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Want to get all warm and fuzzy this winter? Take a stab at needle felting. This no-sew technique is super for sprucing up sweaters, scarves, jeans and jackets. With the proper tools and basic know-how, you can master this method in no time. Needle felting uses a brush mat and needle tool to anchor yarn, wool or fabric pieces to a foundation fabric. You can find Clover Needlecrafting supplies and wool bundles on our site. We also have plenty of patterns adorned with needle felted details and several books featuring stylish projects. In this video, Amy demonstrates three needle felting techniques: yarn embellishment, fabric-to-fabric and fiber-to-fabric. Each method is delightfully simple and quick to finish. Plus it's strangely gratifying to stab a needle repeatedly through layers of fabric. Be warned: Once you start needle felting, you may require an intervention. Ready to add more fiber to your crafting diet? Watch this clip and tell us what you've created with needle felting.

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Mary Luttenegger on

I am just getting started in needle felting. This video helped me see some of the ways I can try out needlefelting. Thanks, Amy.


I really enjoyed the needle felting video. It gave me a lot of ideas to try. Thank you

Sandra Beck on

I was at a craft fair this weekend and fell in love with needlefelting. I think the videos you present are wonderful tool for teaching. I am recently widowed and would love to do this as it would fully fill the time and involve all my skills as I knit,quilt & do other crafting. I love the Indygo Junction website. Thanks for the chance to win.

Margaret Harvey on

I love needle felting as my daughter raises alpaca and has been needlefelting little animals and flowers to give away and sell at farmer’s markets (using her own fiber).
I haven’t learned yet, but am working on a kit of needle felted flowers for Christmas gift. maggie

Pat Renihan on

I really enjoyed watching the video on needle felting. I have tried my hand at doing a felted purse and have purchased a needle felting machine. I would like to see more on the different techniques using this craft, such as felted jewelry and clothing embellishments. This is really a neat hobby!

shelly sandy on

Wow, the video makes this process look fairly easy. Hope to win and give it a try!

Beverly J Dunahoo on

This is a very informative short video. I have wondered how to felt, but had thought it took more time than I wanted to invest. So now I will try it. I rely on video tutorials to learn lots of techniques in my sewing projects and in the quilting I have done. So thanks for the demo. I would love to win the products to start felting. Beverly

Chris on

I’m ready to win and then begin! But even if i don’t win, I will do this. Great video. Easy to follow and nothing teaches technique better than seeing how it’s done.
Thankyou! Wish I lived near you to apply for the job!

Deniserose Torres on

I learned that fabric and yarns can be into designs and formed with stencils. This encourage me to want to do felting even though I have limited creative designs ideas of my own. Now I could let my imagination go with wild.

MaryJo on

I have done some needle felting but your video has inspired me to finish a couple of projects I have been ignoring. Thanks for the inspiration!

Constance Rix on

I have not tried needle felting yet but I am very interested in learning. I would be most interested in seeing different types of flowers made in your videos. Also maybe gift tags. Thank you for your helpful & thought provoking videos!

Susan Anthony on

love the video – have always been afraid of creating something not using a sewing machine – this video makes your imagination gear up and the creativity is endless……….

Karla on

Inspiring video. I’ve enjoyed needle felting small pieces of “fabric” to use in my machine embroidered applique. I love the custom shading possibilities of needle felting.

Sheryl on

What a wonderful video demonstrating the basics of felting. I have always loved the warmth, texture, and beautiful colors of felted garments and objects. It has inspired me to pick up a needle and start stabbing! Thank you!

Ellen Jones on

I’ve seen this technique demonstrated before but your video made it clearer and seem not so complicated. Makes me want to try it right away. I am already a sewer, crocheter and knitter on a loom (called rake knitting) but I can think of several items of clothing I have that would be great for this technique. Sure hope I win so I can get started soon. . If nothing else thanks for the demo to give people new ideas to try. With Winter coming needle felting would be a good technique to work on.

Mary Swartz on

I did not know what needle felting was before watching the video. Now I want to try it! The video certainly makes it easier than reading something from a book. Thanks.

Sherry Kane on

What a wonderful video. Thanks for sharing it with us. I have some new ideas to try in needle felting.

crspy16 on

I’ve always been curious about needle felting. This video makes me want to give it a try! My favorite craft is quilting. I’d love to see a technique video on hand-quilting.

Patricia Smith on

I did not know anything about needle felting but this video has given me a good understanding of the 3 techniques. The examples given not only made needle felting look easy but made me feel that I would be able to do it. I would like to try fabric embellishment. Thank you

Joey on

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to describe the terminlogy to the starters!

Zann Liljegren on

I had tried some needle felting and couldn’t get the hang of it but this video REALLY helped! I loved all the examples and found it very inspiring to try it again. Thanks so much!

Nena on

Always wanted to buy supplies to try felting but had no one to show me how to do it.
Thanks for the video. It’s so interesting I am
very interested in trying it. It looks very relaxing.

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