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There have been a wealth of reality shows highlighting sewing in the last few years. We think it has really been great for the industry, especially to hook new, younger sewers. (If the schools won't teach them how to sew, then we will just have to do it, right?) A lot of the shows have to do with fashion sewing which we love! It's so inspiring to see what the contestants make in such a short amount of time. The IJ team got together and rounded up our favorite sewing shows. Here is our Tuesday Tops list!




Sewing with Nancy. Nancy Zieman has been hosting Sewing with Nancy since 1982! PBS's longest running sewing program has taught us techniques and tricks for sewing, quilting and embroidery that we never knew existed. Also, Nancy has been a great friend of Indygo Junction for years, and we are honored to know her. Check out Amy and Nancy discussing Mary Brooks Picken here.





Project Runway. How can you not love watching people design and construct detailed garments in no time at all? Not to mention  Tim Gunn, who always brings a smile to our faces.




The Great British Sewing Bee. American TV has long been pilfering and relaunching shows from Britain. (So you want to be a Millionaire and American Idol being two of the most famous) We have our fingers crossed that it will happen again with The Great British Sewing Bee, a reality show searching for Great Britain's best home fashion sewer. Head's up British readers, I hear the BBC is accepting applications for next season's contestants..apply today!




It's Sew Easy. Another program brought to us from PBS (what would we do without them?), this doesn't focus on a show host, but is based on designers and education that revolves around the experts. Each themed show offers two main projects and one short technique a week. Although a lot of the programs are fashion based, you also get some great info on quilting, home decor and other sewing projects.




The Fashion Show. Yes, it is another fashion contest based reality show, and it has been off the air for a while, but it's worth watching the old episodes on Bravo. Again, how do those contestants create such amazing (sometimes) things in such a short amount of time? I would have to do some time management training before I could be on there. Also, Isaac Mizrahi hosts, and he is fabulous! So this should keep you occupied for a while. If it's too hot outside, you can spend your days catching up on sewing TV. Is there a show you love that we missed? Be sure to tell us!!


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Trena Stephens on

Quilting Arts and Fons & Porter’s, Love of Quilting still air on PBS. I miss Martha Pullen’s, Martha’s Sewing Room and Alex Anderson’s, Simply Quilts. All these shows often had segments about purses, home dec, wearable art, and heirloom sewing.

Indygo Junction Staff on

We’ll check it out, thanks for the recommendation!

Ginger on

If you haven’t seen Sew It All on PBS, give it a view. I like it better than It’s Sew Easy.

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