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If you liked the Fruit Stitch Mitts we showed you on last week, you will love these Floral Stitch Mitts! IJ990CR-2T This pattern contains two vintage inspired floral designs, and two sizes of mitt. The embroidery on the designs is simple enough for beginners, using Straight Stitch, French Knots, Back Stitch, and comes with stitch diagrams. floral-mitt The star shaped pattern is the larger size. We stitched these mitts on Crossroads Denim, which is a great weight both for embroidery and for heavier duty items like kitchenware. floralsm The mitts are made with Insul-bright to protect your hands. The outer fabrics are quilted around the design to the Insul-bright and lining. We used invisible thread so that the quilting remained unobtrusive. Bias tape is used for the binding and loop. You can make your own, but we used 1/2 inch double fold generic bias tape. fsm As fun as it is to use different colors of embroidery floss, we wanted to see how the designs looked in one color. We love this gold design on the green! Another option for embroidery would be to use your machine to embroider the designs. This contest is now closed.

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Janis Patten on

My stepson and daughter-in-law would love these.

Cynthia on

This are great ! I love the easy and fast designs. Looks like I can work up a set in an afternoon or two. Can not to start on some.

Nancy Rosetto on

I would love to try out these mitts. I would like machine embroidery.

Mary on

My favorite is hand embroidery. It is SOOO relaxing!

Margaret Jones on

I like both. I enjoy handwork while watching the birds outside and watching TV. Machine embroidery for gifts and monograms.

Lee on

I love to do hand embroidery!

Carolyn Johnson on

Machine embroidery!

Bernadette Caropepe on

Hand embroidery, when I have the time. Machine when I don’t! Really prefer hand, wish I had more time!!

connie b on

I enjoy both but hand embroidery is much more relaxing for me.

Nancy Rosetto on

I would love to make these mitts. They are really neat looking. Machine embroidery

marlene on

I LOVE to HAND Embroider any day over machine stitching!!

Mary Maguire on

Would love to make these adorable mitts – perfect for microwave use. I enjoy hand embroidery, and small machine embroidery projects (up to 4×4).

diana dunham on

would love to win!

Jayne Griffith on

I love hand embroidery.

Mariette on

I love hand work, so hand embroidery is my choice for embellishment. It is so relaxing and satisfying, a direct connection to the creation process!

Barbara Long on

there is simply no comparison – hand embroidery all the way whether it be traditional crewel or the lovely contemporary stitching the modern young women do today – hand stitching has soul in it and its appearance that machine cannot replicate.

Kathe Gardner on

I love and have always loved some form of hand embroidery. Am thrilled to see it make a new appearance. Thanks.

Ann Nile on

I like both but embroidery’s but in the evening I like the hand embroidery

Rosalyn Schultze on

I don’t have a preference for either hand or machine embroidery and I do both. Hand embroidery is very relaxing, fulfilling and allows for personal creativity. Machine embroidery insures that a project gets finished faster and the design is always perfect.

Anne on

I have been hand embroidering since High School in the early 1970’s and still have embroidered pictures hanging on my wall from that era! A few years ago, I bought an embroidery attachment to my sewing machine and have used it probably 10 ten times. I so much prefer hand embroidery!!! So much more relaxing and creative!

Gail Capolupo on


Shirley Stoner on

Hi I like hand embroidery because of the personality of it. And the family artists and heritage it comes from. My great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, and myself all hand down beautiful work. I have all of there personality in there work. Machine work does not have that. When I go to estate sales I always buy hand embroidery hand work. Hand work gives a part of that person.
Thank you for reading.

Linda F on

I prefer hand embroidery.

Susan Abbott on

I prefer hand embroidery!

cindy lanahan on

I love hand embroidery

Vickie clarl on

Very nice Making pot holders

Shirley Stoner on

Hi I like hand embroidery because of the personality of it. And the family artists and heritage it comes from. My great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, and myself all hand down beautiful work. I have all of there personality in there work. Machine work does not have that. When I go to estate sales I always buy hand embroidery hand work. Hand work gives a part of that person.

Shirley Cree on

prefer hand stitching…..

Ellen on

Always handmade is special and always the color choice add to the allure to the project.

Carol Millay on

I would prefer hand embroidery

sandra morris on

Just getting back into hand embroidery and this would be a fun way to do that.

Joyce Miner on

I have a 1960 401A Singer, which I love, but it doesn’t do embroidery stitches as well as the new ones. I do love doing hand embroidery, anyway. Once in while I can see my mother’s fingers in mine, the certain way I hold my little finger as I stitch. Such a good memory recollection! Thanks. Joyce Miner

Teresa Dudley on

Machine embroidery, please and thank you!

Cecilia on

I like both hand and machine embroidery, but hand embroidery is my favorite. I really enjoy doing handwork. These designs are very pretty. Thank you for the giveaway.

Rebecca Tweedle on

Hand stitching is my favorite at the moment because I can take it with me and work outside during nice weather or on vacation

Janet on

The potholder are so sweet with fun embroidery designs. I have kitchen towels I learned to embroider with, so these would go nicely.

Annie Dee on

I prefer hand embroidery. I haven’t quite conquered the fancy stitches on my machine – getting closer but not quite!

Sandy Suhrie on

These are really cute. I am so in need of new potholders. I love doing machine embroidery.

Brandi on

Forgot to say that I prefer hand embroidery.

Brandi on

I would love to have this!

Pattu James on

I like the machine embroidery best. I am just learning how to use my new embroidery machine and these seem like a simple project to do with it.

Debbie on

Love the mitts! I prefer hand embroidery because I can carry small projects with me where ever I go. Makes waiting time pass much quicker!

Julie Anderson on


Debbie Hillestad on

I would love to do these with machine embroidery

kathy stewart on

I like the floral stitch mitts pattern very much. I enjoy hand embroidery because it is relaxing.

Leslie hurtack on

I love these potholders. Hand embroidery reminds me of my Grandmother. She did such beautiful work.

Lori Smith on

I enjoy both hand & machine embroidery. I learned to hand embroidery as a child, so embellishing a piece by hand brings back happy memories. If I need to finish a project quickly, I use machine embroidery.

Kay Smithart on

I love hand embroidery! My Mother taught me to embroidery when I was 12, I will be 60 in August and still hand embroidery. I have a sewing machine that does embroidery also but I haven’t figured out how to use it yet! Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful pattern.

Anne Harvey on

A lovely addition to your kitchen! Hand embroidery. Looks so retro like something my mom would make.

Mo LaBranche on

Hand embroidered

Jane B on

These would look great stitched with Aurifil 12-wt cotton!

Linda Deaton on

Machine Embroidery

Sydnee Watson on

I love doing both… Very nice..

Edra Stroud on

sure hope I win this. If I do I would like machine embrodiery. Thanks and love you site. Edra Stroud

Kay Honeycutt on

Machine Embroidery wins every time. It is so much faster. I can dream a project and have it done in a few hours. I have a few counted cross stitch projects that are still unfinished after several years.

Sharon Harmon on

I prefer hand embroidery to machine

Thank you for the chance to win.

Karen Walker on

Hand Embroidery is my favorite technique. These are lovely oven mitts.

Wanda Stone on

hand embroidery would be nice

Karen Lund on


Kirsten on

Hand embroidery, the only kind!

Beth Ann May on

I only hand stitch. I love your patterns and have several of the books already. I really enjoy your facebook page too! Thanks for sharing all of your good stuff:)

Chiyo Cantral on

I love the hand embroidery. It would make a great portable project.

Susan on

How pretty and a change from machine embroidery. I’d love to make some of these for Christmas gifts.

Camilla Hunter on

These are pretty enough just to lay on the table and look good!!!

Luz Galvan on

Prefiero bordar a mano, porque puedo con mis habilidades darle más sentido a las puntadas y volumen en las formas conforme voy mirando como se ven en conjunto.

Janet Cook on

I prefer hand embroidery over machine embrodery… Because you can change the pattern to make it your own.

Ann on

I prefer machine embroidery

Sharon Goodrich on

I like both but prefer machine embroidery. Beautiful designs and pattern.

Dawn Vereeke on

Stinking cute potholders! Would look stunning with my fiestaware!

Debra Williams on

Cute pattern! I love machine embroidery fast and always PERFECT. Thanks for the opportunity!

Rosemarie Nelson on

I love your patterns. I am glad you are bringing back crafts from the past. ie hand embroidery

It’s so retro.

Denise on

I love your mitts and would like to stitch them with my Bernina.

Gloria Hemmen on

Hand embroidery is my favorite and easy to take traveling.

Susan Sharkey on

These mitts look liken a great portable summer project, so I would stitch them by hand! Preferably while camping on the beach!

Yolanda on

I have a great embroidery sewing machine but prefer hand embroidery. It seems to mean more when you do it by hand

Linda Mayville on

I love embroidery either way, but hand embroidery feels more vintage to me

Connie VanDeKoppel on

Hand stitched

rhonda grallnick on

cool looking mitts

Nancy B on

I prefer hand embroidery. The mitts are lovely.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Marjorie Carlson on

Thanks for the opportunity.

Marjorie Carlson on

I’d really like the pattern to share with my sister.

Audrey R on

Love these cute mitts! Great beginner embroidery project.

Rosalyn Jody on

I Love hand embroidery.


These make wonderful Christmas gifts
so pretty..

Tina on

Hand embroidery is portable, great when waiting during kids activities.

MS Barb on

I like both, but find that I can carry along a quilt square to embroider! Hand embroidery relaxes me!

Cheryle on

Thanks for the chance to enter. I’d like machine embroidery please

Vivian on

Like fun to make and share!

Jen K on

I enjoy how relaxing hand embroidery can be and love to give people hand embroidered gifts. Machine embroidery is great for speed and durability. So my answer is I prefer both :-).

Becky Sowell on

I love hand embroidery. It seems to be sewn with a little more love.

kathy stewart on

Thanks for the chance to enter.

Linda on

I love these potholders. Have not done hand embroidery in many years. I also prefer machine embroidery. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Chris Kindschi on

Hand embroidery—it’s cheaper.

Joyce Morrow on


merrie ford on

I definitely prefer Hand Embroidery – I do so many other things on my machine… piecing quilts, sewing clothes, tote bags, etc. I love the portability of hand embroidery & most of all – the relaxation!!

BJ Marley on

Machine embroidery.

Joyce Tate on

I would prefer hand embroidery … Nice looking pot holders!

Adeline Brill on

Sadly, my days of hand embroidery are gone but I do love to duplicate the ‘look’ of it with my embroidery machine!

Marjory W. on

I do not have a true embroidery machine, but these could be done on my Bernina with the circular attachment and some of the decorative stitches. Fun! Overall, I prefer the look of hand embroidery.

Linda in Maryville on

I prefer hand embroidery and I love these mitts!

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