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One of our goals was to design patterns with purpose - useable items for home that would also be great gifts. Our Micro-Safe Hot Holders fulfill that purpose perfectly! IJ1102-2T You know how hot your bowl gets when you heat up soup or pasta for more than one minute? Then you burn your fingers grabbing the dish out of the door and carrying it to your counter or plate? No more! When you use these bowls you can safely take out your dishes without fear of burned fingers. IJ1102-4T The bowls come in three different sizes - ramekin, cereal bowl and casserole sized. Here is the most important thing about these bowls: every item you use to make them must be 100% cotton! The thread, fabric, bias tape and batting - if it isn't 100% cotton you can end up with a fiery mess. No one wants that. IJ1102-7T Another safety tip: never put in the cotton bowls on their own and microwave. Without the humidity of food heating up, the fabric will burn. (I'm not entirely sure why you would just microwave the cotton bowls on their own, but now you know not to.) IJ1102-6T Because the micro-safe bowls are made with 100% cotton batting, they aren't super firm. We thought you might want to create a fabric bowl that is just decoration, so we included directions for making a stiffer bowl in the large size. For this size you will use Timtex instead of batting. Just remember, this version doesn't go in the microwave! IJ1102-3T So, want to save your burned hands and win a copy of the Micro-Safe Hot Holders for yourself? This contest is now closed.

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Jennifer Gouldsmith on

Potato Soup!

linda on

MY favorite soup to make is Chicken Dumpling soup. The great vegetables and fresh chicken is great but the best is the egg dumplings with fresh from the garden Chives. Can’t really be beat.

Darla in PA on

Awesome new pattern! Thanks for the giveaway.

Carol Martin on

Love indigo junction

Carolyn on

I love baked potato soup.

Anita Parham on

Just made vegetable soup from my own homegrown tomatoes

Pat Clark on

I love to make Turkey soup with the bones from a large bird at Christmas.

Elizabeth Speicher on

Our family has a lot of favorite homemade soups, in fact my husband says if it isn’t homemade don’t bother. If we had to choose I guess it would be Maryland crab soup, which basically is a lot like Manhattan clam chowder but with the kicky, spicy punch of Old Bay Seasoning. Of course the seasonality is a part of our liking, other proteins can be had year round, but you have to wait for crabbing season for crab soup if you want the best.
Now on to the important matter of just where can I get the pattern for these microwave hot holders. Practical and attractive, I need to make sets for my 101 year old mother, my daughter in South Korea and my dear sister in law who is currently undergoing chemo for ovarian cancer and of course myself. These would be a real boon to us all.

Mary on

Made from scratch chicken noodle soup.! I simmer a whole chicken with celery ,carrots and onion to make a rich broth . While it cooks I make from scratch gluten free egg noodles. When the chicken is cooked I pull it off the bones and add it back and toss in the noodles to cook. Perfect for snowy Colorado days

Chris on

Stuffed Pepper Soup!! Yum

Chris on

So Cute!!

Joyce Meinhardt on

Oh, we love Baked Potato soup – a recipe I got from a restaurant that is no longer in business. It’s so rich & hearty. I’m still trying to reproduce my mom’s vegetable soup & her chili.. she never wrote down the recipes. Thanks for the chance to win!

Gail Moore on

Love your site

Tracy Snyder on

Has to be Vegetable Beef w/ Barley!

Marty Askins on

My family and I love the homemade chicken and dumplings soup that I make.



Karen England on

Homemade Tomato soup!

Debi Moore on

Minestrone Soup….made fresh with spicy italian sausage, fresh veggies, pasta, tomatos… family loves it on a cold winter day! This pattern would be great for when we heat up the left over soup!

Linda Cate on

Portuguese kale soup – so hearty on a winter day!

Jean on

One of my favorite soups is white chicken chili. The recipe is an easy one using celery, onions, fresh roasted Hatch chiles, white beans, and chicken. Delicious!

Susan L Parrish on

Love the bowls what a neat idea for a bridal shower

Nancy Rosetto on

I have a bean soup recipe that we just love and make it a lot in the winter.

Carol on

Love to make a big pot of spicy taco soup for the few cold winter days we have here.

Kathleen on

My favorite soup is a big bowl of Maryland crab soup. We Marylanders love our crabs and Old Bay. Its a great soup for winter or summer fun.

Lori Smith on

My favorite soup is Chicken Tortilla Soup. It is so easy to make in the Crock Pot. Leftovers are yummy reheated!

Barbara on

With all of the veggies growing in our garden, soup is going to me on the menu. A summer squash and corn chowder recipe was just on one of my favorite sites. I can’t wait to try it!

Chris on

I make a Salsa, Black bean, corn soup that is wonderful. Already I am getting hungry.

Barbara Smith on

What a great idea. I like the idea that the pattern can be made in various sizes. I sure hope I win!

Deborah Rayman on

Chili is my favorite soup.

Regina Harris on

Ham, Potato, and Corn Chowder is our favorite.

cheryl s on

My favorite soup is tomato basil and wouldn’t it be so cute served from the microwave in this wonderful bowl. Please let me win the pattern!

Nancy on

Kale with ground turkey soup. It sounds weird but its sooo good!

cindy lanahan on

Broccoli cheese soup is yummy

Tami on

I love chilli!

Ellen T on

Love these bowls, even if you used in some sweet fabric in your kitchen with fruit or fresh veggies from your garden. Like your site too!
Ellen in VA

sandra morris on

I have a super simple Tex-Mex soup that is an absolute must at get togethers with my sewing buddies.

Rebecca on

Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup
Love the bowl pattern!

Sue Crosier on

Shrimp and Corn Chowder made with Low Fat Milk ! YUM for Summer !!

Sharon Coleman on

My favorite soup is the Italian Wedding Ball soup. Simmers in the crockpot all day and makes the house smell so good!

Brenda Benfield on

Potato soup

Debra on

These are perfect for warming up my lentil and kale soup! They would make great gifts, too. My MIL would love it.

Elena on

Perfect for microwaving a baked potato. Nestled in this basket, I don’t have to play “hot potato” when removing.

sandy dick on

Love homemade cream of tomato made with heirloom tomatoes

Nancy Price on

Chili it is! Ground beef simmered with onions,gr peppers,canned diced tomatoes, Mc Cormick chili seasoning in the crockpot. Ready after a long day of crafting and designing!

Janet on

What a great idea! Ingygo Junction is so cleaver it rocks!

Kathy B on

Homemade Chicken Noodle soup

Gloria Reinhardt on

I love hot soup and my favorite is homemade tomato vegetable soup. During the summer I put up fresh tomatoes and freeze small freezer bags of fresh vegetables to put in my soup in the fall and winter. I cook a large pot and share with my friends. What a great idea to make these wonder microwave bowls from Indygo Junction to deliver with my hearty soup to my friends who are under the weather. Gloria

Diane Carter on

broccoli potato soup is a favorite of mine..Weight Watcher inspired.

Joan on

I like to make Chicken Barley Soup.

Diana Farmer on

The Senior Adult Minister at the church where I worked was a great cook. He made the best potato soup and he would always bring us a bowl when he made it. Makes me want some now!!!

sandy dick on

Homemade cream of tomato made with heirloom tomatoes

Virginia on

Curried cauliflower soup is just delicious!

Sally on

Homemade tomatoes soup is the best! Easy,and and a wonderful comfort food. Make a big batch, warm it up in one of these bowls….what could be better!

Kathie L on

I love my mom’s vegetable beef soup.

Priscilla Frappier on

What a neat idea! I’m always burning myself on hot bowls!


MY favorite soup to make in a hurry is chicken noodle open a can of chicken breast chunck it up put a carton of chicken broth in sauce pan add noodles add salt and pepper cook untill noodles are tender wa-la done enjoy

Gloria Reinhardt on

I love homemade vegetable tomato soup. During the summer, I put up garden tomatoes and small bags of fresh vegetable to make my soup with. I make a large pot and share with my friends who are under the weather. Great idea to deliver microwave bowls along with the soup. Gloria

Susan on

Homemade chicken & rice soup

Marilyn Yates on

My favorite soup is vegetable. You get so many nutrients in one bowl.

Patty Hoover on

My husband loves my sausage soup, made with hot sausage, garden fresh kale, green beans, potato slices, onions and lots of garlic!! Especially great when warmed the next day ;)

sewgirl66 on

Curried zucchini soup….a summer and winter favorite and super easy. 4 medium zukes, 1 small russet potato, 1 small yellow onion. Saute onion in 2T EVOO, add zucchini chunks and peeled potato chunks, sprinkle with 1T curry powder, 2T (yes, that is not a mistake) salt and saute for 1 minute, cover with water and boil until veg are tender. Cool to lukewarm and blend with immersion blender until smooth. You can add some fat free yogurt, sour cream, or cream when blending. YUM!

Ruthie on

My favorite soup recipe is for Rich Tomato Soup. It includes chopped tomatoes, Half & Half, sugar, butter, and salt & pepper. Delicious with a sandwich, or just by itself.

Kathy McCurdy on

Soup is good food! Especially tortellini soup with fresh tomatoes and freas basil!

Franni Vincent on

What a wonderful idea! Definitely parsnip soup, spiced up with ginger. a great way of using up those parsnips which have gone a little floppy at the bottom of the fridge!

Gail Maggio on

My 91 yr old parents sure could use this. All they do is microwave.

Deborah on

Creamy tomato basil soup is the best — real comfort food.

Keitha on

How clever are these? I can see they will certainly be added to my kitchen!

Yvonne Bauer on

Vegtable soup. Homemade. With barley

connie b on

I love clam chowder, it’s so creamy. Thanks for the giveaway, those bowls are awesome.

Joan on

I have seen them but never in three sizes would love to win this pattern.

Thank you Joan

Marsha T on

My family loves Zuppa Toscana with lots of spicy Italian sausage and bits of dark green kale simmered in the chicken broth and cream. It’s one of their favorites during fall and winter.

Camilla Hunter on

What a clever idea! Broccoli and Cheese Soup is just the ticket to try these bowls. It is a great “comfort” soup and good year round! I hope I win!

Dianna Morse on

What a great idea! Twice this week I have tried to remove a hot bowl from the microwave only to burn my fingers! Would love to win this new pattern! I make potato bakers & would highly recommend doing a pre-test of the fabric in micro as not all 100% cotton are non-flammable!!

Liz Nieman on

The perfect pattern for Family reunion gifts! (as well as some for our house!)

Karen Cotter on

Great idea! Black Bean Lemon Soup is one of our favorites. These will make great house warming gifts!

Jane on

What a great idea, mircowave bowls and pretty too. I love to make Vegetable Minestrone Soup.

Debbie on

Every time I cook a roast in cooler weather, I always save some for my homemade vegetable beef soup. I make alot and take a crock pot full to work-sometimes it doesn’t even last until lunch time! Love the bowls-thanks for the chance to win!

Glenda on

Calbacitas (little squash) Cheese Soup

Katrina Hamer on

Chicken soup made with leftover roasted chicken, csrrrots and dumplings.

helen on

Love to win the patterns to hold bowls of my favorite soup Chicken Noodle.

Carol Hydeman on

Perfect solution and definite hand saver.

Renee on

These are so cool. Get it? I would love to get this pattern. My husband is always burning his hands when using the microwave. And it will catch the overflows, too!

Debbe Salinas on

pumpkin soup with italian sausage

Cheryl on

My family love taco soup. Fast…easy…filling!

Cindy Norton on

Wouldn’ they make a nice gift and use up some of my stach fabric.

kendra on

Garlic Tortellini soup that I get from my mother-in-law. My husband says I make it better than she does!!!

Rhoda on

North Wisconsin chili is the best. Hamburger, kidney beans, tomatoes, peas, macaroni.

Sally on

Taco soup, ole!

helen on

Would love to win these so they could hold my favorite soup. Chicken Noodle.

Fonda Boyd on

I’m not a big soup lover however I do love my chili and these little gems would be ideal for that.

helen on

Love the patterns so they could hold bowls of my favorite soup, Chicken Noodle.

Gail Schau on

Curried Zucchini chowder

JudyC on

Oh I am thinking Christmas gifts! Just about everyone can use these, including fussy nieces just getting out of college!!! Fingers crossed!!!

Wanda Birkestrand on

I make a killer homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup!

Lynda Cooksey on

just ordered a set — what a GREAT idea!!

Phyl on

Pot soup, vegetable beef and chicken noodle soup…all homemade! Great pattern to make for presents!

Carol on

Love the bowls. Would be a great collection to add to my kitchen. My favorite soup is vegetable.

Marina Guard Whigham on

Cream of Mushroom soup would do wonderfully in these!

Billie on

Potato soup with hash browns.

Billie Stehling on

Potato soup made with hash browns.

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