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I found a great breakdown of machine stitches and what they are used for on Be honest now, who here really uses all the stitches that come on your machine? We have some patterns that try to get you to do just that - see more after the jump!


Designer JeriLynn Lijewski has created a variety of purse patterns for us that feature decorative machine stitches. She uses the decorative machine stitches in so many different ways. On the Stitched Top Tote they are featured as simple lines jazzing up the band of the purse.


In the Cleverly Stitched Cases and Permission Purse patterns she creates interesting geometric designs with the stitches.

PIJ905-4Tweb PIJ910-7Tweb

Jeri also creates some amazing circular designs in the Tablet Tote and Store & Go Zipper Case.  


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