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Earth Day and Arbor Day, both in April, and the freshly budding Spring remind us to conserve resources and to reuse and repurpose what we own! 

Denim is such a tough fabric and seems to be almost  indestructible! Take those jeans that are no longer worn and give them a new life. 

Our patterns suggest two methods for utilizing upcycled denim.  One way is to deconstruct the garment and cut pattern pieces from the fabric. The Second is to use the pockets, buttons, zippers and trims on denim in new ways.

 This quick video shows some tips for deconstructing denim (our apologies in advance for any motion sickness watching this video causes- it was our first attempt at this type of tutorial)


The Modern Gored Skirt pattern uses this technique. This version was serged with a contrasting pink thread and gores were reversed to show the opposite or "wrong side" of the jean denim.

A pant leg was used for the center back panel of this Modern Silhouette Vest and the lapels are the reverse of the denim which provides an interesting contrast.  

Use different tones and textures of denim to make the Modern Medley Top & Tunic.  Again we used the reverse side of the jean fabric to accent the placket and lower sections of the garment! This version was serged with a contrasting thread and features nickel plated large Dritz Sew-On Snaps. We also love the Dritz antique brass snaps with denim.

Let's look at a few examples of upcycling elements of the denim to enhance makes. This Grab and Go Tote and Take-Two Tech Pouch both cleverly use a pocket off of jeans.

 Here are more patterns for bags, accessories and home decor that offer specific instructions for using recycled jeans as your fabric!

Now go shop your closet or your local thrift shop for denim and make something to celebrate Earth Day this year! 


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