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With fall coming on strong, it's nice to have an extra wrap at hand to ward off the chill. The 5-Way Wrap is one of our most popular garment patterns (it's super easy to make and flattering - a killer combo!) But why is it The 5-Way Wrap? Don't you just wear it as an open vest? IJ957-16T Nope! You can actually wear this one piece of clothing 5 different ways! My favorite is to fold it over and wear it as a cape, shown below. IJ957-6T copy But maybe you have a fantastic brooch you want to show off (a Fabric Flower perhaps?) then you will want to pin it at the waist. IJ957-8T copy Of course sometimes you don't want to accentuate your waist. Then you can pin at the shoulder. IJ957-14T copy For a more sophisticated look, you can even belt it! IJ957-15T

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Karen Needy on

What a unique jacket! Love it.

Rene Bolton on

Love this! Thinking of making it for my daughter who is pregnant! Seems like it would be a nice comfy/roomy wrap!

Margaret on

Love it

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