheryl on

Hi Linda, We hear you! We are working to improve the music and vocal recordings in our future videos. Thanks for the feedback and we hope you try out our other videos in the How-to section!

Cheryl on

Hi Sandy, Glad to hear you learned about this great product. It is much easier than people think!! Have fun shopping!

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