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A woman carries her life in her purse - everything she may (or may not) need lives there. It is a very personal item and I have found that woman have very strong opinions on what styles they like to wear. Sometimes it is easier to make your own purse than find a pre-made one! Here are a few styles that I have added to my purse wardrobe. perfectpurse I tend to switch purse styles every few months, as the mood takes me. Currently I'm all about the crossbody style. Sometimes I just need to be hands-free and a crossbody bag, like the Side Note Satchel, is the best style to set it and forget it. PIJ1137-6T Right now my purse contains everything from my wallet and phone, to a variety of lipsticks, a book, aspirin, bobby pins, scarves and more. But really, I don't always need to carry the extraneous items – especially since I spend all my time digging around the bottom of a deep, dark abyss looking for my keys. Sometime I just need to switch to a smaller bag like the Petite Stitched Purse. It is cute, lightweight and no digging needed!


Sometimes you need to carry a larger bag – especially in the winter when I like to keep an extra sweater with me. Grids and Grommets and the Tribeca Tote are both slim bags that open to offer a huge amount of space, which make them perfect for any awkwardly shaped items you might have - and these bags have great pocket storage!

PIJ805-8T tribeca Speaking of pockets, the Chic Bucket Bag has them in spades - especially if you make it using the recycled denim option. Not only are there inside pockets, but the outside is an organizational dream - you will never lose your phone again, as long as you remember what pocket you put it in! PIJ930-5T Plastic bags are a huge environmental waste, which is why I always carry re-usable shopping bags with me. I love the larger bag in the Take-To-Market Bags. It is big enough for groceries, but rolls up for easy storage. Keep a few in the car and one in your purse and you will be ready for any shopping. PIJ1112-3T PIJ1112-10T

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