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The Quilted Cook & Carry is one of those no-brainer patterns - you have to have it! This versatile casserole carrier is easy to make and can be used to tote square, circular, rectangular and probably even trianguler casseroles and dishes. IJ993-2T The pattern comes with two options: a pieced version, which you see on the cover of the pattern, and a solid version. IJ993-10T The pieced version is comprised of four small blocks on the front, as well as four blocks on the inside. IJ993-5T So, how does it work? Well, your outside and lining are quilted over layers of batting and Insulbright, which will keep your food warm. The edges are then finished with bias tape. Then a strap is added diagonally from one corner to another. In the opposite corners, tabs with D-rings are attached. IJ993-7T Then, you simply look the handle through on D-ring... IJ993-8T And then the other. Pull up the handle... IJ993-9T And you are ready to go! When you get to your destination you can use the opened carrier as a small tablecloth to protect your surface. When not in use, the carrier folds flat for storage. This is what we think of as stylish and smart design. Either pieced or solid, the carrier is pretty to look at, and it's easy construction and functionality make it a smart project. Make one for yourself and all your friends. Then schedule a picnic and go! Would you like to win a copy of the Quilted Cook and Carry? Simply leave a comment telling us your favorite potluck recipe and you'll be entered. The contest will run through 12:00 pm on Friday, August 1st, for US residents only. Good luck!

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karen on

cute pattern… favorite potluck recipe is no bake cherry cheesecake

Cecilia on

Best recipe is oven baked macaroni and cheese. Thanks for the chance to win a great pattern.

Lee on

Everyone loves my Peanut butter Texas Sheetcake! thanks!

Chris Kindschi on

Sweet potato souffle.

Katie Dinning on

Company Casserole – great comfort dish my Mom used to make – pasta with ground beef, mushrooms, onions and a zesty tomato sauce with cheese. Would be a great dish to share in this Quilted Cook and Carry :)

beth on

Would love to give as a gift

Terri on

Great gift idea

Bernadette Caropepe on

Corn casserole is always good. Love the pattern.

Kathe Gardner on

Anything in the dessert family – pies, cookies, cakes, etc.

Janet Gunther on

Luv it!

Carol Coleman on

I like to take fruit and a snack mix of:

animal crackers
dark chocolate chips
toasted almonds

or anything else that I have around to toss in.

Bernadette Caropepe on

Corn casserole is always good.

Cheryl svendsen on

Very cute pattern! I will bring jalapeno poppers

Cheryl svendsen on

Very cute pattern! I will bring jalapeno poppers.

Eileen Sharp on

I love to bring my Nana’s Summer Squash Casserole!

Diana on

This is very cute and inventive – fav potluck recipe for summer is zucchini bake!

Cindy Craddock on

Mac and cheese

Laurene Shewan on

Also a great way to use up my stash of seam binding and metal rings!

Nancy on

Baked macaroni and cheese

Lorraine Maggio on

Thank you in advance for a chance to win this! A plate full of chocolate chip cookies would look beautiful in this carrier!

Gail Rebello on

This carrier is great! I always take my hash brown caaerole

Mariette on

I have two go-to recipes: three bean salad and taco salad.

Ellen Ban on

Seven Layer Dip!

Lisa on

chocolate chip cheesecake

Toni Gambino on

Potatoe Salad accompanied by a sweet baked ham for those hot summer months!

susan on

2 1/2 C self-rising flour
2 sticks butter/margarine
8 oz sour cream

Melt butter and sour cream and mix together. Add to flour. Roll into marble-sized balls and put 3 in each cup of a mini-muffin tin. Bake at 450° for 10-12 minutes. They are ALWAYS devoured!

Linda Cate on

curry couscous salad – women love it, men hate it! :-)

Kathy Bumb on

I love this pattern. My favorite potluck recipe is a 7 layer salad or Little
Smokies flavored with barbecue sauce.

Lori B on

Three bean salad

Char Morrison on

My favorite potluck recipe is spicy baked beans.

Judi on

Lasagne—and it will fit perfectly in the carrier!

Marta on

Looks useful! My favorite recipe is pasta salad.

Julie Anderson on


Kim Lambertz on

Great design for a casserole carrier—mac n’ cheese is popular at dish-to-pass!

Karen Dull on

Italian Pasta Salad

connie b on

I usually bring a cake – this would make carrying it much easier

Nancy B on

My favorite potluck recipe is hash brown potato casserole. Everyone seems to like this dish and if there are any left overs I even like it for breakfast. The Quilted Cook & Carry Pattern would be perfect to transport this dish!

Beth on

Love this pattern! My favorite potluck recipe is corn salad.

Nancy Stanley on

Love this

Tisha on

Chili Meatballs!

Linda Weinberger on

Fruit salad

Marcelle on

Mango mousse

Joan on

Simple pattern – the best kind! Fav potluck recipe: Cheesy Potato Casserole

Betsy on

I love to bring baked spaghetti to a potluck. Cute pattern btw!

Pauline on

Chicken and Rice Casserole

carolyn on

Calico corn

tracy on

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

Ilya Thomits on

Shepards Pie

Martha Hamilton on

Would be great for any kind of pie.

Janet Warner on

love this would make great xmas gifts

Nicki Slater on

This is the best casserole carrier I’ve ever seen! You are so clever! My favorite pot luck recipe is sopapilla cheesecake squares. Good luck, everyone!

Shirley on

My favorite pot luck recipe is my husbands home made baked beans. He uses a variety of dried beans, bacon, hamburger, etc. they are great!

Kathy S on

I love making my Mom’s baked beans and taking them to potlucks. Always keeps Mom close to my heart and I can share her amazing recipes with others. Love this pattern!

Theresa86ev on

Fried green been cassaroll

Teri on

Pulled Beef

Cheryl on

Clever, clever, clever!

Diane Antle on

my go-to recipe for potluck is Chocolate Eclair it always disappears!

Sharon on

Zucchini bake yum!!!!

Andrea Bergstrom on

This would be perfect for Taco Dip!

Christine on

We’ve always called this “Pear Salad.” It tastes kind of like Sprite!
1 can pears in syrup (use lite for a less sugary version)
1 pkg lime jello
1 pkg cream cheese
1 sm pkg cool whip
Drain pears & reserve juice. If needed add water to make 1 c. Heat juice to boiling and add lime jello. Allow to cool. In the meantime, mash pears and add to mixer. Add cream cheese. Beat. Add jello and cool whip. Pour in bowl and refrigerate.

Marina Guard Whigham on

Sour cream/green Chile/rice casserole. Loved by everyone, recipe requested always!

Christine on

We’ve always called this “Pear Salad.” It tastes kind of like creamy Sprite!
1 can pears in syrup (use lite for a less sugary version)
1 pkg lime jello
1 pkg cream cheese
1 sm pkg cool whip
Drain pears & reserve juice. If needed add water to make 1 c. Heat juice to boiling and add lime jello. Allow to cool. In the meantime, mash pears and add to mixer. Add cream cheese. Beat. Add jello and cool whip. Pour in bowl and refrigerate.

Betty on

Oatmeal cake

Peggy on

Broccoli and cauliflower casserole is favorite “winter” dish and creamy cucumbers is my summer “hit”. Would love to have a cute presentation for my contribution to the potluck using my new carrier.

Betty on

What a great idea! Favorite potluck? Oatmeal cake.

Debbie on

Love the carrier and my favorite go to potluck food is Chicken Artichoke Pasta!

Joan Mitchell on

Hmmm not sure I have a favorite potluck recipe. I just like to eat, don’t like to cook much. This carrier would make a great gift for someone who does like to cook.

Deborah Martin on

Marilla’s Beans

Christina Gonzalez on

Macaroni Salad

Terri on


Kim Golob on

My grandma’s famous potatoes and wiennies; homemade Bruchetta; and olive dip

Becki C on

I take Porcupine Meatballs…a hit every time.

Melinda Autry on

Chocolate chip oatmeal brownies

Granny on

Roast beef

Chelle Wheatley on

Farro salad

BJ Marley on

spaghetti pie

Julia Sandvoss on

Absolutely love to bring my broccoli rice casserole! YUMMY

Kathy on

Twice baked potato casserole

Mary-Anne Fay on

Baked Beans


My favorite is my mother’s pasta salad. Ii am impressed with the pattern.

kathy on

Vegetarian Southwest Egg Rolls….always a hit and everyone likes them, vegetarian or not!


I like making boneless country ribs, pot roast, and chicken spaghetti sauce.

Marty Askins on

My Mother-In-Law’s coleslaw.

bobbi on

favorite is Swedish meatballs

Karen V on

What a cute pattern! My favorite take along is Cheesy Hashbrowns.

Karen V on

What an awesome pattern! My favorite take-along is cheesy hash browns with a crunchy topping. I think some call it Harvest Potatoes.

Al Fisher on

Do a lot of Pot-Lucks and could sure use it

Patricia Holt on

A great gift for anyone!

Debi Jimenez on

My favorite and most requested potluck recipe is a TIE! You see if hubby ’s family is holding the potluck then it is my “fruit salad” every time! But my girls ate that so much growing up they would rather have my “mac salad”.

Fruit Salad: Thaw out a tub of cool whip style whip cream. Then mix in 8 to 16oz of small curd cottage cheese..( .the amount between 8 and 16 oz. is up to you depending on how much you want to make and how cheesy you like. ) Drain the juice from a can of of Pineapple tidbits. Drain completely then mix in the with the cream/cheese mix. Now add 1 box of jello..pineapple, lemon or orange… mix well. If you use more than 8 oz of cottage cheese you may need two boxes. Smooth the topper and lay mandarin orange slices on top. Cover and chill 1hr enjoy.

Betty Fisher on

What a great idea for a simple gift. Looking forward to making some for Christmas

Gini Bright on

Cool Lettuce Salad
1bag Hearts of Romaine, 1 bag baby spinach, 1can whole cashews, 1 60z shredded parmesan cheese, 1 bag unflavored Ocean Spray Craisins and 4 red apples – chopped. Dressing: 2/3 c sunflower oil, 3/4 c white sugar, 1/3 c cider vinegar, optional 1 bunch green onions chopped, 1tsp salt, 1tsp dry mustard, 1 tbsp poppy seeds, Mix and chill overnight and pour over lettuce just before serving. YUM!

Susan on

Creamy diced potatoes and ham casserole, This carrier would work great for my lidded round glass Pirex dish.

Jen K on

Pumpkin Dip!

Vicki B on

Dump Cake

Vicki B on

Dump Cake!

Betty F on

My Grandmother’s 5 layer “Too Good” Recipe is a secret but I can say there is lots of cream cheese and coconut

Al Fisher on

Cream cheese cake with Cherry pie filling topping.


Absolutely LOVE this Quilted Tote & Carry for food. I need this one to carry food items to our ASG monthly functions where everyone brings a covered dish.
This would make it SOOO easy to handle these food dishes.
And I can see making lots of gifts of these for family and friends
Favorite potluck Cherry & Peach Pies

Mary M. on

I like this pattern. My favorite casserole to take is a chicken casserole. I also like to take cakes.

Sarah Fiorenza on

This looks so cute! My potluck recipe is scalloped potatoes.

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