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We are so excited to officially announce that Amy will be releasing her long-awaited follow up to Vintage Notions, the Vintage Notions Monthly series! -3 Each issue of Vintage Notions Monthly will bring you more of the incredible content from The Woman's Institute of Domestic Sciences. The Institute, which was founded in 1916, taught thousands of women across the world how to sew, cook and even start their own business. 6842697547_e0998d7648_o The Institute's two publications, Inspiration and Fashion Service are are full of wonderful tips, lessons and techniques that are still relevant to audiences and seamstresses today. Anyone who has a love of sewing and vintage fashions will fall head over heels for Vintage Notions Monthly! IMG_6698 Every month we will share curated content from Inspiration and Fashion Service, along with a Magic Pattern sewing project. To learn more about Vintage Notions Monthly, watch the video below. Be sure to sign up for our email list to get your FREE sample of the first issue, as well as special bonus publication! -2

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