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The Modern Gored Skirt offers the opportunity to mix and match different cotton prints in one skirt, creating a fun patchwork look. We knew we wanted to use our new Vintage Made Modern Centennial Celebration line for the skirt but wasn't sure what prints and which colors. We finally decided on the cream/black colorway because it creates a neutral skirt that can be worn with almost anything, but still has the interest of the different patterns. vmm2goredskirt Here you can see four of our new prints: The Dictionary print we have used for lining purses and in small projects like our Love To Stitch Collection. The Dressmaker print is the feature print of the line and the feature panel on the skirt. This cute fabric is a must for any sewing fan! The next small print is a vintage inspired grid with dot. This feels very 1930's and is a great coordinate to some of the other larger prints. The black and white buttons are a classic print that stand alone or with a coordinate. We loved how these prints looked altogether in the skirt. Maybe you will make your own Modern Gored Skirt when the fabric is released in September? If so, don't forget to wear your boots!  

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