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Sink your teeth into sewing zippers. Sure, this trim seems tough to stitch, but with proper knowledge and careful execution, you can nip your zip fears forever. Zipper techniques vary by the project. The exposed showpiece zipper on our Day to Night Dress (IJ907) requires a different application than the hidden zipper closure in our Quilted Pocket Purse (IJ912) or the zippered pocket in our Quick Clothesline Carryalls (IJ899). Each of our zippered patterns includes detailed instructions and diagrams for installing the trim. Try these general guidelines for a precise and professional-looking product. For a centered placement on a skirt or dress, sew the seam of your garment and baste the zipper opening's seam allowances together. Press open. Place garment and closed zipper right-side down, centering the zipper teeth along the basted seamline. We suggest hand basting the zipper to your garment for a straight and streamlined finish. You can also adhere the zipper tape to a garment with a glue stick or basting tape to secure before stitching. Be sure to mark the zipper stop on the right side of your fabric with a pin or chalk to avoid stitching over it and possibly breaking your needle. Using the zipper foot on your machine, topstitch carefully and evenly alongside the teeth, pivoting and stitching just above the zipper stop.  Sew both sides of the zipper in the same direction to avoid bunching or gathering. Once sewn, use a seam ripper to remove the basting and reveal your zipper. How’s that for closure? Browse our clothing and handbag patterns for more zippered designs.

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Jennifer Polk on

I have the pattern for the Tech Accessory Organizer and I can’t figure out how to put the zipper in.

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