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Normally the area around my bed and sofa is a cluster of stuff. Remotes, cell phones, books, magazines, ipad, embroidery hoop, etc. Everything that you need to have easily accessible that tends to pile up. It turns out a lot of people have this problem, so we designed the Sort Your Stuff Organizer! IJ1107CR-2T This pattern creates an organizer that can be used either on your bed or over the arm of your chair. It has 6 pockets that vary in size, giving you a place for everything from eyeglasses to magazines. There are two versions of the pattern; one that uses two layers of fabric quilted over a thin batting. We used our Crossroads Denim for our cover sample, but you can also use cotton. The batting and the quilting are needed to keep the fabric from stretching and give it strength to hold heavier items. a8507 The second version is made out of recycled denim. Because denim is so strong there is no need for two layers and quilting on this version, however choose denim that does not have any stretch in it, otherwise you may want to layer and quilt. You can also experiment with different colors of denim to create a layered look. In the sample we made we used two different pair of jeans and mixed and matched the outside and inside of the jeans to create a multi-colored look. b8317 The edges of the organizer and the pockets are all finished with 1/2" double fold bias tape. We used the kind you can find at the store, but you can always make your own. Ready to get organized? Enter to win a copy of the Sort Your Stuff Organizer by leaving a comment below telling us where you need this most. The contest will run through 12:00 pm Friday, July 25th for US contestants only. Good Luck!

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rhonda grallnick on

need next to my bed always losing clicker

Chris Kindschi on

My husband needs it on his armchair, as his table is always overflowing.

Diana on

I would have to say in the living room at my sewing chair so I can declutter my table !LOL
It has sewing books, crocheting and my ipad !LOL

Vanessa B on

We could use one of those…on EACH side of the bed and downstairs in the family room :-) Thanks for the chance to win!

Lee on

Well I think we could use a couple of these in our house – one by my bed and one for sure in my family room!! thanks!

Joan Mitchell on

Actually, I need two of these. One for my chair in the living room, and one beside my bed…

Lee D on

I’d love to use this on the family room couch! This organizer would contain all the stuff cluttering up my coffee table: multiple remotes, book(s), sewing magazines, and hand embroidery & sewing supplies. Love the idea of recycling denim jeans for the pockets and using Crossroads Denim for a pop of color.

Rhonda Farris on

Great organizer! This could be used as a love gift project for bedridden people of all ages.

Donna Umstattd on

I really need this for my client who loses all her remotes down the sides of the chair constantly this way they will be organized and close at hand instead of down the side or under her bottom.

Kim Lambertz on

Great pattern, love the repurpose version!

Charlotte Smith on

Need this on my husband’s chair to organize his “mess”. I could probably use one also!!

Nora G. on

This would be great by my sofa!

suzette mccarty on

I need two of these in the living room one for my husband and one for me. What a great idea.

Lisa on

Perfect for our daugter’s dorm room — and another one for her Ps

Becky Donaldson on

In my camper as well as at home in the bedrooms! Always loosing the remote- love the ipad holder area too! Great Pattern!

Donna on

I have become a total slob since I began quilting 12 yrs. ago. I don’t care about the dust balls, etc. all I want to do is quilt. Having all the supplies neatly organized at hands reach is the utmost and necessary. Sure beats wearing scissors around ones neck!

Caren on

Could really use this in several places but the one that jumps to my mind foremost is the recliner that everyone wants in front of the t.v.

Becky Donaldson on

I would use this in my CAMPER as well as home— to keep things organized and at hand!
Awesome pattern!

Glenna Walker on

I need it in both the family room by the lounge chairs and in the bedroom. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sandra Timmons on

I need lots of help getting organized. So, pretty much every room. That would help, a lot. Great idea and one that would be put to use immediately. Thank you for the chance to win.

Sandi Timmons

Lisa on

Perfect for our daughter’s dorm room when she heads back next month — and another for her Papaw’s chair.

Mickey Newman on

I would love to use on the bed because of the clutter and to keep things at hand. But I would like to hang one on my living chair to keep my reading materials at hand also.

Donna on

Would love to win. Thank you


I could use this pattern in various places in the house

Linda Majer on

Desperately need one of these in our TV room – with 3 remotes, my hand sewing supplies and our reading book things are always ending up on the floor then kicked under the couch or chair.

Tracy Snyder on

My grandson’s favorite game chair, he’ love it! Also, how about making it to hang in my granddaughter’s school locker, she could keep all her stuff organized. I think there are a lot of people I could make this for and one for myself, too, eventually. Hope I win, already planning on what fabric to use for which person will be getting one… Christmas is coming, I better get started! Thanks for a great giveaway!

Carol Geiger on

I could use 2-3 of these. Theyd make great gifts too.

wanda spain on

I need 1 for our bedroom, I am always reading in bed and end up losing the tv remote and end up waking up my husband. He would really appreciate this. I also would make 1 for each of our kids and 1 for each grand child, They can use it for books, toys etc

Amy Caldwell on

I really need one of these for my husbands side of the bed. With his disabilities, it would be easier to keep his magazines and remotes handy, instead of getting lost in the covers on the bed.

charla prange on

i would really like to make one of these for my mom—then she would have everything she needs within arms reach, instead of pile on her small table by her chair.

Judy Stoutenburg on

This would be perfect at my computer desk to hold catalogs, etc. as well as several other items that I need that are cluttering my desk.

Dawn on

Organization is always helpful!

Ann on

Definitely needed for my chair, where crochet and tatting tools, supplies, and magazines could take up residence!

Rosalyn Schultze on

I could use several of these in my home: alongside my bed; alongside my chair in the family room and in my sewing room. As an avid reader and needle worker, I always need a safe place to leave, books, reading glasses, crochet and knitting needles, embroidery, etc.

Tami on

OMG! This would be so nice to have.

Elena on

I can make these for friends who always misplace the remote!

Lucie on

In the baby’s room for the change table
In my bedroom to declutter the night table
In the guest room – it’s too small for a night table
In my sewing room on the arm of my chair to help declutter around the sewing machine
In the living room on the arm of the couch
How about hanging one next to the toilet or tub in the bathroom? Keep reading material off the floor.
And don’t forget the deck – on the arm of the lounge chair.
I think I can use one in pretty well every room of my small home.
Mustn’t forget using on on hand back of the front car seats for those sitting in the back!
I’m going to busy for a while making all of these, selecting fabrics from my existing stash!

Tami on

OMG! This would be really nice to have.

BJ Marley on

I need this in my living room.

Lisa S on

Perfect for my daughter’s dorm room when she heads back to school next month!

Margene Cook on

This would be so helpful in most of my rooms!

Valerie Hutchinson on

I need this. I’m forever losing the remote. My bedsie table is overflowing with stuff that I think I need to have immediately. With one of these, I wouldn’t be such a crazy person.

Susan Lanctot on

I would love this beside my bed!

Jen Kelley on

I would need to make several of these. I could use one in my sewing room for current projects, my rotary cutter and rulers. Plus one in my sons room for all his small toys and tv remote!

Michele Van Epps on

Every bedroom in our house could use one, the living room could use one or two, and my sewing room definitely needs one!

Nancy Zimmerman on

I would love to win this pattern. It would be great to organize!

Nancy B on

This “Sort Your Stuff Organizer” is just what I need by my bed. I’m always having to lean out of bed to get my magazine off the floor or whatever I’m wanting to look at before I go to sleep. I would also like to make one for my grandson to keep by his bed for his favorite things.

Janean Wedeking on

This would be perfect for my mother – in – law as a Christmas gift to go on her arm chair where she reads daily and finishes the newspaper every day! It’s perfect. My husband and I could also use his and hers versions under our beds to organize in the bed room where he can have his home brewing reading material and I can have my sewing reading material along with lotions cell phone etc! Great pattern!

Karen H on

With my daughter going off to college, dorm room space is minimal. This would be perfect for her bedside to store all her reading materials and other goodies. It would be so much fun to make for her in colors matching her bedding.

Cathy on

My son going off to college to keep his things neat— or so his mother hopes!

Cathy on

My son going off to college could use this to help keep things neat— or so his mother would hope!


I desperately need this by my recliner where I practically Live. I have 2 magazine baskets on the floor, a stack of books on the table and a large sewing basket on the floor on the other side of the chair. It would be great to consolidate just what I am currently working on in one handy place!

Theresa on

I need this beside my mother’s bed and chair for her books, I-pad, remote and glasses!

Sue McGovney on

This would be great to keep my knitting patterns and ipad from getting lost in the living room

Barbara on

I will make two of them. One in the car in front of my seven year old to organize his back seat clutter.
The other 3 for each bathroom reading materials.
Thank you

Diane Antle on

My husband needs this next to his recliner!
would also be handy on my chair at the quilting frame.

Suzanne Whetzel on

Looks like a great item to have in several places. I think it would make a great gift.

Mindy on

This would be perfect for hanging behind my seat in my car. I don’t have really a center consul and this would help me greatly with organizing and having what I need close.

Ellen T on

Well I think almost any & all rooms of my home…& then I could make some for my knitting friends for Christmas presents.
One especially for my husband for the “king of the remote”….

Susan Walls on

I need this for my husband’s arm chair. He’s disabled and has to keep his feet up, but he loses his gadgets in the chair, beside the chair, under the chair :). He’s been asking for one and this one seems perfect for his needs!

Karen Walker on

Neat idea. Maybe for Christmas gifts. Hmmm

Karen Walker on

Neat idea. Maybe for Christmas gifts. Hmmmmmm

Marsha Bohannon on

I need one for each side of our bed. We constantly trip over stuff during the night, and our glasses and gadgets risk being crushed by a dog!

Susan Belau on

I could really use one on the end of my sofa. I’ve been trying to keep my project neat but they keep getting out of control.

MS Barb on

My son needs one on the couch that faces the TV; the young grandsons each need at least one for their video games!

Terri Burton on

Love the pattern! Definitely would be useful on my husbands recliner!!!

Susan on

Love Indygo Junction patterns. Especially restyled shirts and aprons. Would love to add this one to my collection.

Jean Della Vecchia on

I need it in my bedroom. I usually have an iPod, tablet, and a couple of remote controls thrown into a plastic basket to keep them organized.

Barbara on

This would work great in my sewing room! It always needs more organizing! Would make a great gift for my Mom too.

connie b on

My husband needs one bad for his STUFF on the coffee table.

Nancy Glisson on

I think this would make a great Christmas gift for my five grandchildren (ages 12 to18) It should help them stay organized around their beds.

Carol Young on

Perfect for my husband’s favorite chair. Usually the floor, end table and even the chair have things scattered all over.

Geni on

I need 2! One by the bedside and one by my husband’s recliner!

Karen Berard on

I need two of these. one for the recliner and one for me for my on-going projects

Bettina Groh on

Looks like it could wherever I go…from recliner to couch tocar!

Kate Gonzalez on

Ohhh, I definitely need this on my husband’s side of the bed!! His nitestand gets so cluttered. Well…on my side, too. I tend to clutter when I bring my sewing to the bed! I totally love this pattern!! <3

Marina Guard Whigham on

I can use this in every room in my apartment! I am always trying to be better organized and this could be a big help.

Rene Bolton on

I need this by my bedside!

Martha Hood on

This would work well in so many rooms and materials- for baby- new mommy area- shutin- eather in bed or in area where they might spend the most time- would be great for teachers- children, and just any one- thanks for new ideas for so many of us to use. have a blessed day

Ellen Crawley on

I need this in the family room on the arm of the sofa. I always seem to have piles of stuff around me and I think this organizer might just be thing that would get me organized! Thanks.

Terri on

I need this in my bedroom

Betty on

The first time I saw an organizer like this, my Cousin made a pouch for our Grandma’s knitting items. Your organizer goes much further in design. I myself could use this just about anywhere I am What a great design

Beverly Ramsburg on

i really need this on the arm of my recliner. No, maybe I need it on the side of my bed. Or, maybe I need to make it for my grandsons and their dad. I’m just not sure so I need to make several of them.

Robin Larido on

I could really use this organizer for my craft supplies. Right now I have everything from scissors to tools to sewing supplies in five different place and can never locate anything. I always forget where I put things. Being able to organize all my stuff in one place would be so helpful! Thanks!

Patricia Davis on

I think I need one in every room! but if I win the pattern I will start by making one for my bedroom so I can have more stuff handy while reading and such in bed.

Linda F on

This would be great for my family room.

Carolyn on

I believe I could use one in every room of my house! Thanks.

Kimberlee Osburn on

I need to make 2 of these for my sewing room. One to hold all of my different stabilizers for my embroidery machine and another to hold the embroidery hoops. Great way to get organized by hanging on the wall cause I don’t have any more floor space for containers.

Carolyn on

I believe I could use one of these in most every room of my house! Thanks.

Sandra Beck on

Perfect idea for close at hand organization.
Great recycling of jeans etc..Love it..Thanks for the chance….

Beverly Ramsburg on

I need this on the arm of my recliner. No, maybe I need it on the edge of my bed, or wait maybe I need to make one for each of my grandsons and their dad. I’m just not sure where I need it so I will have to make several.

Lisa Hardey on

I would love to have this for both my bed and for my recliner. I am a librarian who reads constantly, leaves sticky notes in my books, has reading classes, and jumps from books to the Kindle to the iPad. Great way to keep everything all together so I do not have to constantly go on a treasure hunt!

carolyn on

The bed and his recliner.

Annette Crain on

I would make this nifty organizer for my favorite Aunt, who is confined to her bed. She could really use having all her goodies close by.

Amy Gale on

A must-have for the arm of the sofa!

Amy Gale on

I need this on the arm of my sofa!

Nancy Price on

That is a cool pattern could see myself making a few of these!

Marla Gilbertson on

I could use this pattern to make one for the arm of a chair in the TV room, one for the bed, and one for my chair in my sewing room to hold supplies while I stitch. I knew I was saving those old pairs of jeans for something! :-)

bobbi on

my crafting chair, always need to have items handy and this pattern is perfect for my crafting chair in my sunroom.

Denise Dettman on


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