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Now presenting one of our new bag patterns: The Stitched Top Tote! This lovely bag was designed by Jerilynn Lijeweski, the same woman who designed our new Store & Go Zipper Case, as well as many of our other patterns. IJ1105CR-2T Jeri likes to take advantage of the embroidery stitches that live on everyone's machines. These cute stitches are often overlooked and under-utilized. In this pattern Jeri uses 5 different stitches to create the top band of the bag. 9441 To give the handles the strength the need to tote all your items, they are created with a fat piping that is sewn into the band. Not only do you get a comfortable, strong handle, but it creates an interesting reverse pleated detail in the bag body. 1133 One of the downsides with large bags is that you always lose your wallet! (or is it just me?) This bag takes care of that problem, as the pattern includes a strap that attaches to a small wallet (also included in the pattern). You'll never have go digging again! 1202 As you can see, the bag has a roomy interior and one zipped pocket. Notice the detail of the pleated bottom, which gives the body it's pear shape. By the way, the dress in all of these photos is our Over The Top Tunic. It is created in Crossroads Denim Downtown Teal, and the two bags shown are in Crossroads Fire Red and Charcoal Black. 1110 Want to win a copy of The Stitched Top Tote pattern? Simply leave a comment below on your favorite purse style and you will be entered to win! The contest will run through 12:00 pm on Friday, June 27th for US contestants only. Good Luck!

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Lee on

I love tote and messenger type bags! thanks!

Susan Cohen-Pessah on

This bag is practice and adorable, I would love to win the pattern. Thanks for the opportunity.

Joanne VanHise on

Great design! Very useful bag.

Ellen Crawley on

Any style shoulder bag as long as it is BIG! Can’t stand tiny bags.

cindy lanahan on

I like bags that are wide and deep for traveling

Diane Hovis on

I just love totes…a girl can’t have too many!!! But I do like the Hobo style purse.

Susan Cohen-Pessah on

This bag is practical and adorable. Thank you for the opportunity to win the pattern.

Judy on

Cute bag!

Deborah Rayman on

Great bag. Love to win pattern.

Joyce Meinhardt on

I’m pretty much a cross body/shoulder bag gal, but that’s not always practical (like on vacation when hubby says “here, put this in your purse..”). A tote is becoming more & more appealing!

Donna Sheffer on

Tote bags with pockets are my favorite.

anita butler on

Would love to win this pattern. I have recently become interested in making bags/purses.

Christi on

I love making bags, and the most important thing to me is pockets! So when I find a pattern I love, if it needs more pockets, I improvise and add more!

SandyO on

I love a purse/tote that enables me to carry everything I need which is a lot. Always have to be prepared for what ever. Love this pattern and how she used the decorative stitches on it. Thanks for doing this.

sandra morris on

I have a Jean Smart bag with changeable covers that I love. a new purse for every occasion without having to move all the contents.

Beth W on

I love the hobo style.

Kim Lambertz on

Looks roomy, and the straps look comfy. Thanks for a chance to win the pattern!

Jane on

Love this bag!

anita butler on

I have recently become interested in making bags/purses. I would love to win this pattern.

kathy cruse on

Love this big tote. I carry a big tote w/me an keep a little purse in it. This one is a great size.

Donna Coffey on

Love this tote! I would love to make one, I like the idea of the attached wallet and the great handles made using fat piping.

Evelyn on

I like my purses to be crossbody and my totes to be big.

Fran on

Love the simplicity of this design.

Jane on

I love big totes just like this one. The use of the decorative stitches is so pretty. If I’m not lucky enough to win, I will definitely be buying this pattern!!

Linda Hannemann on

Love this pattern! I have been looking for a pattern that sets it apart from the other totes.


this is a great tote to carry all your stash in and to use some beautiful fabrics to make it
thank you HELEN Mc DIFFITT



Mary Wippold on

My favorite purse style is a tote that closes at the top. it has to be big but not too big. It needs lots of pockets to organize things so there’s not a big jumble of things at the bottom of the purse. optimally it would also have a compartment to carry a water bottle.

Marty on

I never use the decorative stitches on my machine, but I will do so now; thanks!

Stacy Sheridan on

Love this purse!

Kathy McCurdy on

Mine mine mine mine mine….

wanda on

I use bags of all all sizes and styles —can’t have too many! Thanks for the giveaway.

JudyC on

I love the simplicity of this stitching on the bag, plus the size…..Wow!!!

Jane on

I like tote bags for everyday use and clutch bags for evening. This is a cute new pattern

connie b on

I like a purse that is open topped but able to snap or zip closed and big enough to carry what I need with a lot of pockets.

Sylvia on

Would love to win and love the tote!

Wanda Mehrer on

Love the idea of getting to use my decorative stitches on this bag!

Brenda Melahn on

While I love the stitching on this pattern and could use the large tote, my favorite is a wallet type clutch with a shoulder strap.

Kay on

Would love to win and sew this useful bag.

Wanda Stone on

something to handle all the essentials for a day out at a picnic is my favorite

Sandy Madon on

I love the stitched top tote. I never thought of using the embroidery stitches on my machine in such a way!

Joan Mitchell on

Would love to win this pattern. I think the small wallet is my favorite feature. :)

Lynn Paul on

What a cute bag! I love the pleated bottom!

Debbie on

I love larger purses as I always carry a lot of things-I actually won a purse scavenger hunt contest recently at my quilt guild! Love this tote and thanks for the chance to win the pattern.

Brenda Aigner on

I love the contrast of the stitching on a solid color!

Rhonda on

Being a teacher, I always have a bag on my shoulder! You made a beautiful bag.

Connie VanDeKoppel on

What a cute and roomy bag!

KyKwiltz on

I am SO into tote bags right now! For dressy events, I’ll carry a clutch, but nothing stows my stuff like a tote!

Kalen Hahn on

As far as purses, I like small – just large enough to carry the few things I always seem to need. But I love totes for carrying everything else – projects I’m working on, books, mail, etc. I would love to win this pattern. Thanks for the opportunity.

Diane F Rose on

Great opportunity to use some of the stitches on my machine. Love the bag

Diane F Rose on

Would be a great chance to use all of those stitches on my machine. Love the bag!

Connie VanDeKoppel on

What a roomy bag and cute stitches!

Lori M. on

I love totes, but this square when opened is great. I would love to win the pattern……..

Clara Chandler on

I love to make tote bags and I do not have a particular favorite style. If the bag is eye-catching, then I’ll give the pattern a try. Thanks for the giveaway. This bag certainly meets the “eye-catching” category.

Shirley on

I love a tote with pockets, comfy handles, defined bottom and places to add ‘personallity’. This one meets all those needs!

Kathy Bumb on

I love all your bag patterns, but this new one tops them all. Love your blog and read all the time.

Loony Lady on

Love a tote with pockets, defined bottom and comfy handles. This one looks perfect!

Deb E on

My fave purse style is a satchel. Pretty stitch pattern combo too.

Ann-Marie Jaxgård on

Fun projekt. Love the red one.

kathy mc on

this is a great tote because: it has the room I like, the pleats/gathering at the base are a great detail. But the best is the manner in which the handles are attached, superb detail and extra strength. Great design that I would just love to have. thanks

Lorraine Haemel on

I love purses and bags. I’m a Bagaholic. My favourite bag or purse has lots of pockets so things don’t get lost at the bottom of the bag

Jane Alvested on

I like the idea of using decorative stitches on this tote. Would love to win this pattern and have fun with using some of my machine stitches on it.

Mary Vogel on

What a wonderful bag. Soooo cool. Luv the decorative stitching idea. Very clever.

MS Barb on

The stitched top tote is cute!


I love big tote bags and the stitching tops it off. Would love to win!

Karen Jones on

Messenger bags and small wallets are my favorite.

Pam Hasell on

I tend to like “just the right” bags, organized with a spot for everything, no room to spare for trash. However, the stitched top tote would be great for travel or those errand days when I carry a tablet, reading materials, fabric samples, etc. Love the decorative stitching!

Ashley on

I typically carry a messenger style purse, but a larger tote sure is handy! This is a beautiful pattern.

Pam Hasell on

I am ending a phase of downsizing my purses after over stuffing them time after time. I like a bag that is just the right size with pockets to store a few things. On the other hand, the top stitch tote bag would be great for traveling or those errand days when I carry a magazine, tablet, notebook, fabric samples, you name it! Love the detailing!

Denise Stahl on

Creative idea, would love the pattern!

karen on

I love making bags of all sizes. What an awesome bag to use all those stitches that never seem to get used. This would be a great project to teach my daughter in law how to use the different stitches on her new sewing machine also. Thank you Indygo Junction I love your patterns!

carolyn on

Love this bag!!

Betty Fisher on

Wonderful pattern, looks like the perfect tote. It could take any extra stichings and appliques I wanted.

Ann on

I really like satchels that have a divider in the middle, and I like a top that closes completely.
Love the roomy interior of the tote shown.

Nancy on

WONDERFUL idea for using decorative stitches! Sometimes I forget that the simplest things can look the best :-)

julieanne ratliff on

That is a great looking tote and I have a new machine with lots of stitches to do the job! I think I need the tunic pattern, too!

Patricia Vajda on

I’d love to win, I have tried entering this comment 5 times,but the Captcha code is not letting me enter.

Patricia Vajda on

I’d love to win this bag. Very nice.

Patricia Vajda on

My fav is the Brooklyn Bag, and this one will become my 2nd fav. This would be a great gift bag too.

Patricia Vajda on

My fav is the Brooklyn Bag, and this one will become my 2nd fav.


Marcelle on

Love bags! This one is lovely. Good opportunity to use some of the stitches in my machine. Don’t think I’ve tried even half of them!

Karen Berard on

This looks like a cute tote. would love to make this

Lori Nicholas on

I’m a recovering bag addict, but may have to relapse to make this bag!! I love the decorative stitches and the tethered wallet.

Dawanna Werger on

Love all of your bag patterns. This one is especially sweet with the trim of decorative stitches. Great way to utilize ours machines to their fullest.

Jeanne Perrone on

I like very useful totes with pockets either inside and outside. I also like sewing machine made decorations, and interesting colors and styles. I like handles that make them easy to carry.

Sherry Fram on

I don’ t have a favorite per se but I do like an oversized one.

Mary Ellen on

I have a new sewing machine with LOTS of beautiful stitches – This would be a great project to help me get in the habit of using them. Thank you for the giveaway!

Elisa on

The best, most functional totes have a wide or gusseted bottom, zippers, classic, old fashioned snaps, and a light colored interior, so one can see inside.

Carmen N on

I don’t think I have a favorite style – I’m bag crazy!

Tina on

Love how a bit of stitching reallyakes this bag so cute.

Tina on

Simple stitching makes the bag a real eye catcher. I love totes.

Shelley Folkerts on

I carry cross body style bags as my purse. I use alot of large tote bags to carry my crafting projects. I inherited my Mom’s embroidery machine so it would come to good use making this new tote.

Tanya Watson on

I love the look of this bag and the easy way it flows. I would be proud to own it

Flasun on

This is great! I really appreciate how decorative stitches were used to create such a wonderful look. These bags bring back memories from years gone by; and they’re still popular today.

Helen Geyer on

I really enjoy making totes and bags for gifts (and for myself of course). This is a lovely one. Would love to win it!

Helen Geyer on

I really enjoy making totes and bags for gifts (and for myself of course). This is a lovely one.

Marina Guard Whigham on

My embroidery machine would work beautifully on this fantastic pattern! Would love to win it.

Belinda Martinez on

I love totes, especially if they have a pocket or two. This tote is amazing, with its embroidery stitching and small wallet attachment. I don’t have a new sewing machine that can do all the fancy embroidery, so, I would try to hand embroider the design myself.

Helen Geyer on

I really like this tote and would love to win the pattern. Great tote to give away as gifts.

Robin G on

I like found bags! Found in yard sales, thrift stores, etc.

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