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One thing we tried to focus on when designing this year's patterns line was functionality. We wanted you to be able to really use your finished project - but we also made everything cute enough that it can be given as a gift. The Fruit Stitch Mitts are a great example of this. Functionality + Cuteness! IJ989-2T These mitts were inspired by vintage embroidery patterns that are often found made in tea towels and dish cloths at antique shows. We love the special quality that embroidery gives a project, but tried to modernize the look for today's customer. apple Although you can't see it in the image, these aren't pot holders, they are oven mitts. The hand slides in at the bottom of the fruit. Each side of the mitt is contains Insul-bright batting to protect your hands. The inside is fully lined. lemon To win a free copy of the Fruit Stitch Mitts pattern simple leave a comment below on your favorite kitchen tool. The contest will end at 12:00 on Friday, July 11th for US contestants only. Good Luck!

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Nikki Wilson on

My favorite tool is my Kitchen Aide mixer. Just love it.

Darlene Windham on

My Nuwave, it cooks everything!!!

Liz on

My fave kitchen tool are my kitchen shears. I use them for everything…including cutting pizza

Carmen N on

My wire whisk, or my KitchenAid mixer when my hands are tired :)

Judy Devorchik on

My favorite kitchen tool is my jar holder when taking hot canning jars out of the pressure canner.

Elizabeth Paris on

So cute looks like the real thing!

MindyZW on

My favorite kitchen tool is my small rubber jar gripper. Besides using it for jars, I use it to tighten needles on my sewing machine. Great item to have in the kitchen.

Carol Young on

My favorite kitchen tool is Kitchen Aid Mixer.

Adeline Brill on

My favorite kitchen tool is a round top teflon spatula with a hole in the center. I bought it years ago and can not find it anywhere. If I ever have to replace it, I’m sunk!

Debbie Mullins on

I like the high temperature rubber spatulas, they are great for stirring while cooking.

Cynthia on

My favorite kitchen tool or toy as my family calls them, is my toast thongs. I am not always wide awake in the mornings so they help in keeping my fingers happy so I can doing some sewing later in the day..lol

Donna Klug on

I couldn’t function in the kitchen without my tongues with the silicone ends or my long-handled yellow spoon that won’t melt or get hot!

Sandy Stephens on

My favorite kitchen tool are my cast iron skillets! I love cooking with cast iron or the enameled cast iron! need pot holders for this!!

Connie Fuller on

LOve these

Diane Sabourin on


Diane Sabourin on

Really cute.

Shelly Sandy on

I couldn’t live without my whisk!

Kimberly R on

My favorite kitchen tool is the whisk :)

Mary Harwood on

My favorite tool are my kitchen scissors. Is that a carry over from the sewing room!! Love the mitts!!!

sandra morris on

My favorite kitchen tool is a wire whisk that belonged to my Dad. he was a great cook. This one has heft and balance. Think of him every time I use it.

Kathy Stevens on

My favorite kitchen tool is the old fashion wooden spoon. It is the most helpful in every job in cooking. And never gets hot so you can not use in cooking most anything.

Deborah Rayman on

My favorite kitchen tool is my rubber jar opener.

Gloria Reinhardt on

My favorite kitchen tool is my wooden spoons – I don’t know how I could get along without them!

Linda on

These are so cute! Wonderful designs.

Lori Nicholas on

We are apple fanatics here, so my can’t-do-without tool is my apple corer/slicer.

rebecca g. on

my food processor. I use it for everything

Vendetta. Goodman on

My favorite kitchen tool is my kitchen towels. I love displaying sack cloth towels all over my kitchen. Of course I use them too, but displaying the stitched designs on them makes my kitchen feel cozy, just like when I was growing up.

Susan Torrington on

My favorite kitchen tool is my collection of cast iron pans. I use them for almost all my cooking.

connie b on

My favorite kitchen tool is a little chopper from the 40’s. It has the glass measuring cup base that holds a wooden disk so the blades don’t hit the glass and the top that you push down to chop. It reminds me of the old metal tops that you would push up and down to get them started. It is great for chopping nuts for cookies and breads.

Gloria Reinhardt on

My favorite kitchen tool(s) are my wooden spoon!

Gloria Reinhardt on

My favorite kitchen tool(s) is my wooden spoons. I use them for everything and I don’t know how I could get along without them!

Linda on

My favorite is a good quality wire whisk! Can’t beat it for mixing things up! Next favorite is my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It’s been a workhorse for more than 25 years and still going strong.

linda sleeper on

my favorite kitchen tool is my vitamix.

Cindy Dahl on

So cute!

Judy on

My knife set — purchased before I was married 41 years ago — company used the best of the best and they will sharpen by simply sending knives back to them. My paring knife was so worn, that the company simply replaced it, at no charge, as all knives are guaranteed for life. Set includes a meat fork and spatula, which I use to frost cakes or put toppings on salads — would be lost without this set.

Tracy Snyder on

My OXO handheld cheese grater! I use it All the time!

Kathy J Walters on

Love making and using cute potholders

Marilyn Cain on

My favorite kitchen tool would have to be a jar opener. I have arthritis so I use this every day.

Kara Bonta on

My favorite kitchen tool is my spatula! I use it for everything. Mixing, getting the last little bits out of a jar, scraping and more!

michelle hawkins on

my kitchen tool is my whisk its very good at getting lumps out of stuff that really shouldn’t be lumpy!!

Diane Taylor on

My favorite tool is my mini colander. Great for rinsing off single servings of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Suzanne Offner on

My favorite kitchen tool is bamboo tongs – they are great for getting something hot out of the toaster.

Janet Frank on

My favorite tool are kitchen tongs…I use them for doing so much in the kitchen. These mitts are just so cute!

Kathy Sell on

My favorite kitchen tool is the timer on my microwave oven. It is loud!

Kathy Sell on

My favorite kitchen tool is the timer on my microwave. It is loud and can be heard throughout my apartment.

Judy Allen on

My favorite kitchen tool is a split spatula. It has an opening down the center you use to insert a knife to cut a sandwich in half.

Jonnie on

Favorite kitchen tool? Well, I have several, but one of the handiest is the collapsible colander. It’s plastic (silicone?) and collapses flat to easily store, making it always accessible.

Cindy Lanahan on

My favorite kitchen tool is my whisk

Linda on

Have loved tongs

Una Rose on

My favorite tool is my silicone baking mat. I no longer have to grease my cooking pan saving time and calories.

Linda on

Love my Indygo Junction apron patterns.

Cindy on

My little scissors-Love them!

linda Jones on

Love my Indygo aprons patterns.

Chana Rincon on

My favorite tool is my Kitchen Aid Mixer!

Mary Terry on

I love my citrus zester and need to get a squeezer next!

Dannette on

My favorite tool is my good cutting board. I use it every day, and it’s beautiful to see. Especially after suffering so many years with the horrible one that pulls out from the counter.

bobbi on

MY FAVORITE KITCHEN TOOL is my baking dish. It is constantly being used to bake food for our local provide a meal recipients.

Donna King on

What a great idea! I’d love a chance to win this.

Donna Deskin on

ADORABLEY DELICIOUS, I use my funny looking green advocado slicer/masher.

Marina Guard Whigham on

My favorite kitchen tool would have to be my emulsifier which I use to make healthy delicious smoothies!

Janet Nichols on

Looks great

Vanessa B on

My fav kitchen utensil is Tongs…and of course, hot pads :-) Yep, Im burn everything in the kitchen, LOL! Thanks You!

Terri B'Hymer on

My favorite kitchen tool is the 1.5 tablespoon ice cream-type scoop that delivers the perfect amount of cookie dough for chocolate chip cookies!

Janey on

My favorite kitchen tool is a wire whisk, all sizes.

Anita Goodman on

It’s funny how much you love having an oven mitt when your last one has bitten the dust. Talk about unappreciated!

Pauline on

My Favorite Kitchen Tool is my Husband of
50 years….he cooks great.

Nancy Glisson on

My favorite kitchen tool is my long handle tongs. Saves me from a lot of burns!

jeanie on

What a great idea, useful and very decorative. Love the look

Nancy Bloore on


Chris Ziegler on

So many fav’s. My kitchen is my garage! One of my favorite’s tools is a nut picker. It used to come in the set with a nut cracker. I use it to clean things, scrape things, pick apart things. (just used it last night to clean the tip on a glue jar) I have several and I use them all the time! I could go on and on since I spend so much time in my kitchen.

Nancy Bloore on

I have a silicone whisk that I love using to beat eggs and then use it to stir them while they cook!

Carolyn T Smith on

My favorite kitchen tool is tongs. Besides using them for salads and cooking, I can reach items on top shelves and get ice cubes from the freezer without touching them.

Linda Weinberger on

My favorite kitchen appliance is my vita mix. I even embroidered a fruit cover for it which would go nicely with these pot holders.

Judy in FL on

I love my toaster tongs! (my husband even uses them!)
Love your new mitt pattern-I see gifts in my future!


I love this pattern. I used to have some of these. They were wedding gifts 31 years ago, I’d love to win this pattern.

Cheryle on

My favorite utensil is my NuWave. It serves so many useful purposes and keeps the heat out of the house

Susan Jones on

I agree with all of the above. My most favorite is the whisk.

Gail on

My favorite kitchen tool is my bamboo tongs. They turn bacon and get toast out of the toaster and many other things.

MaryK on

My all time favorite tool-a silicon spatula, that can with-stand high temps. Gets used all the time, for just about all hot foods.

MTangel on

These are so cute! The lemon will match perfectly in my kitchen too.

My favorite kitchen tool is a wooden spatula. It belonged to my mom (her favorite spatula too until I confiscated it). It’s perfectly sized and shaped, and it’s been worn so it’s nice and smooth.

Tina on

My Thermador stove top. I thought the grill/griddle was useless when I bought the thing, but it turned out a very good thing.

Kris B on

It used to be a saute pan that could go into the oven, but it disapeared. Not sure where it went…..I have looked for another and can not find one.

MS Barb on

My favorite kitchen tool is my spatula!

Lee on

I love my Cuisinart pans!

Conna Umstattd on

I love this pattern. It is sunny and bright perfect for my kitchen

karen on

I truly admire your creative products

Carla on

The spatula is the best tool because it is something you find is used almost on a daily basis. The most versatile tool in the kitchen.

Elizabeth Hesse on

Love the fruit designs!

Nora G. on

My chef’s knife – use it all the time.

Dorothy on

I love to bake so I would have to say my kitchen aid mixer.

Carol Derby on

My, can not live with out tool is the silicon spatula – use it for everything. The potholder patterns are very creative.

Chris Victorsen on

My favorite tool is my Jar Key. It is a small plastic bottle opener-like tool that “pops” the seal on a jar making it easy to open myself without the need of my husband!

Gwen McGinnis on

I love my spatula to turn lot of food I’m cooking!
These potholders would be very handy!

Sheryle J Augustine on

My favorite kitchen tool is my genius food chopper – makes salad so fast.

Geni Pickens on

Pampered Chef bag clips

Judy Allen on

My favorite is a spatula that is split down the center so you can use the opening to slice a Panini sandwich in half.

Karen J on

My favorite kitchen tool is my phone – to order delivery!

Vivian on

I would have fun making for my mom.

Cathy Gwozdz on

Dresden patterns are one of my favorite. I would not have thought of embroidering the pattern on pot holders! It would also be a great way to quilt a 40’s quilt!

Marcia on

Oostende forgot to say… One of my favorite kitchen tools is my Vitamix…….on the smaller side I love the peeler that fits over a finger. :-)

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