The Crossback Reversible Apron is one of our most popular apron patterns. It slips on over your head & is ideal for kitchen or garden work.


The crossback style is designed to be flattering, but also comfortable to wear. Since it's not tied around the waist it's ideal for wearing when you don't want your clothing underneath pressed into wrinkles. And, it's still breezy when it's hot outside. The reversibility of this apron along with the large pocket details provide great ways to feature favorite fabric and color combinations.


The Crossback Reversible Apron includes multiple sizes for both Adult & child in one pattern. A patch pocket is also provided. The crossback straps make fitting a breeze. See all of our Apron Patterns here!

Indygo Junction's Reversible Crossback Apron pattern is a favorite for very good reasons!

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Teresa on

Yes! This is the best apron pattern ever and one of our best sellers. Thanks Amy for making something so versatile. We still feature this and wear our aprons at every show we go to. People love them, especially when we show them that they are reversible.

Indygo Junction on

Unfortunately we do not have a tutorial for this pattern but let me see if I can answer your question.
So I’m assuming you have the straps matched and pinned correctly and you are at Step 16 ready to stitch. When I made the aprons, I slid just the folded lining edge in the middle of the strap and pinned the lining to the apron on each strap. This will help to keep the lining out of the way when stitching the outer fabric layers together with the 5/8" seam allowance. You don’t want to accidentally catch the lining in the stitching. Just stitch as close to 5/8" as possible. Then press the (outer fabric) seam flat. To hide the seam allowance, tuck seam inside the lining opening. Hand stitch the opening closed. Hope this answers your question.

Joan Sterk on

I love your cross back apron I have pattern but am struggling the shoulders
I folded down 5/8 on lining part of strap….but when you are joining front and along straps do you sew outside seams right up to the top of your shoulder
Do not know if you can help would be great if there was tutorial
Easy apron I am just stamped hope you can help Joan Sterk

Roberta Lloyd on

My favorite apron pattern.

Maryhelen v Sanchez on

I love the apron like to learn how to do it for me and my girl scouts

Terry Kraer on

I really wanted to buy this cross back apron pattern. I’ve done everything but jump thru hoops and cannot locate it. Just when I thought I had it, my computer says that site doesn’t exist. I just wanted the apron pattern! How do I order and how much?

Sue Oxford on

I have been looking for a pattern like this. How ban I get one?

Donna Chizewsky on

Is there a pattern for the Crossback Reversible Apron? I’ve been looking all over for one!

E. Smith on

Can i buy one or a pattern?

Nancy Retherford on

I would love one of these aprons but I don’t want to make it. Do you know where I can buy one already made. I especially like the red striped one.

Liz Moyer on

I would like to purchase one of these aprons, are they for sale? if so, how much

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