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Ties, ties, ties! Everywhere you turn you'll find heaps of gorgeous ties with no one wearing them! The fabrics are exquisite, often silk and they just shouldn’t wind up in the landfill. Our projects will show you how to take those no-longer-needed ties and turn them into wonderful makes. Perfect for gifting, perfect for you!

Indygo Junction Tie to Go Purse Pattern

Tie Up Your Memories

One of our most popular patterns, the Tie-to-Go Purse is an amazing way to showcase a tie that holds memories of a loved one. Stitch on a crossbody strap from pre-made cord and you’re ready for any occasion!

Indygo Junction Tie to Go Purse pattern

The pattern includes two finishing options – a boxed bottom and non-boxed bottom. More than just an upcycle, the Tie-to-Go Purse is the perfect way to remember a wonderful dad, uncle or grandpa. Make it as a thoughtful gift or for yourself and carry your memories with you always!

Indygo Junction Tie Pocket Pouch pattern

Tie Up Your Daily Essentials

Our quick and easy Tie Pocket Pouch is as practical as it is lovely and another great way to upcycle a tie or two. Marvelous for gifts, this pretty pouch includes pockets for your phone, earbuds, credit cards or other daily essentials.

Indygo Junction Tie Pocket Pouch

Close your Tie Pocket Pouch with a trendy grommet and elastic closure or an easy-to-add magnetic snap. We love the wonderful finished look of the terrific hardware from our sister-brand Dritz!

Fritz Sewing Grommets & Magnetic Snaps

You'll find lots of size and color choices to complete your Tie Pocket Pouch whether you choose grommets or magnetic snaps. For more info on installing grommets, be sure to watch the Dritz YouTube tutorial. You'll find a great magnetic snap tutorial on the Dritz blog, too!

Indygo Junction Turn-a-Tie Flowers pattern

Ties to the Garden

You can show your upcycling passion with flowers when you create our distinctive Turn-a Tie-Flowers. You'll find yourself looking at ties in a whole new way!

Indygo Junction Turn-a-Tie Flowers pattern

A few twists, turns and hand stitching and suddenly you have a whole upcycled garden of Turn-a-Tie Flower delights! Clip a rosy bloom to a tote, scarf or lapel and enjoy the compliments and amazement. Who would have thought an upcycled tie could blossom so well?!

Indygo Junction Thrifted Fashion Bag pattern

Tieing it All Together

Ready for more? You'll find loads of great info and upcycled tie how-tos in Amy’s informative and interesting YouTube video. Be sure to subscribe to our channel while you're there. Look for our Thrifted Fashion Bag at the end. It's a PDF pattern, so you can start sewing and tieing it all together right now!

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