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It’s the month of love and one of the things we love is beginning to build our Dritz® Tools and Notions Shop right here at Indygo Junction. You’ll find just a few of our favorites to start with - keep watching for more!

Dritz Pearlized Heart Shaped Pins

Tried, True & Colorful Notions

We've always loved the classics at Indygo Junction, so we love the tried and true notions from our sister-brand, Dritz! The more colorful, the better. We're excited to share a post from the Dritz Make Something blog today. It's all about Things We Love!

Dritz Soft Comfort Thimbles

Things We Love: Thimbles That Fit

A thimble should stay comfortably on your finger. Hang your hand at your side. If the thimble does not fall off, it is a good fit. It shouldn't be too tight and squeeze your fingertip. It is possible you may need 2 different sizes of thimbles depending on the season. Fingers may swell a little in different temperatures and while sewing.

Like many Dritz thimbles, the Soft Comfort Thimbles shown above are available in multiple sizes and colors.

Dritz Tomato Pincushions

Things We Love: Pin Cushions, of Course

And if it’s a Tomato, even better! While the standard issue red is quite iconic, these different colors are fun, too. Collect all the Tomato colors and display them in your sewing studio. Get creative with how you showcase them – they can be stacked for display in all kinds of containers.

Pins & Needles Storage Tip

Things We Love: Helpful Tips

And apparently, you guys do, too. We have shared this tip periodically in social media, and it always gathers a ton of enthusiastic responses. In fact, it’s our all-time number one post on Instagram.

Missed it? Here goes: label the different quadrants of your tomato pin cushions to indicate which type of pin, hand needle or machine needle you are storing there. So easy. So clever.

Dritz Heart Shaped Pins

Things We Love: Heart-Shaped Pins

If these don’t say “love” we don’t know what does. They have nice long shafts and sharp points – ideal for holding together parts and pieces of your in-progress sewing projects. They’re available with pearlized white heart tops or in an assorted pack of colors.

Dritz Heart Shaped Pins Gift Idea

Things We Love: Bright Gift Ideas

These pins just beg to be given to the sewing enthusiasts that you know. You can have a lot of fun with these pins on Mother’s Day, birthdays or during the holidays. Pair them with other sewing tools or put them in a card or basket and you’ll achieve best-gift-giver status.

Dritz Sewing Notions

Things We Love: Pretty Sewing Tools

At the end of the day, that’s what we’re really talking about. Tools need to be functional, but they don’t need to be boring. Pretty Sewing Tools make you feel good about your craft, and they add personality to your sewing space when they’re displayed by your sewing machine or on your fabric cutting table.

Shop these colorful Dritz Notions
right now on Indygo Junction!

Indygo Junction Fabriflair Radiant Star

One Last Love: Fabriflair!

At Indygo Junction, we love projects that use our scrap stash and those wonderful pre-cuts we all collect. You'll find lots of different stash-busting designs of our dimensional Paper Piecing projects in our Fabriflair collection. Start with this beautiful Valentine Radiant Star created by our talented friend, Chandler. We guarantee you'll be hooked and ready to move on to even more!

Shop our Fabriflair Collection now!

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