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Today I want to introduce you to the first of our 24 (!) new patterns. The Store & Go Zipper Case is an unusual pattern for us because it can only be made with a circular attachment on your sewing machine. IJ1108CR-2T Circular attachments are available for most machines. If you haven't used one, it is simply a long ruler that you screw onto your machine. In the middle of the ruler is a pin, on which you will place your fabric. The ruler has a gauge so you can choose the diameter of your circle. Then, simply stitch as normal, the ruler will guide your fabric around in a perfect circle. Here is an image of what a circular attachment looks like. circattach To see the attachment in action, watch this informative video from Brother. The Store & Go Zipper Case can be made two ways - as a jewelry pouch, or for your sewing accessories. The case needs very little fabric, just 3/8 yard each for the outer and lining of the pouch, interfacing, Soft N' Stable, a 6" zipper and scraps for the inside pockets and tabs. When unzipped, the pouch is a 10" diameter, when zipped, it is a room 10" x 5". IJ1108CR-8TIJ1108CR-7T The outside of the case, which we show made in our Crossroads Denim, is stitched with the  decorative stitches on your machine, using the circular attachment. The zipper is also sewn on using the attachment. IJ1108CR-11TIJ1108CR-5T If you choose to make the jewelry version you will add a zipper pocket to the inside lining as well as two necklace tabs. If you go the sewing accessory route, you will add a ruler pocket, scissor pocket, three elastic tabs to hold thread spools and a felt tab for needles and pins. IJ1108CR-4TIJ1108CR-3T This is a perfect pouch to carry on your travels, and it is a great gift idea! How would you use this pattern? This contest is closed.  

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Shrikant Rana on

Cool idea! Gives me a reason to try out the attachment!

Sharon Shiffert on

This is so cool! Never used a circular sewing machine attachment before, but I’d like to try to make both versions of this Store & Go Zipper Case!

Beth Glass on

THis is a really cool pattern. Looks like a lot of fun to make!

Sandra swick on

Must have this!

Sandra swick on

Must have this!!!!

Janet Mahoney on

Love it!

Sarah on

very cute – I’ve never heard of a circular attachment, but it looks interesting

Janette Walker on

That is so cleaver! Very creative and I would love it!

Sheilah on

Love, love, love….a must have!

Katie Whittemore on

I love these patterns! Very cool for organizing!

Barbara B on

Love the rows of circular stitching – really adds dimension

Sandra swick on

Gotta have this!!!!

Rachel T. on

How Cool! I would love to try this pattern!

Dawn Michaelson on

I just saw this attachment yesterday for my machine and was wondering what I could make with it and today here is your pattern. I just may have to buy the circular attachment.

Dawn M. Michaelson on

I just saw the circular attachment for my machine yesterday and was fascinated by it. Then today your pattern. I need to try this out.

Deb E on

So adorable; like a little pocket sandwich surprise! I like it!

Nancy M on

This is neat. I have wanted to get a circular stitcher for my machine. I would like to make some of these.

Shelly Vatteroni on

I’d like to try this!

debbie katz on


Lee on

Fabulous pattern! The video from Brother was helpful! I would love to give this a try! thanks!

Karen Cozatt on

I would love to make one for me and several of t jewelry version for girlfriends.

Alicia Key on

Great pattern. The new Sew Easy tables come with a circle pin.

Cheryl Coltrane on

Love this! Would be fun to make and fun to give!

Mary Ann Harpe on

Very cool and creative- I’ve got tons of fabric that would make cool cases

Cheryl Reinert on

Very cool pattern and idea. Would be great gifts!! Love it!

Lorrie Ferraro on

Love this pattern – want to see more like it

Becky on

Very cool! I had no idea there was such an attachment, but I really like the idea of this pattern.

Rita Long on

I have been wanting the circular attachment Noe will be a great time to get it and make this great case.

Jeannie Hertz on

I’m always looking for ways to use my machine’s fancy stitches! Love the idea.

connie b on

What a wonderful little case – I am the resident “bag lady”, I love making bags and cases in all shapes and sizes. Haven’t used the circular tool but would love to try it.

Therese on

I have a circular attachment for my sewing machine and love this patter. With several nieces this pattern would make a great gift!

Kelly Aubert on

This is so cool! I think it would make a really great way to to gift a piece of jewelry and the jewlery case together! It is so beautiful!

Laurene Shewan on

WOW – very clever. You and your staff must lie awake, at night, creating all these wonderful things for us to make. Would love to win it!

Tanya Watson on

This is toooo cute. Thanks for the chance to win

Evelyn on

For sure I’d make this for jewelry.

Patricia on

Would love to win this!!

Therese on

What a coo pattern and great gift idea.

Lin Tarrant on

What a great pattern and a lovely idea for a travelling sewing kit.

Mary Sue on

Looms like a fun and easy pattern. Have to find a circle attachment though. I’m a bit confused about the zipper size as description says you need a 6" zipper, it seems like that would be too short.

Linda Thompson on

Looks like fun, this would make a cute sewing pouch for my grand daughters sewing things.

Lila Bates on

I’d love to make these for gifts. Hopefully, Lila

Janie Quinn on

It is a beautiful beautiful design. I love projects where I can incorporate different stitches in a new clever way.

Char Morrison on

This pattern looks like fun to make!

Anne on

Cute idea – great for carry-ons. I’m a knitter and would be using my first one to keep my necessities nearby.

Carol Young on

I have a circular attachment and the designs that can be created are amazing. Can’t wait to learn how it will help attach the zipper.

Kathe G on

Just when you think you know it all – HA! What a clever and beautiful idea.

TerriK on

I just love learning new techniques! This looks really interesting! Pick me, pick me, pick me!

debra on

this would be fun to make any many years ago i had a pattern but who knows what happened to it like a bag they you used to carry in the late 1800s thanks for the chance to win looks adorable

Diya on

Wow. Mind blowing creativity :) Add my email to the giveaway draw please.

Nancy N on

really clever pattern!

Nancy N on

Very clever pattern!

Sandra Taylor on

Love it! Gotta have it!!

Terry Craig on

This would be easier to pack than the jewelry cases with the drawstring. Great idea!

Juanita Vega DeJoseph on

Very unique! Would love to make either project!

Myrna Horton on

What a wonderful idea~~ I have a circular attachment but never thought of making this beautiful pouch/storage container. I would use this pattern for carrying my music items because they are small, ie tuning devices etc.

Susan Moroney on

Wow that is fantastic!! I have a circular sewing attachment but it is still in it’s pack, what a great reason for getting it out!!

Pamela on

What a brilliant idea! Very clever use of the circular attachment.

Lisa on

What a great idea! So cute! I’m going to have to find this attachment for my machine.

Chana Rincon on

What a great way use to use decorative stitches!

Jane Henson on

I have been looking for a great project to try out my circular attachment…this is it! Great for carrying scissors to classes.

Terry D on

I really love this pattern. I would use this as a manicure travel kit. I’m always putting things loose in pouches and can’t find what I need. Thanks for the giveaway! Also looking forward to seeing your other new patterns.

Sheilah Mathias on

I need this pattern!!!

Brenda Hennig on

I can think of so many things to use this pattern awesome!!

Cheryl Gregory on

What a great idea. Another use for the circular attachment.

Judith L Graham on

Anxious to try sewing designs in circle.

Sarah Hayes on

So cool and innovative! I would love to make them!

Sarah Hayes on

So cool and innovative! I would love to make some!

sandra morris on

Love my Bernina circle attachment and would love to have the pattern to use it on.

Simplepieman on

This is a wonderful use of circular stitches!

vachi on

Nice purse. Compact for travel

katdoll946@yahoo.com on

Love this pattern.

katdoll946@yahoo.com on

I am always looking for something new to try. This really looks like a cool pattern

Julie Shirk on

Love to have this pattern and the attachment!!

Judy on

Wow! This is impressive!

Denise on

So Clever! Love it!

Melinda on

I see Christmas gift sewing and a few for myself. Great new look !

Meg McKinney on

This is lovely, and makes me want to learn to sew in circles!

Simple pieman on

This is a wonderful use of the circular tool!

Marianne Brown on

i have the circular attachment for my Viking and was looking for a small project to do. This is it? What a lovely idea and so practical. Great gift potential.

Cheryl Burgess on

What a cute pouch. I had one of those attachments years ago. I wonder where it is? Would love to make this.

Barbara Smith on

What a great pattern! I would love to have it. I just purchased the circular attachment and want to try it out!

Cheryl Burgess on

What a cute idea. I had one of those attachments years ago. I wonder where it is? I’d love to try this!

Denise on

Very clever! Love it!

Yvonne on

Must have for my upcoming road trip! I need to get organized, and a chance to use my circular attachment which has been collecting dust.

sandie on

A very cute idea. I love it. I have a circular attachment, that I have never used. Now is the time. thank you….

Barbara Smith on

What a great pattern! I just purchased the circular attachment and would love to try it out.

Denise Lamy on

Very cute and clever!

Virginia Shutt on

Great pattern! This would make wonderful gifts for travelers or my sewing friends.

louann mcgraw on

great pattern for the Viking/Pfaff Circular Attachment

Nora G. on

I would make the jewelry case version. Clever design!

LeAnn Anderson on

Can’t wait to try this pattern. This will make great gifts.

helen jackson on

I didn’t know that there were circular attachments for machines, could be really handy to have.

Nora G. on

I like the jewelry case version. Really clever!

Cindy Dahl on

I have a circular sewing tool. This would be a fun pattern to use it on!

Irene Pers on

Perfect first project for my new circular attachment. Can’t wait to make this.

Shirley on

very cute; would love to make this. I have only used my circular attachment a few times – this is a great project to put it to work.

Linda F on

Love this pattern!

Jan LaCroix on

nice website

Mary Larson on

Cool idea! Gives me a reason to try out the attachment!

Pam biswas on

Lovely Pouch, so creative

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