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WI 100th Oval logo CLR If you have  Amy's book Vintage Notions: An Inspirational Guide to Needlework, Cooking, Sewing, Fashion & Fun then you know that each chapter includes an original Mary Brooks Picken Magic Pattern. smcovervn Amy first discovered Magic Patterns when she started collecting the monthly Inspiration newsletter that was published by the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences.  These wonderfully illustrated and beautifully written publications provided wisdom and insight that remain relevant today. Inspiration also included a section called The Magic Page, which showed how to make sophisticated projects like aprons, garments and more using drafted patterns and draping techniques – no actual pattern pieces were needed! Want to try an original Magic Pattern for yourself? Amy has some great styles available to download for FREE here. summerpurse1ab Amy loved the idea of the Magic Patterns and knew she wanted to include them in Vintage Notions. The positive response to these patterns inspired her to update the Magic concept, which was how she came up with the concept of The Magic Pattern Book. Working with her friend and Indygo Junction designer Mary Ann Donze, they created 6 master patterns for the book; a tank, skirt, dress, cardigan, jacket and accessory. Then they collaborated on how to transform those base patterns into 6 new garments. The Magic Pattern Book contains 36 garment patterns transformed from those original base patterns. uv5bkoYTyJjJSWRTi3LlfNuL6I2OCzhRMd5sra_DBs8q0gPly7culPPP2FyzrMwMPmV6prSr6Mnin2EAYG8qwZM3RO6CU77jRumbivB71oE5eSp76WW3XrTqntEWgjVo4fqJkiwmD-qqAOr8fnkTWuOtNc1zXW-6CDI7BLU=s0-d-e1-ft This book is really a fantastic resource for those interested in garment sewing – beginner or advanced. With 36 different patterns you can make a whole new wardrobe! One thing that Mary often included in her Magic Patterns was the ability to make the project out of an upcycled material. In honor of that, I made sure that each garment in the book has an upcycled pattern option. The Freddie hat below, is made of upcycled menswear. TheFreddie Do you love fashion and sewing? Would you like more Magic Patterns? Be sure to check out my new project, Vintage Notions Monthly! This new monthly magazine will share even more material from The Woman’s Institute, including a monthly Magic Pattern. -2  

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Hi Joann, you can find the Gathered Back Top & Tunic pattern here:
Let me know if I can help you with anything else. Betsy

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