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Welcome to the last day of The Magic Pattern Blog Tour! Thanks to all the bloggers as well of those of you who have been following the tour. Magic-large In case you haven't been following the tour, let me introduce you to The Magic Pattern Book! The book features 6 magic patterns that can be transformed into 216 different looks. Complete with beautiful full-color photos, step-by-step instructions and a CD of printable patterns, this easy-to-follow guide shows how 6 patterns x 6 looks x 6 fabric suggestions for each look results in a complete wardrobe. Alice_fabrics So what is a magic pattern? It is a single master pattern that can be transformed into many different styles—for example, a single basic skirt pattern can create an A-line skirt, a maxi skirt, a pleated hem skirt, a pencil wrap skirt, a flared bias skirt, and a ruffled mini. Below, see all the different styles in the tank top family. Meet-the-Family---Tank-Top If you read Amy's Magic Pattern Story then you know that we are sending Magic Pattern samples out on the road. The Magic Fashion Show is touring with the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, and there will be trunk shows crossing the nation as well. Check with your local store to see if they will be featuring The Magic Pattern Trunk Show! [caption id="attachment_6130" align="aligncenter" width="300"]ADSC_6659 The Evangeline Jacket in Crossroads Denim Charcoal Black and Alexander Henry's Yuka. Notice the self-covered button option.[/caption] To prepare for all this travel we created brand new Magic Pattern samples in current fashion-forward fabrics, using fabric lines that will be available for some time, like Amy's Crossroads Denim line. She recently launched this line of 18 colored denims, which are perfect for garment sewing. The denim is a fun fabric to work with because it easy to sew and drapes really well but is also functional and durable. Below, see new Magic Pattern samples that we created with Crossroads Denim. [caption id="attachment_6076" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The Abigail Dress made in Crossroads Denim Soft Aqua The Abigail Dress made in Crossroads Denim Soft Aqua[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6129" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The Evangeline Coat made in Crossroads Denim Charcoal Black and Brandon Mably's Jazz Corduroy The Evangeline Coat made in Crossroads Denim Charcoal Black and Brandon Mably's Jazz Corduroy. This sample uses purchased buttons.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6174" align="aligncenter" width="300"]DSC_7246 The Daisy jacket in Crossroads Denim Ice Blue[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6131" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The Delia Jacket made in Crossroads Denim Cactus Pink The Delia Jacket made in Crossroads Denim Cactus Pink[/caption] Want to read more about the inspiration behind The Magic Pattern Book? Check out Amy's blog for the full story. Enter to win a copy of The Magic Pattern Book and Crossroads Denim yardage by leaving a comment letting us know your favorite Crossroads sample from The Magic Pattern Book. Good Luck! The contest runs through 10/31/2014 a Rafflecopter giveaway

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LadyD on

I consider this book to be a must-have item… Couldn’t wait, so I had to buy one copy. Would love to win the fabric for myself and the book for my daughter.

Elizabeth on

I love the Abigail! I’m so excited about this book! It looks quite inspirational :)

Judith Martinez on

This is a really cool book! I have a massive collection of patterns and I would love to replace a lot of them with some basic patterns that are more versatile instead.

Daisy Hovey on

I love the clothes in this book, so many styles to choose from !

Lisa Garrett on

The Alma. I love it!

Tina on

I love the Abigail. Great book!

Kathy nielson on

Really need to learn this concept.

Elizabeth C. on

Daisy is fantastic.

Janet Hartje on

The Evangeline Jacket is my favorite.

Kayla on

I’d love to get my hands on this book!

Christina Gonzalez on

I want to win. I have been wanting to sew my own clothes.

Corinne on

I love the Daisy Jacket! It looks so comfortable and perfect to wear with jeans.

Robin Rexroad on

love the Abigail!

Susan Snyder on

i have just recently returned to sewing. Forgot how great it feels to make your thing! Lovin it and would love to win

Susan Snyder on

i have just recently returned to sewing. Forgot how great it feels to make your thing! Lovin it and would love to win

Annie Dee on

Love to have this!

Karen Buckner on

Since breast cancer has left me with lymphadema, it is hard to find clothes that fit comfortably. I would like this book to help me make some things that will not only fit but look great as well. Thank you.

ConnieG on

What a fun book…..thanks for the chance to win!

Lee on

I love the Evangaline jacket! Looks like a wonerderful book!

T. on

Love the Abigail and the color is perfect. Looks like a good book.

Lucy Wilson on

I need this book!

Laura on

Fun book!

Pam on

The Delia jacket. I love jackets with no lapels.

Tanya Gross on

Love this… would live to win and get started on some fun projects

Diane Wespiser on

love the potential of a fabulous closet filled with clothes I’ve created!

Sidney B on

I love the Evangeline in crossroads black denim and white and black floral!

Sandy A in St. Louis on

Love the Daisy and the Evangeline jackets. I am always looking for clothes for work, so these would be wonderful to have on hand!

Tammy G on

Adelaide is adorable. Love it. Would love to win to start sewing my own wardrobe.

Lisa Cowell on

This would be a great book to have. I always alter patterns anyway to suit my tastes, so this more formalized approach would probably make the difference between a sometimes failed experiment and a successful creation.

Jane Wilder-O'Connor on

I have just finished reading “The Art of Dress in America” and realize that my wardrobe is a mish mash of bits and pieces. Using the patterns presented in The Magic Pattern Book to create a new wardrobe would help me pare down the chaos and up the elegance. Perfect for traveling!

Beverly D on

Love your crossroads denim! I’ve sewed jackets in red & teal!

Marjory W. on

One could have so much fun with this book!

Tonya on

Love the min n match patterns! I will get this book and pattern set…can’t wait to get started!!!

Tonya on

Love the mix n match! I will get this book and pattern set! Can’t wait to get started!

Marilyn S on

This looks like an amazing book to have and use. I like to make my own clothes and this would be very helpful. Thanks for the chance to win!

Diane Wespiser on

Love The Evangeline Coat made in Crossroads Denim Charcoal Black and Brandon Mably’s Jazz Corduroy.

Diane Wespiser on

thanks for this great book

Donna Makowski on

Awesome book and AWESOME ideas combining fabrics for one-of-a-kind garments. Hope I win!!

Bonnijean Marley on

I would love to have this book. I would love to have the versatility and flexibility that this book would offer.

Trish Bowers on

I love the Evangeline jacket.

Laurie Van Unen on

I like the Meet the family……….. and so do the granddaughter

Roberta on

So inspiring! Can’t wait to sew a new wardrobe!

Patricia Emery on

Oh, this is wonderful… every sewer needs one, but ME FIRST, please!!!

Sandra G on

I love the Evangelina, so many creative options!

Loretta Miller on

Love theses ideas!

MelodyJ on

This seems like such a good book. Lots of fun projects.

kbo on

I would love to add versatile handmade garments to my wardrobe. The Abigail dress is a summer must have!

Julie on

This looks like a great book!

Cecilia on

I would love to win this for my oldest daughter. Thanks!

Cindy Calvo on

this is so needed in my sewing room. The jackets, dresses, skirts – and you’re including fabric, too? Woot!

I’m in therapy heaven just sewing!

Robin McCallister on

I love all your other patterns. Can’t wait to see this one!

Barbara Godfrey on

I’m loving the Evangeline coat – so simple and yet can be so elegant! Love the choices to make from one set of patterns!

Kelly Wilson on

I love the denim colors used above.

Amy Caldwell on

Just starting to make clothing. With 8 grandchildren, I’m gonna need all the help I can get. Would love to win! Thanks

Theresa Brooks on

I would love to win this book, they look like very wearable designs!

Dee on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book – I love the jacket and all the patterns. Saw one segment on SWN and want this book! So great.

Amber on

This book makes me want to sew clothing again!

Pam on

I love the Evangeline jacket in Crossroads Denim charcoal black. Thanks so much for the chance to win this great book!

Michelle Smith on

What a great book!

Juanita Vega DeJoseph on

This book is sounds like a wonderful resource. I would love to own it!

Marjorie J Brannan on

The Evangeline Jacket

Marjorie J Brannan on

The Evangeline Jacket is so versatile. Love it in the black denim.

Dawn Taylor on

I love the Abigail dress in aqua denim!

Cynthia Frantzen on

Amazing patterns!

Gina S. on

Would love to make the Alma

Tammy on

Would love to have the book handy on my sewing table!

Tammy on

I’ve started sewing clothing again. Just finished my FIFTH pair of overalls. Oh, how I wish I could have had some of your denim!

Tammy on

Having a hard time finding good quality garment fabrics – so glad you’re filling this need with your denim line!!!

Tammy on

Love the idea of sewing garments again! It’s so hard to find versatile patterns at a reasonable price.

Brenda on

after years of not sewing garments, this book makes me want to start again. thanks for the chance/1

Brenda Aigner on

I love the two toned jacket.

Linda Fuchs on

Love the Delia jacket.

Gabrielle Angelique de Geus on

Fantantastic basics! So Cute. I could do so much with any one of these patterns. I love the dresses!

Bonnie on

Looks like a wonderful book. I would like to make the Evangline jacket.

Carmen N on

I like the The Daisy jacket in Crossroads Denim Ice Blue

Kathy on

Would be a great addition to my sewing library!

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