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So, it turns out it is kind of hard to narrow down 5 favorite sewing tools. I thought about it for a while, and finally decided just to stick with what I use the most, and what will always be in my sewing box. I'm sure everyone has their own favorite tools, I would love to hear about them! Share with us your favorites, so we might all find a new tool to make sewing just a bit easier.


Bias Tape Maker I use bias tape for everything. Garments, quilts, bags, you name it, I like to put bias tape on it. There is something about it that gives the project such a clean look. I prefer using a bias tape that is either the fabric that I'm working with, or coordinating, so more often then not, I find myself making my own. Pulling the fabric through the bias tape maker and pressing it flat is one of the most satisfying tasks (for me) in all of sewing!


Mini-Iron 2 This tiny iron will become your best friend. I can't tell you how many times I tried to press small corners of garments to no avail...that iron just won't fit there! The mini-iron does though! Use it for garments, applique and even making bias tape.


14 in 1 Measuring Gauge I love the 14 in 1 measuring gauge. It has every measurement you could ever want in a handy, square.  I find this much more user friendly than the classic slide gauge. I use this all the time, and is as good of a sewing friend as my seam ripper.


Pom Pom Maker I confess, I am a pom pom fiend. I like them as a hair accessory, on shoes, on zipper ties, I even have a whole vaseful of giant pom pom flowers that I used as wedding decorations. So, it will be no surprise that I totally recommend having a pom pom maker around. In multiple sizes (because you never know what you will need) Admittedly, it's not that hard to make a pom pom without a specific maker, but it is so much easier when you have one! Hooray pom pom technology!


120 Inch Measuring Tape So , it seems like I spend a lot of time measuring things, and I love my 120" measuring tape. Now, I'm not much of a quilter, I spend my time more on garments and accessories, but this tape seems to come in handy all the time. I always have it on hand, and I always pack it to take with me if I am sewing on the go. So there you have it, my list of tools that I use the most. I left off things like scissors, seam rippers and machines because I'm sure you already have all that. Now, what are your favorites? We would love to hear!

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