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Add a cute-as-a-button spin to your handcrafted accessories with – what else? – buttons! And lots of them. In our book Buttonware, you’ll find dozens of clever projects that showcase these darling details. With so many styles and colors to choose, these statement pieces are truly one-of-a-kind.  Beginners and advanced crafters alike will dig these designs. Seeking a few good buttons? Hunt for these vintage treasures in a flea market or handpick new buttons from our friends at JHB International, whose collection includes just about any shape, size and style imaginable.  You can also find great buttons in our Buttonware kits, which include everything you need to replicate one of the beautiful baubles in the book. In this video, Amy demonstrates how to make a cute cocktail ring with three stackable buttons, braided elastic, black thread and glue.

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Corinne on

What fun ideas! I think my favorites are the Diagonal Stacked Pin and the Crochet Button Pendant.

LJ on

I’m really fascinated by all the buttonware that you’ve come out with. My favorite is the Mother of Pearl Charm Bracelet. I enjoyed the video clip where you showed us how to make a ring. Am looking now for a few special buttons to make a ring for my granddaughter.

Jillian Walz on

I am a collector of shanked vintage buttons and use them in my beaded jewelery. What great ideas for buttons with holes! I loved the stacked pendant and the stacked pin ideas best. I now need to rummage through my grandmothers collection with new eyes.

Marjory W. on

The Buttonware book looks like great fun for my granddaughters, too. I like the Mother of Pearl Charm Bracelet and the Diagonal Stacked Pin the best. I’s better start looking through my button jars, too.

Jeanne on

The Natural Wear necklace looks like the one for me!

Cheryl on

Hi Tammy, I’m glad you enjoyed the video and the Buttonware kits. Please note you must post your comment to Amy’s blog post by clicking here to be entered in the contest. Good luck.

Tammy on

Absolutely adorable …. I like the Vineyard Pendant and the Diagonal Stacked Pin the most.
Thanks for such an unusual giveaway … I will not look at my button jar the same way again!

Marguerite Namdar on

I love the Nature Cluster buttonware kit. They’re look so realist.

Ali Martinez on

I like the mother of pearl charm bracelet and the rose blossom pin. Thanks for the video about making a ring.

Elaine Plant on

I liked 2 different ones the vinyard pendent and Vertical stacked pendent.I love color and these 2 kits are colorful. I have gotten some great button ideas from your blog and like some of the other ladies will have to take another look at my button stash. Thanks, Elaine

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