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Is your jewelry box a jumbled mess of earrings, rings and tangled necklaces? Mine is. I rarely wear any of my jewelry just because I don't want to mess with the mess! It turns out that  a lot of people have a similarly messy jewelry box, so we decided to get everyone organized - in the cutest way possible. Enter the Store In Style organizer. PIJ1101CR-2T This hanging organizer is shaped like an A-line dress, or if you need something smaller, a shirt. The organizer slides onto a hangar for everyday storage, but you can also roll it up for traveling.PIJ1101CR-9TThe constructions is simple - don't let all that vinyl scare you! This project goes together surprisingly quickly. The pockets are different sizes for versatility in storage. PIJ1101CR-5T 5 velcro tabs around the neck provide storage for long hanging items like necklaces. PIJ1101CR-4T It works well for jewelry, but you can store anything in this organizer. Even sewing supplies!PIJ1101CR-6T Would you like to win a copy of the Store In Style pattern? Simply leave a comment telling us what you would use it for and you'll be entered! The contest runs through 12:00 PM Friday, September 12th. For US residents only. Good Luck!
Would you like to win a copy of the Bakery Baskets pattern? Simply leave a comment telling us your favorite kind of bread and you will be entered. The contest runs through 12:00 Friday, August 8th, for US residents only. Good luck! - See more at:

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Marjory W. on

I would use this for jewelry, or maybe for storing doll accessories.

Judy on

Oh my this is a gift project for sure!
Yes I need this- don’t like digging for
my jewelry!

Jaime on

I am looking to make something like this for storage in my tiny sewing room!

rhonda grallnick on

so cute!!

Violet ODell on

I would give one to each of my granddaughters so they could organize their rooms better and their mother would not have to pick up after them as often.

karen on

This would be perfect for my 2 teenage grandaughters!

Lori Nicholas on

One for myself and one for a friend. Great gift for college-bound girls!!

Brenda R. on

I would not only use this pattern for many gifts but I would make one for me to store sewing supplies.

Alice Noles on

Neat idea

Carmen N on

At first I was thinking of my jewelry but I love the idea of sewing notions. Maybe I’d have to make two!

Debbie on

I would definitely use this for jewelry storage as I am running out of places to put my earrings!

Elizabeth F. on

This would be perfect for my daughters and granddaughter. I would also be able to use this for jewelry and sewing room. It has so many possibilities. LOVE IT.

Sheilah on

I would make it in pastels and give it to my granddaughter as a craft organizer for her projects! She is 4 1/2 yrs old!

Fran Parrow on

with a very few changes I could use this at work to hold the many brochures I need on hand.

Kristen Kelly on

This would make a great gift for all the women in my family, regardless of their age!

Carlotta on

Finely getting a very small sewing room! This would be perfect for supplies! AwEsOmE idea!

Toni Gambino on

I love this pattern. I would make two for myself for jewelry and sewing notions and one for each of my four sisters for Christmas. Great gifts!

Dianne on

This would be an adorable accessory to have hanging in my sewing studio where I teach sewing. Others will want to make it for sure.

Joan Mitchell on

I love the idea of storing my sewing notions in this! It would never hold my entire inventory of notions, but I could keep some of the smaller, hard to locate things handy this way… and, as mentioned by others, I may have to make two… as I’m always looking for a better place to store jewelry.

Melynda Cash on

I can see this used in several ways, as a jewelry organizer, in my sewing room, as a hair bow organizer for my granddaughter, an organizer for my granddaughters playroom for her dress up jewelry, great bridal shower gifts, and perfect organizer for the flat wooden dolls and their magnetic wardrobe.

Sharon on

I would love to use it for my overflow jewelry. I would also use it in my studio for various notions and embellishments. Last but not least they would make great gifts.

Toni Gambino on

I would definitely make one for my great niece who, two weeks after leaving for college, lost her father to a tragic death. He was an Army veteran and only 44 years old. She could use this for dorm storage.

connie b on

That is too cute. My niece would love that for her jewelry and I would love it to put my small sewing notions in. Thanks for a chance to win the pattern.

Carolyn on

I would “clean up” my jewelry shelf. Cute idea for pattern.

T Ludwig on

Great for jewelry and all small stuff that one never knows where to put.

Liz Cambra on

I would use one for jewelry storage, one for sewing notions and one for my granddaughter’s crayons and markers and dress up accessories!

Sandy Wyngaard on

really cute, I would probably make as gifts for the three daughters and granddaughter…then one for me… for my sewing room.

Leanna Morris on

I’d use this for jewelry

bobbi on

I would make one for my craft room, it is a great organizational tool. I would also make one for my jewelry. Love the style of the organizer, would make several for my nieces.

Kathy Bumb on

I love this pattern. I would use it to store various small craft items that I constantly misplace. This would be great for that.

Mo LaBranche on

A long version would be for knitting needles and crochet hooks, along with all the small related items that need organizing.
The short version would be excellent for jewelry and fit in my small travel bag.

Jen K on

This would be great in my craft room for storing sewing notions!

Louise Schubert on

This organizer is SO cute and handy. I’ll definitely use it to organize my jewelry, and I’ll have to make one for all the gals in my family.

Marj on

Perfect for my Granddaughter who will be in acting school in London and traveling for 2 years.

Audrey Fish Pfeifer on

Sweet. Great idea. I would make these for gifts!!

HIlary C on

I’d use it for jewelry. It would be handy for my sewing area as well.

Lynne on

This would be so cool for my 3 daughters and 5 nieces for Christmas, as well as a nice gift for my sisters and the giving tree at church. I could see making at least a dozen or so.

Dannette on

From jewelry, to notions, to makeup, to Barbie clothes, to hair ties…I could see this being used in many ways!

Caren on

I would love to make this for my nieces in college, to start with, as Christmas presents. I’m sure I would find other uses after that!

Mo LaBranche on

I forgot that a small one would be great for my granddaughters barrettes. She always seems to be missing one of a matching color set.

Janet Guidry on

I would use this for sewing notions and make another for jewelry. Also, this would be great for my beading supplies as well.

Denise Stahl on

That is the cutest jewelry organizer that I have seen. A great idea for Christmas gifts and of course, one for me!

Jenny Brooks on

What a cute and imaginative pattern! I would probably have to make two because I want one for jewelry and one for sewing things!

Jenny in Florida

Barbara on

Would like to make it as both a jewelry organizer and as an organizer in my sewing room.

Linda schiffer on

I recently got my ears pierced and would love one of these to keep it all together.

:) Linda


I would like to make them for my granddaughters for Christmas.

Nanci on

I love this organizer. At frst I thought I would use it for jewelry but I’m trying to organize my sewing rom so I would probably use it to organize sewing notions

Patricia Jackson on

Would love to make this as a birthday gift for my daughter!

kelly on

I will use it in my sewing room. May make several!

Susan L Parrish on

This would be great for my 16 year Granddaughter who is take jewelry classes in high school. She does beautiful work. WOW!!!!!!

Ginnie on

I have a daughter for whom this would be an ideal gift! :)

Jeanne Gray on

Definitely for sewing, maybe just for the doll clothes I make for my Grandkids.

Melissa Carlson on

Perfect for my 17-year-old niece for Christmas!

VickiT on

I think I’d use it for my 2 yr old Granddaughter’s socks, hair stuff, and little shoes since she’s still so small I think they’d fit. I’m sure she’d also want to add her little treasures she finds too.

Pamela on

I have been looking for one of these. Did not think about storing sewing stuff, but now I need 2

Judi Cushing on

i have been looking for a travel jewelry case, this would be perfect!

Glend Spellerberg on

What a terrific idea for all types of items that need to be kept separate and organized; sewing notions, crafting tools, jewelry (of course), children’s small toys, junk drawer contents, even mani-pedi supplies.
I would make one for my three daughters, my daughter-in-law, three sisters, four granddaughters and my mom.
Christmas gifting solved! Now what to make for the boys?

Linda Frasier on

I think this would be great on the wall by my sewing machine! Love the idea….

Karen J. on

Definitely for sewing!

Anita Drennom on

Fabulous project. I would make one for every bedroom in my hous and the laundry room. Great attractive way to keep clothes pins, belts etc and large pockets could hold laundry packets. Would also use to organize first aid supplies and my dogs small supplies. The back of every door needs one of these!

Vicki Fox on

My youngest daughter is the ultimate organizer and a fashion plate to boot. This would be perfect for her!

Christina Gonzalez on

For my sewing notions

Christina Gonzalez on

For my sewing accessories and notions.

Christina Gonzalez on

For my sewing notions.

Rita on

I would like to make one for my granddaughter who just started college!

Lori on

I LOVE THIS!! I would use this for my sewing and crafting supplies, I need a much better(read ANY) organization system to my little corner haven and this is perfect!!

Glend Spellerberg on

I am entranced with this pattern. A great idea for all those bits and pieces that just keep piling up, from items in the junk drawer to mani-pedi supplies.
I have over 11 people that need something like this in their life, from a 5 year old to an 80 year old.
Thank you indygo junction.

Nancy Horrocks on

What a terrific idea for all types of items that need to be kept separate and organized; sewing notions, crafting tools, jewelry (of course), children’s small toys, junk drawer contents, even mani-pedi supplies.
I love this pattern. I would make two for myself for jewelry and sewing notions and one for each of my friends/ sisters and daughters

Lady Trish Henderson on

I would love to have this in my closet. My old one is on the floor, because it just was too small for my collection of jewelry.

Becki Coffman on

I would love to have one to organize beaded projects that I have finished . They are currently in a container on a shelf—they SHOULD be seen displayed on something as beautiful as this dress organizer !

deb andrews on

I am looking for fun and whimsical ways to store sewing notions. This just makes me smile.

Kim on

I would love to win this great pattern!

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