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On Tuesday we introduced our new fabric manipulation book, Dimensional Denim (you can still enter to win a copy!) Today I want to introduce our other new book, Alphabet Applique! As the name implies, this book is for all you applique aficionados out there (and those that want to learn!). AB12305-2 This book has a very interesting beginning. On one of her vintage expeditions, Amy came across an old alphabet quilt made in the 1930's. She instantly fell in love with the designs and brainstormed how they could be updated for the modern consumer. As she researched the origin of the design she linked it back to Nancy Page. Page was a home economist who wrote a nationally syndicated newspaper column. In the late 1920's Page introduced the Nancy Page Quilt Club and started publishing weekly quilt block patterns. The alphabet quilt that Amy found was one of her designs. alphabetappliqueAblock The stylized designs lent themselves to modernization, creating a fun, fresh quilt with a vintage twist. The blocks use a combination of applique and embroidery techniques. Many of the applique designs can be made using scraps of fabric you already have! The alphabet quilt blocks are so cute, we wanted to give you other projects in which to use them. You will find instructions for baby blocks, tea towels, bibs and even wall art. This contest is now closed. alphabetappliqueB alphabetappliqueteatowel Alphabetappliqueblocs AlphabetAppliquebib alphabetapplique-Quilt-Frame

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Cheryl on

Very cute!

Kathy Tripp on

I love them all! I do love the sail boat a lot though. And the possible items one can make with the appliques. Thanks.

Linda Triplett on

So cute so many possibilities!

Christi on

I love the “D” block! The doll is so sweet, with her sunbonnet on! But…I love the bird, too!

Shelly Sandy on

I love the elephant block! I was fortunate enough to find on original quilt dated 1931 made when the patterns were first published. The condition is great, and I am eager to create my own version!

Katherine on

Would love the book it looks great!

Kara Bonta on

I’d like to win!

Peggy on

The “E” block is my favorite!!

Lori Nicholas on

I love the elephant block!

Jeanne D. on

What a precious Alphabet Quilt. It’s so vintage looking and I can already imagine all the projects to sew using the different letters.

Roxanne on

Thanks for this opportunity. Looks like a great book full of ideas!

Marilyn Cole on

I like the elephant, but I have never seen one that I did not like!

Kathy Baker on

What great ideas! I need to add this book to my crafting library!

Sally GAron on

i love it.

Joan Mitchell on

Why choose a favorite? I love them all, and especially seeing that they can be used in other projects as well.

Virginia Frazier on


Karyl on

Oh. So. Cute. It’s hard to pick one favorite but I sure do like the house block.

Beverly Francis on

what a charming book! I particularly like the flexibility in how sewers can use the designs.

Beverly Francis

Katherine Reeck on


Katherine Reeck on

Exceptionally beautiful!

Sandra Strickland on

I really like all of the designs, but I will say that my favorite one is the house. It is the heart of everything.

Beverly Francis on

What a charming book! I particularly like the flexibility in how the design elements can be put to use.

Beverly Francis

Ellen T on

Oh my…to cute, have 3 grandchildren & just can’t imagine all the cute items I could make for them….

Jan Gunter on

This is a sweet book, and looks like fun!!

CA on

Very practical book

Tabitha K. on

I really loved the “U” block with the umbrella, so cute! It was hard to pick though because they are all so cute! I would love to make the whole quilt. Thanks for the giveaway!

KD Williams on

Love the Ice cream and elephant, but so hard to pick! they are all so cute!

Judy Zarlenga on

D is my favorite block as there is so.much you can do with Sunbonnet Sue.

Karen on

Love the windmill with the rabbit a close 2nd!

MS Barb on

(for Barb, & because I like birds!"

jean on

this book would be used constantly

Chris Scheffel on

I am an avid bird watcher and I love flowers so I pick B and F.

LaNan on

Such a cute book…it would be fun to own it!

Lee on

I like the S – Ship block!

John Hutchens on

I like B the bird block

Carol McLachlan on

I love the house with all the details. This quilt would be so much fun to make and a child would love to learn with it too.

Cecilia on

I would love to win this book. I have a new granddaughter coming in September, so this book would be great to have. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

Linda Blackburn on

I like the elephant!

Joyce on

Such a cute quilt. I love the H for House block!

Kathy Gates on

I would love to win this book, My favorite block is the H Block. Thank you for the chance to win it!!!

Brenda Aigner on

Would love to create some things for a new baby!

Suzanne Whitman on

I love all the blocks…they are absolutely adorable!! But, if I had to pick one I think I’d pick the jack-in-the-box as that is the one I think children would LOVE!!

Carmen N on

E – Elephant is my favorite

Margaret Schindler on

I love that w block

Judy on

Love the H is for house. :-)

Karen Berard on

This would look great in my daughter-in-laws pre-school classroom

Judy on

I love the B is for bird block.:-)

Jane Ritz on

I love the W -windmill. It’s beautiful!

Fran on

Love these sweet designs. Thank you for your inspiration.

April Lopez on

I love the birdie and the house and the elephant. Oh my I can’t pick just one!

Kathe Gardner on

They are all so adorable but I think I’ll go with my initials – ‘K’. thanks.

Sherry Jagels on

I love the M for music block! thanks.

Lisa M Bianco on

Hard to pick which letter is the cutest , luv them all <3

Jeannine on

Probably not fair! lol but I love them all. I love the alphabet quilts and am just beginning to feel successful w/my applique. Jeannine

Nancy M on

I like all the blocks, but the bird is very cute.

renita on

the elephant is my favorite

renita on

Love the elephant

renita on

I love the elephant, my favorite!

Tammy on


Tammy on

I’m making a new baby quilt and could really use this!

Teri on


Brenda Becknell on

This us adorable!

Judy on

All of the blocks are so cute, I especially love the H is for house. It would be great to win this book. thanks for the chance

Judith Martinez on

I love simple applique like this! So many ways the designs could be used!

Pam Chambliss on

I love quilt with alphabets and appliques. I work @ home and this would be a great project to do while working on the phone.

Suzanne on

The elephant on the bib is great. Love it.

Sandy Leemann on

Can’t pick a favorite, they are all so cute.

Millie on

Love the sailboat!

Linda Grote on

Sooo cute

Connie Cochran on

I love the b and the h, but they are all super cute!

Connie Cochran on

I love the b and the h. But they are all super cute!

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