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The Bedtime Boots slipper pattern offers 4 different options for creating adorable boots for your family - although, the Bedtime Boots are for adults only. The Sleep Time Slippers has the child's version of the slippers. One of our favorite options for making the boots is to create a quilting pair using cottons. Of course we had to make them with our Vintage Made Modern fabric (coming next month!!). For this pair we paired (ha! see what I did there?) the pink plaid with the pink dictionary print. Don't they look so cozy?? BedtimeBoots

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Indygo Junction Staff on

Hi Sharon, Below is a link to see the page which has both boot patterns. The Bedtime Boots has adult sizes, the Sleeptime slippers as the children’s sizes. Thanks!

sharon pfann on

I would very much like the slipper pattern and boot pattern please let me know I can get them

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