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We love designing new aprons - as you know, we have an extensive array of wonderful apron styles! However, we didn't have a halter-style apron- how could that be? Well, we remedied that quickly and designed The Betsy Apron. IJ999-2T The Betsy Apron is simple to make and flattering to wear. It features a halter-style top that ties around the neck. The skirt has a slight gather to it, with a waistband that ties in the back. a9789 The detail that makes our apron stand out from others is the reversed facing on the bodice. You sew the facing on with the right side of the fabric placed so you can fold the facing back over the front of the bodice as a design detail. This creates a nice border detail down the front of the apron. IJ999-4T The apron definitely has a retro vibe to it. Wouldn't it be fun to wear while hosting a party and serving appetizers? The style lends itself to so many different fabrics as well, from feminine florals to kitchsy kitchen prints! 2agIJ999view001This apron features a floral mixed with a carrot print from Anna Griffin's Glady's Collection. ag2 21AGIJ999view002This apron features a pretty floral and a subtle swirl from Bonjour Mon Ami by Amanda Murphy for Blend Fabrics. AG1 Would you like to win a copy of The Betsy Apron? To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us your go-to party appetizer. The contest will run through 12:00 pm Friday, August 15th. U.S. residents only please. Good Luck!

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My “go-to appetizer” consists of 8 oz cream cheese and a jar of red pepper jelly.
Spread the cream cheese on a receded plate and then top with the red pepper jelly. Use any kind of crackers you like to dip with.

Alice Noles on

Chips and dip

Paula haddox on

My go-to appetizer is chips, guacamole and salsa.

Lesley Johnsonson Fuson on

I don’t have many opportunities to entertain, but occasionally I have a couple with children stop by, or even my own adult children. I will usually fix a little fresh homemade bread (or regular soft sandwich bread) and remove the crusts. You can serve bread fresh or toasted until light brown. While still warm, I spread a little mayonnaise or softened cream cheese, then spread a little country ham salad on top of that. This works with regular ham or chicken salad as well. If I have some grated cheeses, I’ll sprinkle a little of that on top (cheddar, Monterey Jack or provolone) and put back under the broiler to warm and lightly brown the cheese. Everybody loves these….even picky kids!

Laura on

I always tend to go with a fruit or veggie tray with great dressing!

Rita B DeCook on

I don’t do much “entertaining”, but when I do it is “pigs in a blanket”.

Betty on

Love the new “Betsy” apron pattern…so flattering!! Italian meatballs …my DH, dear husband, always samples too many of them, so I make 2 batches. Dip them in your favorite sauce for a fall football hit!!

Cyndie Kamal on

Oh this is a wonderful pattern to add to my Indygo Junction collection! I have just about all of them and wear them faithfully. Thank you for adding so much fun to the kitchen!

Lori Nicholas on

When in season, blueberry salsa is my favorite go-to appetizer. Otherwise, it’s what ever hummus strikes my fancy with veggie slices/crackers.

Maria N on

Pecan Stuffed Jalapenos, bacon dipped in brown sugar wrapped around a jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese and pecans.
Sweet, salty and spicy. It’s also a great conversation appetizer that everyone will try and amazingly like it. This is how we roll in Texas.

Joan Mitchell on

Ritz crackers with cheese! Sometimes pepperoni with the cheese & crackers…

This apron is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. I’d love to make it from the Bonjour Mon Ami fabrics shown in your second example.

Jackie Forcucci on

My favorite appetizer is slow-cooked, cocktail-size turkey meatballs in grape jelly/chi sauce mix. Yummy, even leftover!

Cyndie Kamal on

My go-to appetizer is smoked oysters, really good crackers and assorted cheeses in a tray, served while wearing my favorite Indygo Junction apron (I have made almost all of them!)

Crystal on

“Christmas Meatballs” are quick, easy and enjoyed by all. Choose your favorite frozen meatballs or make homemade meatballs. Mix one can of Cranberry sauce -regular or whole berry – with one bottle of chili sauce.
Pour sauce in slow cooker/ crock pot; add meatballs. Slow cook for 2-3 hours. Sauce Recipe is for 2 small bags of frozen meatballs.
Perfect “meat” appetizer that slow cooks while preparing for party.

Sally on

I make a quick cranberry salsa… Just grab a can of whole berry cranberry sauce add to your favorite salsa. Mix to taste. Bingo it’s so good with crispy chips.

Hope Seesock on

I have a recipe using cream cheese and dried beef (comes in a little glass jar), onion, green pepper and salt n pepper, spread in baking dish and sprinkle top with ground walnuts, bake. Serve with crackers.

Susie on

I love taking a taco dip… with salsa and cream cheese and green peppers and olives and cheddar cheese. Eat it with tortilla chips.

Kathy on

I have the perfect Halloween fabric to use for this apron.

Debbie on

Love the new apron! My new favorite appetizer is Smoked Cowboy Corn Dip-just made and took to my quilt guild meeting and it disappeared very quickly.

Christine Craig on

I would Love to have the Betsy Apron pattern. I have an illness that sewing helps me and I know quite a few ladies who would enjoy having an apron like this. It would really warm my heart to make the Betsy Apron for them.

Lee Starr on

Black eyed pea salsa-winner every time.

Amy Downey on

I want this pattern to make Xmas gifts!!!! Beautifully made!!!!

mub on

Little puff pastry shells with just about anything are a good go to appetizer. That, or I really like to make little cups out of won ton wrappers. Then insert your filling of choice and you are set =)

Valerie Brooks on

Love your style! Favorite go to appetizer…..grandma Honey’s mini apple crisps from our own canned apple pie filling! Feeds our bellies and our souls!

Joan on

I like to put out a good Punch. Using Pineapple juice, Orange juice and Ginger Ale makes great summer cooler.

Anne Willson on

What a marvelous apron! Would love to add this apron to my collection.

Sam Nicholson on

My go to is mini boldface reunions!! Everyone loves them!! My tab Rangoon are a second!!

Betty on

This would make such a sweet gift

Jo on

homemade mini cheese, onion and bacon scones.

Diane Hughes on

I take flour tortillas and spread cream cheese on them. Chop up black olives, peperoncini peppers, green onion and sprinkle over cream cheese and roll up. Chill several hours and slice into 2 inch pieces. Always a hit wherever I take them.

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