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Spoil your sweetie on February 14 with a handmade and heartfelt present. Kisses guaranteed.

Try this vintage twist on a tasty tradition: Skip the store-bought candy in favor of a classic confection recipe from our book Vintage Notions. Box up a batch of candied orange peel, creamy fudge or an assortment of cookies featured in the book to create a truly sweet gesture.

Not big on baking? You can still add that personal touch without preheating the oven. Purchase a chocolate bar -- the kind wrapped in foil with a paper sleeve -- and replace the outer covering with decorative paper or a romantic image from, which features a vast assortment of vintage Valentine's Day art. For more detailed instructions for this project, go to the blog.

If your honey prefers computers over candy, a Tech Pocket & Portfolio (IJ904) or Laptop Keeper (IJ133) might be the perfect present. A personalized protective sleeve for a tablet, e-reader or laptop is practical and charming.

You can also create a custom can cover from Koozie Kouture (IJ898) or a handy lunch sack from Lunch Bunch (IJ897) for a purposeful gift -- and a constant reminder of your creativity and care. With a wide selection of "manly" fabrics out there, you are sure to find the perfect pair for your handmade gift. And be sure to share this helpful hint for the hubby: A copy of our book Vintage Notions is just what Cupid ordered... plus it includes patterns for lingerie. Wink, wink.

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