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Pattern Corrections

We take great care to ensure that the information included in our patterns is accurate and presented in good faith. No warranty is provided nor results guaranteed. Having no control over the choices of materials or procedures used, neither the designer nor Indygo Junction, Inc. shall have liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in the pattern.


Please note most of the following edits were only on the first initial printing of a pattern/book & were corrected in the printed pattern/book on subsequent printings.


If you have a question about a pattern, please contact our customer service department at or 913-341-5559. You may also write us at P.O. Box 30238, Kansas City, MO 64112. Please note that answers to sewing questions may take up to two business days to respond to. We appreciate your patience as we take the time to investigate your problem and provide the most appropriate response.


The following are errata for Indygo Junction products.




IJ711, The Carpetbag -

Extensive changes were made to this pattern to make instructions more clear. If you have diagrams 1-3 in the 2nd column on page 1 of your instructions then you have the new revised pattern. If you do not have these diagrams please call us and we will send you a new pattern.


IJ715, Bon Appetit Apron-

Changes were made on the tissue and in the instructions in regards to the waist tie, and neck tie pieces. The waist tie is piece "D" which is the longer piece. The neck tie piece "E" is the shorter piece. Click here to view/print pdf for new instructions.


IJ733, Cook’s Cover-up -

Revised materials needed requirements, new pattern pieces cutting diagram and revised cutting instructions. If you pattern does not contain a Pattern Correction insert, please click here to view/print pdf. Apron A - cut 2 - 22" x 2" strips for waist ties.


IJ783, Crossover Kimono Shirt -

The back neck band pattern pieces are too small and do not fit the neckline. Please call us to request new back neck band pattern pieces if they are not in your pattern. When cutting out the View A, C, D side front piece please add the amount specified below to the interior notched edge of the pattern piece.


Small - add 13/16"
Medium - add 5/8"
Large - add 11/16"
XL - add 11/16"
2X - add 9/16"


Correction: Yardage on View A for contrasting fabric is 1 1/2" yd.


IJ794, Vintage Pincushions -

Please note that due to popular demand this pattern's free download will now include more free images than stated on the pattern - a multi-page pdf will include 11 additional presized images for a total of 15 free downloadable images.


IJ798, Patchwork Purse -

Materials Needed:


Small Cotton Version: Two 20" long leather sew on handles 3/4" wide.
Large Denim Version: Two 25" long leather sew on handles 3/4" wide.< br/>


IJ805, Grids & Grommets -

This pattern has been revised for clarification. Check your pattern back - at the very bottom left corner, you should see a number that says R030110. If you have a different number listed, you may email our office for a revised pdf copy of this pattern. Please note in your email the number listed on your pattern back for verification and we will be more than happy to email you an updated version.


IJ806, Asian Night PJs -

One of the tissues for this pattern was printed backwards. In order to cut out the pieces correctly, the left front side piece and the right front facing piece must be face down on the right side of the fabric before cutting out.


IJ809, Boxy Backpack -

The lining for the backpack should read 15" instead of 13".


IJ810, The Crestwood -

The pattern piece for the handle says cut one, but you should cut two. Step 11 should end by saying Stitch and set aside. Cutting Instructions: 6. B. Only one piece of bottom material is needed; not 2.


IJ819, Mock Smock -

Please note that all facing pieces should have a matching interfacing piece cut for it. This instruction was missing from the original cutting directions.


IJ827, Shoulder Tie Topper -

The Pant Back pattern piece is approximately 1" longer than the Front Pant pattern piece. The FOLD LINE on the Pant Back pattern piece should be the CUTTING LINE, that should fix the 1" length difference. In addition, the ruffles should be 3 1/2" instead of 4" wide.


IJ828, Yo Yo Dachshund -

Please note the circle templates for the yo-yo's were not included in the first printing of this pattern. If your pattern is missing the circle templates, click here for the jumbo template and click here for the large/extra large templates.


IJ838, Simple Sleeved Shawl -

Please note that the Front/Neck Trim piece is marked with "short version" dotted cutting lines. This line should be ignored. Both the short & long version of this jacket must use the "long version" solid cutting lines on the Front/Neck Trim piece only.


IJ842, Jack & Jill Jammies -

Please note pant View D uses the same instructions to assemble it as View B.


IJ865, Flouncy Tops & Pants -

Pattern is for sizes 4-10 not sizes 3-10 as stated on the back of the pattern.


IJ968, Infinity Pocket Scarf -

A correction was made to step 3 of Cotton Assembly Instructions: Please email to view revised illustration for lining side.


IJ977CR, Cutting Edge Jacket -

Please note one run of this pattern contained a misprinted page. If your pattern has a page four with partially hidden text, please contact us to obtain a new page 4.


IJ994CR, Pieced Pet Pillows -

The original printing for this pattern was missing the dimensions to create inserts for the back & bottom if not using store-bought pillows for inserts. For the Back insert, cut 2 pieces each 15" x 31" and for the Bottom insert, cut 2 pieces each 31" x 21". Using a 1/2" seam allowance & leaving openings for adding the fiberfill, stitch around all sides. After stuffing, whipstitch the opening closed.


IJ1105CR, The Stitched Top Tote -

In the cutting instructions under "Cut from fusible interfacing:" the first item should say "IF USING" heavier weight fabric and NOT UNLESS. You need the fusible interfacing for heavier weight fabrics & the fusible fleece for lighter weight fabrics.


IJ1109CR, Legs Celebrate -

Helpful Tip: Note that in step 5, you will hand stitch the opening at the top of the shoe closed, as well as the opening up the back of the heel. Do this while hand stitching the leg into the shoe.


IJ1144CR, Bistro Apron -

Strap sizing clarification - For Either the Long OR Short Apron Versions using One OR Two Fabrics: Cut two straps - Sizes XS-M - cut using short strap cutting line and for L-2XL use long strap cutting line.


IJ1149E, Asymmetrical Top & Tunic -

Clarification for interfacing. 20" wide non woven lightweight interfacing for ALL sizes: one yard for short version and 1-1/8 yd for long version


IJ1151E, Shift Dress -

Clarification for interfacing - 20" wide lightweight non woven interfacing for all sizes: 3/4 yard needed. Also note, pattern piece #7 should ONLY be cut from interfacing. This is the pocket facing interfacing piece.


IJ1152E, Mandarin Vest -

Please note the first printing of this pattern contains mislabeled collar pattern pieces as well as incorrect fabric cutting diagrams. Please click here to download an updated set of cutting diagrams and corrected labels for collar pattern piece.


IJ1155CR, Santa's Stand-Up Stocking -

Original printing - Note that in step 12, step 16 & step 26, it states "wrong sides together" and it should be "right sides together" in all locations.


IJ1161E, Artisan Pants -

Clarification for Step 4 for either view: Fold pleats in direction of arrows, aligning drawn lines and circles. Lightly press and pin. With matching thread, stitch from upper edge to lower edge of all four pleats, 1/4” from fold. NOTE: for sizes XS- XL use the solid pleat lines and for 2X and 3X use the dash pleat lines as marked on the front pant pattern.